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Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Also interesting to look at the season thus far from the perspective of the Santana trade.

On the one hand, Lester for Santana would be looking like a steal for the Sox, but where would we be without Lowrie filling in for Cora and now Masterson making the emergency start? Of course, Ellsbury and Buchholz are fulfilling their roles as untouchables quite nicely do far.

Chase Wright says you can dominate in AA but have a teensy bit of trouble in the majors. Still, Masterson is a much better prospect than Wright ever was. But it's a big jump and shows how thin the Sox pitching depth is. Of course, with the Sox infield defense, if he can continue to induce groundballs (3:1 rate now), he could be very successful. Also note that Masterson hasn't yet faced the fearsome Trenton lineup. He also hasn't gone more than 5 IP this year.

On the Santana trade, I don't think it was ever going to be Lester/Crisp/Lowrie. I got the impression that the Twins needed either Ellsbury or Bucholz to complete the deal. In that regard, the Sox made the right call.

And, you know, Hansen didn't completely suck. He got K's, didn't walk anybody, left one up where it could get smashed, and was totally let down by his defense (he would have had 2.0 IP if Pedroia had caught that floater--or let Drew catch it).

Yeah, I was impressed with Hansen. And in retrospect maybe I'm being too hard on Lester, who was pitching on short rest with about two hours' notice -- and volunteered to do so, at that.

Yesterday was the first day we had all four of the stellar 2005 draft pick class on the active roster at the same time.

I'm still in awe: Buchholz, Ellsbury, Lowrie, Hansen. Wow.

I agree that it doesn't look very good for Lester these days, but I'm not ready to give up on him yet. Maybe he'll never get over the hump, as most prospects never do, but he still has less than two full years of service time so far.

Last year, the Mets stuck with Mike Pelfrey all season (albeit in a supporting/spot-starter role) and got nearly zilch from him. This year, he seems to finally be harnessing the control problems that have been his undoing. **knocks on wood** Pelfrey and Lester were born a week apart in January 1984 and made their MLB debuts in August 2006. If I can feel confident about Pelfrey, I have to do the same for Lester.

"If I can feel confident about Pelfrey, I have to do the same for Lester."

If you can feel confident about Pelfrey I can only assume you are an extreme glass half full kind of guy. His Washington outing was pretty impressive, but both the Philly outings were just ok. He threw 198 pitches in 10 innings of work total in 2 Philly starts. That tells me he is trying to be way too fine, that his stuff isn't good enough to miss bats and that eventually things will catch up with him.

As for Lester, the all knowing Steve Phillips said on BBTN that Lester's #1 issue is that he needs to pitch down in the zone with his fastball. But much like Phil Hughes he is going to require some patience. Eventually I am sure his talent will shine through, as it will with Phil and IPK.

"But it's a big jump and shows how thin the Sox pitching depth is."

Take two of the five starters away from any team and they will suffer. That doesn't show anything about pitching depth.

As for dipping all the way to AA, that's simply where their best prospect is and I'm betting they're anxious to see how far he is along.

"Take two of the five starters away from any team and they will suffer. That doesn't show anything about pitching depth."

Where were you last year, when the Yankees lost four of five starters?

Nervous pitching to Guerrero? He was EVERYWHERE that AB. Well, I'm only on Gameday, so I can't really tell.

But it's a big jump and shows how thin the Sox pitching depth is

I don't get this. AndrewYF is right on: no team, however deep in pitching talent, can sustain losing their #1 and #2 starters for any duration of time, much less four pitchers. The Yankees suffered last year not because they were thin in pitching talent, but because the talent they did have went missing or hurt. No team stashes multiple guys who can fill in the top of the rotation in the minors, that's basically why they are in the minors. And teams like the Sox and Yanks barter those players, if they have a surplus (a rare feat nowadays) for other needs, as they should.

Even teams as wealthy as the Sox and Yanks can't afford to have prime major league talent sitting in AA, which is why we end up watching Chase Wright, or Dave Pauley, etc.

2 groundouts, a K, and a walk to the best hitter in the lineup. Nice beginning for a groundball pitcher.

The alleged buried Ortiz jersey auction has closed on e-bay.
The winning bid was $175,100. Unbelieveable.
As I dump on Hank, I must offer my thanks to him for the donation to the Jimmy Fund. Such a terrific ending to a very idiotic (if even true) story.

And let me reiterate Paul's main post: Jon Lester needs to learn his craft somewhere not called "Fenway Park". Not sure who should replace him (it's a legitimate question that perhaps Bartolo Colon can answer). Lester has everything ahead of him if he can work things out, but he really doesn't seem ready for the Majors. I know that it is impossible to separate last year's WS heroism from the story, but he's frankly just not a very good pitcher, by any measure.

Wait wait wait, do my eyes deceive me?

Gameday: "Missed bunt", for David Ortiz.

Also, great idea to auction off the Ortiz jersey and donate the proceeds to the Jimmy Fund. Massive kudos to Hank.

"As for dipping all the way to AA, that's simply where their best prospect is and I'm betting they're anxious to see how far he is along."

Agreed, Mark. It would have been much easier to let Tavarez start today. Or to call up Hansack or Holdzkom from P'tucket. Both are on the 40-man roster.

This is definitely a move to see how far along Masterson is. With Lester looking like a minor leaguer the Sox really need to evaluate their other options.

Well, he's through the scary part of the line-up once. A few easy outs before facing them again.

Anyone know who Sox dropped from the 40-man to activate JM? Of did they have some wiggle room? I just counted from the Web site and got 39, which doesn't include Schilling.

He can throw breaking pitches for strikes! How novel.

Two walks, but looking good so far. Let's see how he does his second time through...

Two 2-out walks given out by Masterson. Aside from those though, he's looking good and throwing strikes. 37 pitches through 2IP.

Manny Ramirez drinks your milkshake.

Okay, crappy bit of the lineup...can you just hit a flyball at least?

Go Lowrie, loads the bases

Lowrie singles and now the bases are loaded. Lugo up and then Crisp, whose back from his injury today. I'm confident in Lugo, but worried about Coco.

Of course. Coco, if you GIDP...

That's exactly what Saunders needed there.

ahhh now theres the Lugo we know and hate

I can haz runz?

I'm confident in Lugo

Your first mistake...

RBI and out at first for Coco

God bless Coco?

That was incredibly sucky and expected.

Lugo has been very hot at the plate lately. He's looking a lot more confident than he was last year.

Cash, however...

Devine, nice lolcatz reference!

Did we really have bases loaded and no one out... and scored one run?

They just some fool who had just caught a foul ball and he was celebrating and dropped it over the balcony

Great play by Masterson to counter Figgins' bunt. Two down, the rookie looking very solid.

RBF - Yes

Yeah Polf, that was all over the TV the other night. Hilarious.

This ump's strikezone is pretty big. Good news for Masterson.

Kevin Cash makes me hungry for toast.

Hmmm, Masterson having trouble putting people away with 2 outs. GMJ singles.

There are two things that define the (relatively small) gap separating me from people younger than me:

Napoleon Dynamite

The first I couldn't stand; the second I find slightly amusing -- mostly because the pictures are cute. Yet people just two years or more younger than me think these are hilarious works of art.

Kevin Cash makes me hungry for toast


Toast, as in Varitek, I assume...

1 baserunner per inning is a rate I can definitely bear.

Masterson already looking better than Lester.

If he continues to excel (granted, it's only two innings), is keeping him up and letting Lester work on his troubles in Pawtucket a realistic option?

If he continues to excel (granted, it's only two innings), is keeping him up and letting Lester work on his troubles in Pawtucket a realistic option?

Do you really need anyone else to answer this?

Mmmm. Toast.

(yes, I am referring to Tek)

Pedroia extends his hitting streak to 13 games!

HEHE Pedroia dances his way out of the DP. Idiotic play by the 2nd baseman.

Excellent. Run support? Maybe?

Was he bunting for a hit? 'cause bunting expecting Lugo or Crisp to drive Youk in seems...risky, to be polite.

In play, run(s)!

God Bless Coco!


Steal home, Crisp! It's Kevin Cash, for f*ck's sake!

Now Cash to the triangle! Tremendous!

Coco's a nice guy to have as a back up outfielder, no?

TWO GRD in a row, from Coco and Cash, is that the 4 horseman I see, as hell starts freezing over

DOH! Napoli homer, crushed by the looks of Gameday. It's all right, keep going...

'kay, now just get Matthews so Vlad leads off next inning.

Yes. Think they'll put him out for the 6th? Or is he done for the day after a very solid 5? 80 pitches.

Papi flys out to the triangle

put him out, yank him if he gets a baserunner. He's earned that much

Agreed, ponch.

Leaving him in after the walk. maybe the pen is depleted from the flu?


Nice DP, it looks like he is struggling a little now

NICE! I wish I was watching this live instead of on Gameday. i don't see anything above 91 mph but he's going a great job. Good movement on his stuff, or weird delivery?

Awesome. Totally awesome.

nice debut, 1 ER, 2 hits over 6 innings

Exactly 1 baserunner per inning.

Coco just misses HR off the monster

Cash with his .250 average hasn't been nearly as bad offensively as advertised. Maybe not as much power as Mirabelli, but at least his equal in getting on base.

(I say this without looking at any numbers that might disprove this notion, but it FEELS right).

Wow, Crisp has been great today...

Ellsbury not so much.

Yeah, we should trade Ellsbury and keep Crisp!!

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind after every game :)

My confidence level in Javier Lopez is very low. He is definitely my LFRS.

its unlikely Masterson stays in Boston. But when he is optioned should it be to AAA?

Lopez sux

They were already talking about Masterson being promoted to AAA, so I'd imagine so. I say keep him up unless or until he starts struggling, but maybe they fear a Craig Hansen redux...

There pulling Lopez for Delcarman

Lopez sucks so bad. I wish he'd get a career-ending but non-life-debilitating injury...or be DFA'd. Yeah, yeah, who else do we have? etc. etc.

Wow, according to GameDay MDC just threw an 85 mph fastball... he must still be sick.

On a side note, I really like GameDay's new/improved video feature.

now Delcarman cant through a strike

Jesus, Delcarmen, that was awful. THIS is awful.

Argh, I knew that squander last inning would haunt us -- never mind starting out the inning with Lopez instead of Delcarmen.

wow, 7 pitches to throw a stike

Oy. Poor effin' Masterson is gonna get jobbed.

Oki's coming in

See, i have a question. the game is one the line NOW. Why not bring in Paps here?


Seriously, though. It should have been Oki or Delcarmen starting this inning. Please get rid of Lopez, Theo, pleeeeease. I'd rather try Hansen out in Lopez's spot than watch that loser pitch anymore.

Tied game, no outs, noooooooooooo!

Screwed, so very screwed.

I can't watch this crap...

yes gamedays video update is nice. though I hate that large add on the right side.... now u cant get all the Sox offensive info without scrolling.


I'm watching House in 20 minutes, this inning maybe over by then

OMG 1st out of the inning

This is dismal.

A rookie comes in and throws six solid innings of one-run ball, leaving with a good chance for his first MLB win... then the regulars from the pen come in and cough up five runs without getting an out.

Youk may have just injured himself hitting his knee into the tarp

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