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Thursday, December 06, 2007


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nice post paul...interesting stuff...sad about's a shame when anyone gets injured, but that guy had so much promise...

Wow. I just had a statgasm! Paul.. thank you for this. Also damn you for it! I'd FINALLY talked myself into the fact that it looks like we'll probably not land Santana.. wasn't such a bad thing. I actually just hung out tonight instead of FREAKED out about the Santana negotiations. Now Im back to square one! ARRRGH!

Excellent stuff. I marvel at how much homework you must do.

But I'm still not convinced that the Sox need Santana. I don't think the Sox are, either.

Indeed, great job. No, I don't think either team would have regretted obtaining Santana though he would have been a bit worse pitching in Fenway full-time!

If all goes well, we'll get to re-live this drama at the trade deadline and next off-season! :)

Really nice work I would have sworn the opposite results of being reading. Really makes the case for Santana. Unfortunately.... I still believe he wouldn't be his dominant self in boston, not that it appears he's coming.

WHich is fine, great even. As long as he doesn't stabilize the yankee staff of question marks I don't care where he goes... or stays, in this case.

I have nothing intelligent to say other than a big thank you to Paul. That is some amazing and very very interesting (not to mention, relevant!) information - and really nicely presented too. Wow.

Paul, you've gone above and beyond the call of duty lately with some of your posts. EXTREMELY well done!

Nice job Paul. To quote Twain (sorta): I guess reports of Santana's demise were greatly exaggerated.

RS fanbase: the yankees "staff of question marks" led the team to a 71-39 record after June 1. Dont count them out yet.

I can't count them out, they are the yankees, but if the RS were going into 2008 with wang(number 1), shilling(pettitte), lester(rookie), buchholtz(rookie) and wakefield(mussina) I would be concerned.

Both of you are wrong.
The offense mostly lead the Yankees to that record, though there were some bright spots on the rotation.
And, that rotation is fine when you look around the league. It's not all about the Red Sox v. Yankees in every area. You have to draw comparisons from other areas as well, and while they're not on par with Boston, Cleveland, LAA...they are pretty evenly matched with most the rest.
They'll be fine, and we have to remember that, once again, those bats are going to win games against sub-par pitching on most nights. Just not nights in October. They'll be there, I promise.

its not clear to me why YFs arent allowed to have confidence in our staff and even raising a possible question about the sox staff is considered blasphemy.

As usual, great work, Paul!

"the chances are good that Johan Santana will be worth the money for whatever team the Twins decide to trade him to (if they decide to trade him, but we all know about that)."

This is an interesting issue that's not really been discussed much here, but there have been murmurings that the players association will pressure Johan and his agent to get as much money as possible. Dave Pinto has pointed out on his site that salaries this off-season are not really matching the amazing increase in revenue recently, and the union might be taken note of that. Johan's future salary is important as a bar for other pitcher free agents in this respect. Would $25 mil/year for 6 years be worth it?

Sam, nobody's saying that at all, I don't think.

Nick, is any human being on earth worth that kind of money!!!???

Any more than that, and I'd rather not have him. And even then, I'd want them to deal Manny and maybe sign Rowand or someone to save ten million or so.

"Paul, you've gone above and beyond the call of duty lately with some of your posts. EXTREMELY well done!"


I'm wondering where we see Beckett ending up on this list, once he turns 29?


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