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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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museum of Television and Radio, here I come! IS there any footage of it?

I have a crack squad of Red Sox historians working on this.

Another good question. Surely, there must be. But it wasn't the nationally televised game, and WSBK isn't WSBK anymore (and doesn't broadcast Sox games anymore either), so who knows where their footage is at. (I assume WSBK did the coverage; didn't they do local broadcasts before NESN?)

I should add, as I realized upon re-reading my post that it sounds like the home run came in the same game as the Jackson-Martin fight. I meant the homer was part of the series in which the fight is the most famous part.

Since the fight occurred on national TV, we would most certainly have coverage had the homer occurred then. Alas, it was the next day, and NBC had gone home...

Mystery solved! See the editor's note above.

So the question now is:

Why don't more people know this, and how should the Red Sox make it more well known?

Finding footage of it would help...

// Yaz hit it off Dick Tidrow and it is the only ball ever to hit the façade in RF at Fenway. I have never seen anyone come close. //

Yaz must have been juicing that year.

But seriously, when I think of the accomplishments of a raw talent like Carl Yastrzemski, it makes my blood boil how some treat steroids scandals like no big deal. Here was a guy who played the sport right. Should we not care that others are achieving better numbers with the aid of PEDs?

(Note: It's amazing that even with all that help, no one has snagged the Triple Crown since Yaz 40+ years ago.)

I was at that game (whole series, actually). We had 1st base roof box seats so we saw it from a decent enough vantage point. I am guessing that the reason it did not get much press is because it wasn't a particularly Riceian shot. It was a very, very high ball that may or may not have grazed the facade on its way down. I recall us discussing it with others near us and we all came to the conclusion that it probably did hit something hanging from the facade because its trajectory slightly changed on the way down. But there were also opinions among us that it hit something under the facade, specifically the roof support.

good work guys. thank you mr. bresciani. some of the longest home runs i've seen in fenway were during the '99 All Star home run derby. the manny blast off k-rod in the ALDS still seems to be the hardest hit ball i've seen in years. that ball was gone in a heartbeat.

Speaking of the '99 HR Derby, I gotta say, the unpleasantness of the steroids scandal takes away none of the fun I had standing on Landsdowne St, watching those missiles (and especially from McGwire) sail onto and over the parking garage and towards the Pike. That was a hoot and a half.

I guess I shouldn't catch myself saying such things if I'm ever within earshot of Bud Selig. "See! Someone enjoyed the steroids era! Vindication!"

By the way, Lohud is reporting that Mattingly left the Dodger's staff for "family reasons."

Thanks Walein! There is a post up now.

There was a home run hit by Jack Clark for the Red Sox that some would say is the longest homer ever! The ball, when viewed by the TV camera (probably WSBK Channel 38) as it went over very high over the left field wall and towrds the foul line, appeared to hit a Moosehead Beer billboard that was atop a building that now houses a Pizzerina Uno in Kenmore Square. I guess that it would be about 1/4 mile. There is no way that the ball could have gone that far. The ball probably hit a telephone wire in it's path that would not have been visible because it was so thin.

I was sitting in the RF bleachers and absolutely remember the ball hitting the facade (you could hear the bang of the ball off the facade as well). Maybe a Globe or Herald archive would show something?

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