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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


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Man, you paint a blissful picture. What a way to build respect for the game than to see it in it's purest form. Can't wait to see next week's pics. Make sure you catch some of the vendors, too--us Minnesotans don't get much flavor out here.

I'm coming with you, YF. What time should we head over?

Soccer tacos!!

Say around lunch, pending schedule/weather. Consider this an open invitation to all YFSFers.

I was out there a few weekends ago. Hernandez huaraches are definitely my fave. I would check before you go this weekend though-- the vendors were apparently closed yesterday, and the dept of health has been cracking down and they may not be allowed to set up again this season.

Want to help the vendors not get shut down by the Health Dept? Clicke aqui amigos!

I've been hearing more about these games this summer, thanks to the mini-controversy regarding the food vendors there. Do they play pretty much every spring-to-fall weekend, or how does one find out when they do? Sounds like a cool way to kick back when I feel like leaving Bushwick*.

* This includes every weekend.

I have a serious weakness for good street food. Looking at those photos I have started to drool.

Ditto Rob, I've never wanted a taco more in my life.

Hell, I even sent notes like that website suggested and I've never even been there. It would be a real tragedy for you guys to lose that.

i think they play most every sunday. there are vendors at the baseball fields, but the best ones are a couple of blocks away at the soccer fields. and please do sign the petition and support the fight to save their status.

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