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Thursday, August 09, 2007


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Being wholly irrational, I hate Hideki Matsui not because he's a Yankee, but because he's the least hip-looking Japanese man I've ever seen in my life. You come from the crazy futuristic land of the Rising Sun and *that's* your haircut? At least he's got a raging porn habit.

I also hate:

Chipper Jones because what grown man goes by name of Chipper, and also he's often sporting a herpes-looking cold sore and that's just gross.

Carlos Zambrano for no reason I can figure out.

Barry Zito for winning Pedro's Cy Young in '02.

Wily Mo Pena.

the greatest post in the history of yfsf? right up there.

I hate Pedroia so much. I was watching a Sox-Indians game and he called called out on a sweet curve by Fausto Carmona and he started whining like a bitch. Then two innings later Carmona knocked him down with a 95mph fastball and he started crying to the ump. Then he tried to charge the mound, but the indians catcher Martinez just stood up to him. He's like 5 inches taller and Pedroia had fear in his face.

Where are Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco on the Hate List? Frankly, I'm still somewhat undecided on the former, but Jose is a scumbag. Granted, he's laying out all that's wrong with baseball but I can't help thinking he's not out for justice so much as a couple of hefty publisher's paychecks and a lot of attention.

You gotta dig guys like Tulowitzki and Ichiro who are goofy, talented, and simply enjoy the game. Same goes for Cano and Melky ("el duo").

As for Manny, he's a bum. I don't buy into that whole "Manny being Manny" nonsense. He's a self-determined "guy on the couch" and it's an awfully deliberate act that fans everywhere have fallen for. So what if he's from the Heights? So am I, but the dude acts triflingly like a child. "I don't want to play for the Red Sox. I love the Red Sox." Rinse. Repeat.

G-d bless the New York Yankees as they take the division and make it to the World Series. Will they win it? Maybe.

Keep up the writing, fellas. I dig.

Jose, you have to have neighborhood pride, my friend!

Did I mention I think Manny's a bum?

Haha. I'll root for the next guy who comes out of Inwood/Washington Heights/the Boogie Down. Pedro Alvarez, ladies and gents, stay tuned! He's a great kid, too.

Jose Canseco is the Lord of my hate list. I wholeheartedly concur, Jose; what a douche.

As for likes, I'm gonna go with Nick on the Melky/Cano call. Cano's my Baseball Jesus.

As much as it burns me to say, I sorta dig Manny, too.

Farnsworth?? Ugh. Stick a fork in 'im.


1. Julio Franco--The man is like 82 years old and he still swings the heaviest bat in baseball. Plus he was on the Rangers when I lived in Dallas and had season tickets.
2. Nolan Ryan--Also on the Rangers during that time, I was at his 5,000 strikeout game and at his 7th no hitter. Two of the fondest memories of my life.
3. David Ortiz--All you need to do is look at replays of him wrapping up the 2nd baseman in a bearhug when getting tagged out earlier this season. Even if he wasn't the supergod that he is, this would be reason enough for me.
4. Julian Tavarez--He sucks at pitching, but I love him anyways. He looks like Freddie Kreuger and wanted to grow up to be a porn star.


1. Jason Giambi--Jesus christ, does his hair get any greasier?
2. Derek Jeter--He always has a smug-ass look on his face.
3. Jose Canseco--No one gives a shit about you Jose. Please stop talking to people about stuff.
4. Dean Palmer--When I was 12 years old I stood in line at a grocery store to get an autograph from Dean "Dean the Home Run machine" Palmer, who ended up being an asshole and didn't even look up at me. Fuck you, Palmer.
5. Johnny Damon--My dad bought me a Johnny Damon jersey for Christmas last year. By the time Damon had joined the dark side it was too late to return it. No one likes wasting $140.
6. Francisco Rodriguez--When he pitches it looks like he is having a siezure. It looks like such a waste of energy. Oh, and his glasses look stupid.

"6. Francisco Rodriguez--When he pitches it looks like he is having a siezure. It looks like such a waste of energy. Oh, and his glasses look stupid."

Atheose, I completely hate k-Rod. I can't believe I forgot to include him--such is my hate for the guy. I hate his style of pitching, I hate the histrionics on the mound, I hate the fact that he doesn't throw strikes EVER. Good call.

Thanks Nick, glad someone agrees with me.

And oh, to the LIKE list I forgot to add: Jim Kern. He looked like a fricken lumberjack with that beard.

wow, i have to say i'm surprised at the pedroia hatred. i just wouldn't have thought he'd be that kind of guy to ppl. interesting.

A third on K-Rod.

I left off Bonds and everyone who ever played on the Yankees just because the list would be too long (Matsui, oddly, I mostly hate because of his haircut, not the fact he's a Yank. It's a weird world). But, I don't know, guys.. I don't mind Canseco. He's a total moron, but he's been honest-ish about the steroid stuff, and he's about the only one.


I think most of us hate Canseco because he's a sell-out. He's not doing all of this to "make baseball pure again", he's doing it do make some cash. I think Canseco would say ANYTHING if it would earn him an extra buck.

This is a great post, Nick.

Manny's awesome, that World Series MVP-winning, 1st ballot Hall of Fame bum. He admires his home runs (read: doubles that should be triples, singles that should be doubles) too often, but his smiles and bull charges in the dugout and his dissing of Shaughnessy all keep me happy. And I love that the Boston fans keep loving him no matter what the media tells them to think. And I love the home runs. I even like it when he watches them as long as they're actually home runs (which is my policy with all players, basically...showboat with impugnity, but be prepared to endure some razzing if you were wrong about your accomplishment). Also the unexpected outfield assists, they're like candy. I will miss him when he goes.

I like Joe Mauer and Vlad Guerrero even as I sweat while I watch them bat. Especially Guerrero. That whole "I don't care if you throw it straight at my head, I'm gonna hit the f*** out of the ball" thing is great.

I wouldn't say I hate Alex Rios, but he looks so goddamn bored and haughty at the plate sometimes. I just want someone to pitch inside and make him sit on his ass.

Jay Gibbons pisses me off for some reason. So does Jason Frasor...I think I just don't like his face, wouldn't trust him.

ARod- cmon the purple lips, the hamburger helper gloves, the tigerwoods-esque nerd voice, the highlighted tips, the huge paycheck...

Oh, I forgot to mention Ichiro. He actually rubs me the wrong way sometimes, but he forever goes in the like column because of an AB in an All-Star game (two years ago?). I think he was up with a runner at 2nd and the pitcher was basically "intentionally unintentionally" walking him, when suddenly he just starts swinging the bat at these pitches outside when there was no reason to at all except he must have wanted a hit/RBI. He fouls off a few of them, he keeps getting pitched outside, and then he gets a hit. I just liked the whole "I'm not getting walked in the All-Star game when I can get a hit" attitude.

Definitely agree with you, Devine. And on Vlad, too. Watching Vlad at the plate is like watching a little leaguer paly: he's up there, he's having fun, and he wants to get a hit no matter what. Walking is for pussies.

By the way, forgot to mention Nolan Ryan's fight with Robin Ventura, which ranked #1 on the all-time baseball fights list.

Nolan had bigger balls than Pedro. Yeah I said it.

Atheose, OK, that makes sense to me. I never meant to imply that his motives were anything other than making a buck, but still, for some reason, he doesn't inspire hate in me. Irritation, yeah, but not hatred.

/shrug, I can't blame you for not hating a guy Bullfrog ;-)

1.Vlad - so much fun to watch at the plate
2. Torii Hunter- he's a great interview, seems to be a genuine nice guy
3.Manny - how can you not like someone that frickin' insane?

1. Schilling- I automatically dislike all self-involved blowhards, and he's one of the worst ever. Insufferable. His ass would be a good place to stuff a stick of dynamite
2.Garrett Anderson-he seems so incredibly arrogant
3. Varitek- likes to act tough, but tough guys don't keep their catcher's masks on during fights...
4. All pitchers who wear those stupid looking goggles

"3. Varitek- likes to act tough, but tough guys don't keep their catcher's masks on during fights..."

and pitchers dont intentionally throw at .260 hitters ;)

great post... i gotta really think about this. but, the all-time leader on my lists are without a doubt:

like: mattingly. who doesn't like donnie freaking baseball? i was a 7-year-old in the pacific northwest, and i was obsessed with my mattingly card collection. he's my hero.

hate: bret boone. his sudden shift from marginal player to premier hitter (which fell off even quicker), the goose egg he threw up in the home run derby, the goofy ass swing, the highlighted hair even though he was in his 30s... he turned into a walking hard-on, and he seemed like a total dick. i loved that he was in the announcer's booth when his brother overshadowed all of his achievements in a single swing... he was stunned speechless.

Like - Dontrelle Willis because in a radio interview I heard, he was asked how he manages to keep such a positive attitude even when he's not pitching well. His answer was basically that his mom would whup his ass if he acted like a big baby when he was lucky enough to be getting paid to play baseball.

Like - Rod Beck, welcomes fans to visit his house and drink ice cold Coors Light with him. Also had one of the best mullets the likes of MLB have ever seen.

Hate - A.J. Pierzynski, hate everything about him.
And there are too many Yankees players on here that I hate, but I like Mo.

RIP Rod Beck

Also (more come to mind as soon as I hit post)

Like - Beltran and Miguel Cabrera, Have them on my fantasy every year, Beltran since KC days and Miguel since he has been in the league. Love those two guys, hope they never wear pinstripes.
Orlando Cabrera - probably one of my favorite Red Sox of the past 10 years. And he still hasn't gotten props for Damon stealing those handshakes :)

Hate - Eric Byrnes, tried pushing Varitek when he didn't even touch homeplate, out in McCovey Cove with his dog in a Kayak, does those stupid dress up gigs for Fox Saturday Baseball. Hate him.

I hate Eric Byrnes too, but only because whenever he's shown on the highlight reel on Sports Center the announcer says "Smithers" with the Mr. Burns voice from the Simpsons. Come on guys, it got old the 2nd time you did it.

Like List

  • Abso-Fricking-Lutely Curtis Granderson. He's my favorite Tiger as well as my second favorite center fielder, and due to ms. gerbil being from Detroit, I watch a lot of Tigers games. I have to agree with whoever said Torii Hunter as well.
  • Adam Everett, Jimmy Rollins, Jose Reyes, Chase Utley... I just love those slick-fielding NL middle infielders.
  • Rick Ankiel. He's currently crushing the ball (.267/.314/.568, 32HR in 389AB) for the Memphis Redbirds. They played the Portland Beavers the other night; he came in as a pinch hitter, striking out on three pitches, so not much excitement there but he does have a great swing. I would love to see him return to success in the majors as a power hitter after washing out as a pitcher; it would be a great story.
  • John Olerud. Just because.
  • Lou Whittaker. Along with Willie, my first baseball hero.
  • Al Bumbry. His daughter Tia was in my class in elementary school.
  • Mookie Wilson, because on David Letterman's Top Ten Least Popular Candy Bars, #2 was "Mookie Way." Huge crowd reaction; I fell out of my chair.
Hate List
  • Nick already beat me to Farns, so I'll take Randy Johnson. Snakes WS '01, 'nuff said. It's also like god built him just to terrify children and see that monsters are real.
  • David Eckstein. I hated him before it became fashionable to hate him for being the grittiest gritter that ever gritted a grit. Now I hate him for being fashionably hateable too.
  • Josh Towers. This one is brand new.
  • Nick already claimed him too, but I'll have to take Paul LoDuca. And Piazza. And Gary Carter. And Hundley. Come to think of it, I hate everyone who ever has caught or ever will catch for the Mets. Yeah, even you, Rick Cerone.
  • George Brett. He was always killing the Yankees. Sure, he was always killing everyone, but he was so damn good at the game and the Royals were such a great rivalry then.
  • Everyone who played for the 1981 Dodgers. Lopes, Garvey, Cey, Scioscia, Fernando, all of them.

Players I Hate:

Oddly, none of the top 3 are Yankees...

1. Barry Bonds - Screw you, Barry. Screw you. Not only is he a cheater who stole a record from a great man, but is just a horrible person too. Terrible for baseball. The anti-Ortiz.

2. Canseco - Again.

3. Ozzie Guillen - Not a player, but GOD I hate him. Scum. He's foulmouthed, uses ethnic slurs, is a homophobe (see his choice of insults to a reporter). He's just a horrible human being. I can't beleive he hasn`t been fired yet.


El Duque for sure, love his delivery and how he always seems to come up big. They say his old, they say this, they say that... who wouldn't like him on their team?

David Ortiz, I'm a Yankee fan but there is something about Ortiz, always smiling, looks like a nice guy,

Mariano Rivera, always comes in does his job, causes no problems, he's a leader,

Aaron Boone, his basketball accident gave us A-Rod and of course there is a certain homer he hit,

Middle of it:

Sheffield, I hate him as a person, but I just love to watch him swing his bat, wiggle it like crazy up there


Bonds, obvious reasons...

Piazza, that whole Clemens thing and how he thinks his the bomb and all,

Varitek, likes to talk so much but barely ever does anything to prove his yapping,

Luis Gonzalez, that F***ING bloop single that I will never forgive!!!

Schilling, come on, even Sox fans can't stand him.

I've been reading this site for a while without commenting, but this post was too good to resist. Irrationally Liking/Hating players is what makes sports so fun. Since I generally like any current Red Sox and Mets, and hate any current Yankees, with a few exceptions (Heilman, Timlin, Hideki Matsui, Bernie when he was still playing), it's understood the following include only non-MetSox, Yankees:


Joe McEwing - If you've ever seen his pre-batting stance routine, you know what I'm talking about. The guy makes Nomar look like a still life.

Lance Berkman - The strength. The stoicism. The eyeliner. Lance is like a rock'n'roll power chord.

Vladimir Guerrero - "And now the air is shattered by the force of Vladdy's blow." My most highly anticipated moment in Baseball is a Vlad at-bat. If someone told me he hit a wild pitch 500 feet, I wouldn't blink.

Greg Maddux/Tom Glavine - TBS made sure I saw plenty of these two during my childhood, but I really do like them. The path of their signature pitches (Maddux' corkscrew changeup inside and Glavine's lazy change outside) are forever burned in my brain.


Ted Lilly/Frank Catalanotto - The very pictures of "irrational hatred". Something about their sleepy-faced expressions just drives me crazy. Plus, they always seemed to kill the Sox, which doesn't help matters.

Craig Counsell - For the love of god, can you just hold your bat like a normal human being?

Jeff Kent - First, he sucks as a Met. Then he becomes a HOF-caliber player for other teams. On top of that, he performs the inconceivable by making Barry Bonds seem the MORE likeable surly Giant player.

Again, love the site. I hope my first contribution wasn't too long.


Chone Figgins - he can do it all. Plays IF and OF, hits for avg., has speed. Very annoying to watch on the opposing team.

Big Papi - only Sox player I like. Class act, great guy. And, I did have a chance to chat briefly with him in a Seattle Starbucks. He was pleasant to me even though I had my Yankees cap on. But then again, he's been known to sport one of those occasionally. :)

Dislike: - blowhard. I'm pretty certain the "blood" on the sock was ketchup. OK, maybe not, but he's so into self-promotion that it wouldn't surprise me.

Barry Bonds - "*". Enough said.

Glad to have you, FSP.


Will Clark - something about a smooth swing and cracked teeth the color of dirt just exude "baseball".

Coco Crisp - quotable, smart, hustles like crazy, a joy to watch in the field.

Mariano - is there a classier ballplayer around?

Pudge Fisk - childhood hero, nothing more to say than that.


Cano - Yankee fans who like Cano and hate Pedroia clearly prefer the cocky and the smug over the earnest and the effortful, which is not surprising in the least.

Eckstein - too easy a target, kind of like McEwing. I am not a big fan of the "scrappy", in general. And before everyone jumps on this, Pedroia ain't scrappy, he's GOOD.

Jimmy Key and any lefty junkballer who ever threw a pitch.

Dave Stieb - come to think of it, I pretty much hated all the Blue Jays of the late 80s and early 90s. Ernie Whitt? Blech.


A-Rod. Man is he a joy to watch when he's actually doing something, but every other moment (high-stepping off the field after an out, shouting "ha!", the general narcissism) is terribly painful, excruciatingly so.

I notice that YF hasn't offered an opinion. What say you, YF? We want names.

I'll skip the obvious love-Sox and hate-Yanks.

Love -

Brian Roberts. Doubles, average, SBs, rock solid fielding, timely hitting. I always wanted him on the Sox.

Sheffield. Despite being a sociopath off-field. I love to see this guy bat. When he was a MFY he scared the sh*t out of me, more than any opposing hitter I can recall. He's just explosive.

C.C. Sabathia. I like that he cocks his hat.

Hanley Ramirez. We could've made some beautiful music together, Hanley.

David Cone. Class act.

Hate -

Eric Byrnes. It was mentioned above, but that playoff moment where instead of scoring the winning run he sulked and shoved Tek was so little league that it made Arod's most notorious bush league moments look at least like High School baseball.

Paul Konerko. I had him on a fantasy team one year and he hit like .215.

Mike Greenwell. Never liked him. In my opinion he got a little too comfortable too quick with the notion that he was the next in a string of great Red Sox left fielders. Little did he know that he was the first in a string of place-holders (Greenwell-Cordero-O'Leary, I think) until Manny came around.

Tim Hudson. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

Rocco Baldelli. I was annoyed when he was 20 and had never done anything, yet was drawing comparisons to Joe Dimaggio.

The Baltimore Orioles. With the exceptions of Roberts and Bedard, and despite the fact that Camden Yards is really cool. And yes, even you, Kevin Millar. The biggest pack of also rans and whiners in baseball. They seem to have an endless supply of "some pop" corner OF/1B/DH types. Memo to O's - Gibbons and Millar plus Huff does not a contender make.

(Especially) Melvin Mora. This guy looks like he wants to cry all the time.

Okay, I'll oblige:

-Jimmy Key, and just about any junkballer, lefty or righty, who has stood 60 feet from home and used his mind to record an out [Sorry SF]
-Coney, and any other wiley vet who reinvents himself
-Donnie. He can have my popcorn anytime
-Roy White
-Derek Sanderson Jeter BECAUSE OMG HE"S SO HOT

-The 1986 Mets
-The 1986 Red Sox
-Gary Carter & Howard Johnson
-Jack Clark
-Aaron Boone
-Pat Kelly
-Trot Nixon

David Cone. Class act.

W*cking off in the bullpen makes you classy?

God, I forgot one of my all-time favorites:



Mike Sweeney - The guy played his prime years in KC when he could've gone anywhere else. Seems like an all-around nice guy otherwise, too.

Tom Gordon - I always liked the way he stood set on the mound, with his hat pulled over his eyes.

Magglio Ordonez - Great name, and *everything* seems to be falling in for him this year.


Gary Sheffield - The reason the Yanks don't have Vlad.

The Boone Brothers - Everything said above about Brett applies. As for Aaron, his performance in the '03 WS better approximates his career as a Yankee than the ALCS.

Chone Figgins - Angels players, except Vlad, are automatically docked points. Your name is pronounced Cho-Knee, dammit.

I don't truly hate him, but I do take pleasure at seeing Rah-jah Clemens suspended for five games (according to the Post).

I really don't understand the hate for Tek or Dustin, not at all, but what ever...

As for me...


Billy Mueller, Olderdude, Mariano, Lowell, Loretta: Professionals, all of them, just go/went out and do/did their job, guys like these don't get enough recognition unless they also happen to be stars. Baseball needs more of these guys.

Manny, yeah, he's crazy, but he's also a lot harder working than anyone gives him credit for, look it up, you will be surprised how hard this guy works.

Ortiz, it's all been said already.

Jeter, it's all been said already.

Vald, it's all been said already.


Schilling, Arod, Bonds, Posada, Giambi, Sheff, AJ, Lilly, The Boone Family, RJ...

Actually, the hate list could go on for a while. All these guys have a certain level of douche baggery that just annoys me, for a lot of them it manifests in much different ways, but they all just make my ass itch. Baseball doesn't need them.

This was fun, I could expand on this for hours.

I particularly like the way it has brought out people that don't normally post, for better or worse. Great idea Nick, you took a big risk though, this could have been a time bomb for trolls.

"David Cone. Class act.
W*cking off in the bullpen makes you classy?"

I must have missed that on Sports Center.

I sat in the bleachers for a Sox-Yanks game the year after Cone hung up the spikes, and Cone sat two rows in front of me. He signed autographs steadily for three and a half hours and never seemed annoyed. I asked him why he didn't use his connections to get better seats and he looked around and said there's no better place to watch a game. He just struck me as a classy guy.

Make Pedro my absolute all-time favorite. There was simply nothing like watching the artistry, smarts, skill, and power of Pedro in his prime.

Ditto on Pedro, I have no idea how I left him off. He's top 5 in my book. A magician in his prime, plain and simple.

> didn't use his connections to get better seats and he looked around and said there's no better place to watch a game

I think that's about my favorite thing I've heard a ballplayer say in a long time

David Cone

Whenever anyone talks about "action in the bullpen," minds wander to David Cone, the beloved pitcher accused of numerous indiscretions in his day — most famously jerking off in front of a groupie in the bullpen in 1989. The woman who accused the celebrated player (he pitched a perfect game in 1999 and is the subject of Roger Angell's 2001 book A Pitcher's Story) claimed that, as she quickly exited the bullpen, Cone said to her, "You're a big baby. You're not invited to showtime anymore." — A. Calhoun

From I won't say how I found it on Google. Too embarrassing a search.

Some more...


Scott Kazmir - His presence in Tampa Bay still drives Met fans nuts, but hasn't had any impact on the division.

Adam Dunn - Shelley Duncan, only for real.


Jeff Conine - Always seems to be playing for the Orioles or the Marlins. Tyrel, this is the prototypical Orioles' player you hate so much.

J.J. Putz - Like Figgins, I hate him mostly for how he chooses to pronounce his name. If he called himself putz, I'd love this guy.

I don't really hate any player, but how about announcers... As a Sox fan living in NY, Waldman and Sterling drive me crazy with hatred. Oh and the Wite Sox announcers as well. "He Gone!"

Oof, Hawk Harrelson is just awful, perhaps the worst I have ever heard. Sterling seems to know his baseball (sort of) but is just too in love with his own voice. Kay is far worse than Sterling, just a complete shill for the team.

Gary Cohen, now he's the man.

I know a girl that married a guy with the last name Balz, little more than a month after they met she insisted on pronouncing it Baltz, even though there was no T to be found anywhere in the name. Needless to say, she's a total bitch.

> As a Sox fan living in NY, Waldman and Sterling drive me crazy with hatred

As a Yanks fan, umm...ditto. What, no Kay?

> Needless to say, she's a total bitch

or bich, as it were.

Jim Palmer and Buck Martinez were insufferable in Baltimore. Martinez sounded like a Simpsons character.

Glad to see someone else hates Eric Byrnes... He was such a tool during the Sox/A's playoff series...

As a Sox fan, but also a fan of somewhat eccentric players, I still have a soft spot for both Pedro Martinez and, yes, Derek Lowe.

Pedro knows how to work the media better than anyone, and can be extremely funny. He serves up these off-the-wall quotes (e.g. his "banana tree" and "the Yankees are my daddy") that the press just can't resist. In the dugout, he always looks like he's having the time of his life. Oh, and in his prime he was the nastiest pitcher I've ever seen.

Lowe -- he's likeable because he can be such a head case. People who've played with him say he's the most natural athlete around, could pick up any club or ball and do well in that sport... He also had a history of weird, mental meltdowns which both pissed off fans and endeared them to him. All of that was redeemed by his incredibly gutsy performances in the playoffs.

Kay is ok, not great but not over the top.

Listening to Sterling and Waldman is like listening to a three hour love poem to the Yanks. I can't tell what's actually going on in every game - every pop up sounds like a home run, every double play should be on the hilight reel of the week. I know the Yanks are a great team, especially lately, but come on.

Oh, and how could I possibly forget (hate list) .....


For their play-by-play work, not their MLB performance.

(Surprised no one has mentioned Pete Rose yet, one way or another.)


One dimensional players. Like David Ortiz and Jason Giambi. You are BASEBALL players, not just hitters.

Manny Ramirez. The hair, the hair net, the uniform 2 sizes too big, the posing after HR's. He makes me want to throw up.

Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Jaret Wright, Carl Pavano, Chris Hammond, Kyle Farnsworth...any pitcher we signed since 2001 that has proven to be useless.

Reggie Jackson, Bronx is Burning is making the hate even deeper!


Derek Jeter, he is all that is right about the game.

Jorge Posada, plays the game the right way.

JJ Hardy, Prince Fielder, Derrick Turnbow and Ben Sheets...I am a closet Brewers fan.

David Wright, just an absolute super talent, great kid with a world of potential.

Jose Reyes, changes the game when he is in the lineup.

Chase Utley.

Old-timers I liked a lot, because they had either class or style (or both) --

* Lou Brock

* Rollie Fingers

* Rod Carew

* Al Hrbosky (The Mad Hungarian)

* El Tiante!

P.S. Hate any player who has his own cologne. It's both pretentious and undignified in a baseball player.

I went to elementary school in San Diego with Rollie Finger's kid. Kid was a total asshole.

Hudson: I've decided to bring in a few ringers, professional baseballers. We'll give them token jobs at the plant and have them play on our softball team. Honus Wagner, Cap Anson, Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown...

Smithers: Uh, sir?

Hudson: What is it, Smithers?

Smithers: I'm afraid all of those players have retired and, uh... passed on. In fact, your right-fielder has been dead for a hundred and thirty years.


Didn't Turnbow violate the steroid policy? Is that "playing the game right"? How can you like Turnbow and hate Papi, who in fact CAN play the field adequately, and who is a complete class act.

"Jeff Conine" - bkolb, TOTALLY. He is THE Baltimore Oriole, in my mind. Man I just HATE this guy. If there was one non-Yankee in MLB that I could slug, it would be Jeff Conine. GRRRR.

Though to the O's credit, they did recently pass on Morgan Ensberg and Russel Branyan, who have both got useless Oriole prototype written all over them.

SF, regarding - ew.

Another LOVE -

Dwight M'f'n Evans. Loved the 'stache.

Don't get the Pedroia-hate...
I'll try to hit guys that have not gotten the love much.
Okajima - loved the hero in the dark line, coupled with his performance. He is a joy to watch pitch.

Barry Larkin - I grew up in Cincy and he was awesome.

Vernon Wells - makes CF look easy, and has a sense of humor (sit in the bleachers at Fenway and watch how he interacts with the hecklers).

Wakefield - consummate team guy and is very generous.

Don't like:
Jeter - he's a great player overall, but the constant ballwashing he gets from announcers bugs me, as does the butt-stick-out maneuver on any pitch in the same zipcode as the inside corner.

LaRussa - partially for his influence on bullpen construction/the use of OOGYs, although not using Pujols in the ASG raised it from a smolder to active dislike.

Jay Payton - Manufacturing a hissy fit because the Sox didn't trade him fast enough really endeared him to the fans...

Wily Mo - I feel bad for this because it's not so much personality based, but watching him K and muff flies is so awful.

(also Pierzynski & Bonds)

Oh, one more player I love(d):

How could I forget one Bucky F. Dent! :)

Re: Rose. I can't bring myself to hate him. I pity the guy more than anything.

SF, I never said Turnbow plays the game the right way, re-read that. I like his style, the way he throws, little fear, etc...I didn't say I want to name my son after him, that's already taken by the man with the cologne (they spell their names different).

As for Ortiz, I suppose you can say Giambi is also adequate. I am not a homer on this issue, I just don't like one dimensional players.

> your right-fielder has been dead for a hundred and thirty years

That was a GREAT pull. "Shave those sideburns, Mattingly!"

Hudson, thanks for mentioning Lou Brock. Can't believe I left him off my list.

Too many posts, too little time, but I will say that anyone who hates Dustin Pedroia for being mad about an unintentional HBP must also hate Alex Rodriguez for the same reason.

It's a rule.

Or something.

Ah yes, Trisk providing his hate about Manny reminds me of another reason I like him. The mantra of "Don't look at my appearance, look at my performance" is very close to my heart, and so I appreciate him going out there dressed as he does. It's obviously projecting one's philosophy onto a symbol, me doing this with Manny, but that doesn't stop the love. Also, he doesn't let people's perceptions of him get him down, seemingly (maybe because he doesn't think very hard about it, admittedly).

I wear a t-shirt and jeans every day (unless I can't get away with it) work, at home, at social events. My hair is however it was when I woke up in the morning except pushed out of my face (relatively long, of course). Many people would say I am ruining the first impression I make on people, but I consider it almost a challenge to people to see if they can look past that. It's netted me a good job and an excellent fiancee in my opinion.

So yeah, sorry for going off on that tangent, but that's another reason I love Manny. "Who cares how I look/what they think of me? I'm gonna hit this ball out!"

Old Timers I like:

Bob Gibson
Gil Hodges
Casey Stengel
Sandy Koufax

Curt Flood- for having the courage to take a stand, thereby liberating baseball players from what amounted to indentured servitude

Old Timers I hate:

Darryl Strawberry
Gary Carter
Birdie Tebbets

Walter O'Malley-if you ever lived in Brooklyn, I think you have to

You know in most cases Devine I agree with you. I have a tattoo, I dress down a lot and I always have on a baseball hat, so by no means am I a stuffy guy. I guess now that you point it out my hatred for Manny goes deeper then the clothes. Maybe I just hate Manny and the appearance is just the cherry on top.

Andrews, great call on Straw. Can't stand him, made it so difficult on me when he was with the Yankees.

One more, Keith Hernandez. As a kid I remember having the same dumb argument almost everyday with the Mets fans..Who's the better 1st baseman? Remember in 86, there were a ton more Met fans then there were Yankee fans so I had this argument a lot. In addition to the dumb arguments now I have to hear that pompous jerk everytime I watch the Mets. (Yes I am a Yankee fan, but I watch the Mets too)

That's cool, Trisk. I should have mentioned that I wasn't trying to take you or your reasons down a peg, just waxing poetic on might have noticed I like to do that. :)

Anyway, it's cool you hate Manny, though I wonder how much of it is annoyance at when his ability displays itself when the Sox play the Yankees. I know that I think Jeter can look kind of arrogant and I hate his jerk backward on pitches sort of inside or forwards on pitches sort of away. But I ascribe most of this to the fact that when he comes up with a RISP, I basically consider that run as already on the board.

Trisk,'86 was my first year in NY, so I remember how we yf's were the minority - I recall just showing up at the stadium and basically having my choice of seats. The mets' playoff run that year was darn exciting,I must admit = I had never lived in a city with a team in contention before.


Ray Knight. Hated the guy before he crossed the plate in '86, game six, or hit the homer in game 7. He embodied the idea of "punk" to me, it seemed like he charged the mound five times that year over brushback pitches. The other guy on that team that annoyed the crap out of me was Wally Backman; I'm happy he's turned out to be such an upstanding citizen.

Most hated manager? John McNamara, the Ronald Reagan of baseball skippers. A true dolt.

On the loved side: El Tiante, Pedro certainly inherited his position as a Fenway mound artist well.

Also, I completely appreciate Craig Biggio, who those who don't know better would call gritty or scrappy or some other moniker for a not-tall ballplayer.

Oh god, this is fun.

Currently Dustin Pedroia is on the top of my hate list. He just has the weaseliest look about him, and when he tried to grow facial hair, oh my god, I could barely look at him without being annoyed. He's an angry little midget punk. I saw that game too, and my goodness, did he take the wrong page out of the Ortiz handbook. What. A. Freaking. Whiner. I will be so amazingly happy when he is out of baseball in 5 years.

Other players I absolutely hate: Scott Erickson, AJ Pierzcinski, Jeff Weaver. All of these are obvious.

I hate Bartolo Colon because of one of the most undeserved Cy Youngs of the past decade went to him over Rivera and/or Santana. What a douche, no one likes him.

I hate Craig Hansen, because he had one of the most pathetically stupid expressions whenever he attempted to pitch a ball. It was almost intimidating, but because it was on TV and because of the results after he released the ball it was almost comically stupid. Almost. He is probably horrifically insecure. Good. I hate him.

I also hate K-Rod. What a drama queen. Ooh! You struck out AAA noodle-arm outfielder Brandon Moss to end the game where you won by 2 runs! Let's have 15 full seconds of fist-pumping and shouting and pointing at the sky! You da man! Shut up. I love beating K-Rod more than anything in the world. More than A-Rod hitting homeruns off of Schilling, more than Rivera striking out Ortiz, Manny and Lowell to end the game, more than Aaron...well, no. But 2 years ago, when the Yankees came from behind against Rodriguez, that was one of my favorite Yankee games. That moment filled me with more real joy than that game during the 5 GAME SWEEP where Jeter hit the jam shot off Papelbon to blow his save and send the Yankees on to win. K-Rod is such a douchebag, and I also can't wait until he is out of baseball in 5 years.

I used to hate Fausto Carmona for handing the Red Sox two wins on a silver platter last year, but because those two wins didn't matter in the least in the long run, and that he's doing so well this year, and because he got Dustin Pedroia to throw a pathetic midgety hissy fit, he's currently a player I like. I won't really mind if he shuts out the Yankees tomorrow, he has crazy groundball numbers and those, I think, at that crazy insane level, are just as important as strikeouts.

I like Miguel Cabrera. Had him on my fantasy team since Carlos Delgado was the superior Carlos. He's so darn consistent, and he's just getting better every year. Sure, he's horrific defensively and getting a bit big around the waist and DHing is probably in his future, but he is a joy to own. Always undervalued in fantasy drafts, too. Have him in a keeper league and he's slugging .615. Monster, monster player.

I like B.J. Upton for similar fantasy and keeper league reasons. Brian Roberts, too, but also because he looks like he's such a nice guy. Just like Sean Casey before he fell off the table.

Bernie used to be my favorite Yankee (after O'Neill retired, who proceeded Don Mattingly, of whom Wade Boggs must be his best friend because they played the corners and both had marvelous moustaches). Mattingly should really regrow that moustache. If it came down to Joe Girardi and Don Mattingly with a moustache as next manager of the Yankees, I'd take Donnie. But that's the only way. Anyway, Cano became my favorite Yankee when he came up. It was fun that he wore his age (22), and it's still fun now (24). Giambi's going to have to give up his number so Cano can be 25 next year. I think he should do it. Don't look at last year. Anyway, Cano just makes the game look so incredibly easy: his swing is beautiful and effortless at times, and defensively he is so smooth, and his arm is befitting of a third baseman, although he's so good at second right now they'd never move him. He and Melky, the dynamic they have, is so fun to watch. He is just a fun, fun player on a fun team and I love that he is continues to develop into a truly elite hitter and is so much better than anyone ever expected him to be. Same with Melky, who is also wondrous defensively (although that may be partially perception with noodle-arms in center for so long), and so much better than a 4th outfielder. I really hope Chamberlain and Kennedy stick, because from what I hear they are best buds.

Obviously I also love Rivera and Posada, and Matsui is one of the most unassuming players on the planet. Just a rock of pure unassumeability. Who hits homeruns like a mofo.

In a vacuum, I like David Ortiz. Maybe not as a pure player, because he's half of one, but just as a genial, smiling person who likes to hit the crap out of the ball all the time. Just one of the nice guys who you can't have lasting negative feelings about. Except for when he complains about every single called strike against him, but hey, we all have our faults. I just wish every other Sox player didn't think it was okay just because Papi does it. It's not okay. It's annoying. Please try to take it like a man and sit the hell down, you got beat. Deal with it. Especially you, Ver- Dustin. What a stupid name. Go away.

Again, to repeat:

Smug and Cocky (Cano) trumps hustling and earnest (Pedroia) for Yankees fans, every time. The YF hate for Pedroia tells a much bigger and revealing story.

Wait your favorite Yankee was Paul O'Neill but you don't like when Pedroia whines.

O'Neill always got angry about his own performance. He was his own worst critic. Why does no one get this?

Pedroia had a hissy fit because he thought Carmona threw too close to him. What made it great is that Carmona then gave him his deserved chin music and that really set him off. He can't take anything like a man. He WHINES to the umpire about every single pitch he doesn't like. He's taking the worst qualities of Manny and Ortiz into his personality. He also looks like a weasel. He also has one of the longest, most unattractive swings I've seen. It's because he's short. Just don't like him. Not saying I don't like earnesty, but I don't see earnest in Pedroia. I see whiny, spoiled undeserved and definitely unearned arrogance. Sit down, rook.

The list is too long if I include retired players so I'll stick to an active list:


Mariano Rivera: A couple of years ago, working in Times Square, having a morning coffee around 9am and Mo walks by with his family. My friend and I can only blurt out "Yay Mo!" and he turns, smiles and waves.
I also love the fact that everyone knows, has always known, what was coming, pretty much where it's going to be, at every point in the count, and he still does it better than everyone else.

Gary Sheffield: Besides how cool he looks when up at bat I think his "tell it like it is" insanity is AWESOME.

Manny Ramirez: Cause you know he knows english and he still makes the media get their info thru a translator. That's really really smart (no sarcasm intended).

Carlos Zambrano:
He can be infuriating when he blows his top and loses his mind and starts walking everyone but he's big, intense, can hit better than alot of position players, and when he's on he really is worth the billions of dollars he'll be paid next year (market adjustment included).

Ryan Zimmerman: Last year a friend told me a quote from him talking about fielding and some super fantastic play he had made during a game. Zimmerman (to paraphrase) said "Anyone can make great plays and everyone makes them when things fall the right way, I'm just worry about making the basic simple plays. If you can make all of those you're really good."

Vladimir Guerrero: He's younger than I am and walks around like an old dude. He's the only player that can pull a pitch thrown to first base down the third base line.

Schilling: Red Sock, politics, talking...

Varitek: Still think his starting the A Rod fight was weak.

O'Neill always got angry about his own performance. He was his own worst critic. Why does no one get this?

O'Neill may have been hard on himself, but there's no way to convince me that every time he threw a hissy fit it was out of anger at his own performance. That's BS. O'Neill was a tough-minded player who worked his ass off, admirable qualities, but he was also a whiny, petulant d*ckbag a lot of the time.

My favorite of all time is probably Willie Randolph. I was playing 2B in little league when the late-70s Yanks were making noise and he was my favorite. Also liked Catfish Hunter, supposedly a great guy in his day. To be fair, my favorite Sox player is Yaz, the only Sox guy my Yankee loving grandfater would praise. My least favorite yankee was certainly Reggie, not least because of the candy bar, and public enemy #1 and #1a have been Pedro (though I could watch his games vs any OTHER team) and Manny (I just don't get him).

Outside the rivalry, I love watching Greg Maddux pitch, the man is an artist, and I always liked Glavine as well. And I never liked Albert Belle.

Love this thread!

"O'Neill may have been hard on himself, but there's no way to convince me that every time he threw a hissy fit it was out of anger at his own performance. That's BS."

Oh, I wasn't trying to say that. The thing is, he coupled his whiny ass with a true sense of the game. I don't know if you could say he was humble, but he certainly was the first to point out any stupid things he did. Even if he had the game-winning homerun, he'd probably talk the most about the bad route he took to that one ball. He was also a really good hitter for a long time.

Pedroia just makes me think of the standard high-school jock whose rich dad owns the team. He comes across as spoiled and petulant, like everything should go his way because he's Dustin Pedroia, diminutive second baseman for the Red Sox. Maybe if he was really good for a long time like O'Neill it would be less annoying. But this is his first full year in the majors. He doesn't show any kind of humility. Ugh. I don't want to think about his weasely face anymore. At least he finally shaved his ugly-ass failed attempt at looking tough.

Okay, so long as the YFs are hating on Pedroia, and to focus this on Yanks/Sox rivalry, I'm a-gonna up the ante and go through some of the Yankees who p!ssed me off the most over the years:

* Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia, who beat up a freakin' stadium employee. Thugs who permanently (though they're no longer Yankees" disprove New York claims of "class."

* Knobloch. If you dislike Pedroia, what can one say about this spazz? My hate for him evaporated somewhat, though, after his mental block about, uh throwing the baseball to first base, destroyed his career and he became an object of derision/pity.

* Sheff: What a power tool. Though he did our side a big favor during the '04 series by taunting the Sox and motivating Boston to come back.

* Giambi. Could the guy be any more of a poster boy for steroids? His red, bug-eyed inflamed face got wider and wider until he got nabbed.

* Thurman Munson. Yeah, I know, speak no ill of the dead, I'll catch hell for this. But he was at the center of the ugly Sox/Yanx brawling in the 70s, and I hated him at the time.

* Reggie Jackson. What a flippin' showboat. Has there ever been a Yankee more full of himself?

* Billy Martin. 'Nuff said. Even Steinbrenner couldn't stand him.

I did like Oscar Gamble, though.

Here's the thing that's being stupidly misrepresented. In the game against the Indians with the Pedroia/Carmona situation, Pedroia had been hit by Carmona early in the game, then had a ball thrown right at his head a couple of innings later. He wasn't pissed because Carmona "threw too close to him", he was pissed because Carmona hit him once and then threw at his head in the following at-bat.

After the complaints about Josh Towers throwing at A-Rod twice (despite A-Rod's having pulled a bush league stunt) this crying about Pedroia's "hissy fit" comes off as completely hypocritical and misguided.

Talking about Paul O'Neill made me think of those great, one-sided trades. Roberto Kelly for Paul O'Neill was one of them. Wow, did Paulie's career take off when he came to the Yankees. And poor Roberto Kelly, he never really was the same. I read a column saying that the acquisition of Paul O'Neill was the most important trade of the entire history of the Yankee franchise save the Babe Ruth purchase. I think he was trying to say that O'Neill was the center of the late-90s Yankee Dynasty. I think Bernie and Jeter and Rivera have a lot more to do with it, but it was still a pretty darn good trade. I'd love to read analyses by sportswriters back then.

The difference, SF, was that Pedroia threw a royal fit the first time the ball got away from Carmona. You can't honestly argue that was intentional, while you can't honestly argue the ball from Towers WASN'T intentional. A-Rod didn't do much the first time the Jays clearly intentionally threw at him. Might have something to do with his understanding that the Blue Jays are a sad, pathetic team that holds a grudge for way too long about being horrifically embarrassed, but he didn't throw a fit. The second time, a game later, when it was clearly intentional and a SECOND ATTEMPT at hitting him, he took exception. And very rightfully so. I don't really think that's arguable at all. You're ignoring the details when trying to compare the situations, and the details are the key.

Hate Clemens for being put up on a pedestal when he's just as much of a cheat as Barry Bonds.

I don't know how you can know the intent of Carmona. A HBP followed by an angry batter, then a headshot follows in the next at-bat for said batter. That seems like a good enough reason for a hitter of any uniform to be annoyed at the pitcher, whether there was intent or not. What player wouldn't be annoyed by that situation? Would Pedroia have been justified in his anger if he was hit by a pitch, complained, then hit in the head (god forbid he hadn't gotten out of the way of the second pitch)? Are his decent reflexes therefore compromising his chances of being liked by a legion of (pretty damn hypocritical) Yankee fans? I say this as someone who doesn't have tremendous love or hate for Pedroia: I root for him of course, but he's not my favorite or my least favorite, he's just a member of the squad, and he's a good player.

I don't know how you can know Carmona's intent, just as I can't either. But situationally, Pedroia being bagged on for being angry that he was hit by a pitch then had to dodge a headshot doesn't really seem like a great reason to hate the kid, and if that's the seminal moment that sums up the hate, I find that weak.

Why would Carmona intentionally hit Pedroia the first time? What would be the point? The pitch clearly got away from him, just as Towers (and Litsch the game before) clearly threw at A-Rod. I mean, we're assuming intent there, too. We assume intent in baseball all the time, based on evidence and common sense.

Pedroia got royally pissed off because Carmona dared to let a pitch get away from him while he was facing the Great Dustin Pedroia. It was so annoying to watch, and fits right in with what I see from him whenever he strikes out looking. It's a defining moment because the hissy fit was so ridiculously unwarranted. I don't think I've seen much worse than that on a random HBP. It wasn't even that bad, and I see Posada and Jeter and A-Rod get hit all the time. Except for the case where it's clearly intentional (Towers), they don't put on huge shows like Pedroia did there.

He didn't get a head-shot the second time, it was chin music. Carmona definitely didn't throw at his head by any means, but he clearly threw NEAR him. No one deserves to be hurt in any way in baseball, but Pedroia deserved a warning shot that said in the Major Leagues, you take your base, rook. If it had hit Pedroia's head, that would be horrible, but honestly Pedroia would have had to lean his head into the pitch for that to happen.

Avid reader of the site, although I don't post much. in regards to the pedroia-cano discussion. I agree with Andrew, I dont understand how Cano is "cocky" and pedroia is "hardworking and earnest." Remember this quote from Pedroia in regards to the a-rod slide?

...“He went in late and kind of threw an elbow,” Pedroia said. “It was a little cheap but no big deal. I’ll remember. I play second base. I’ve got to turn two with the Yankees 19 times a year, so I know now when he’s coming in, my (arm) slot gets dropped to the floor. That’s it..."When he returned to the field for the bottom of the ninth, he complained to second base umpire Joe West.

“I went back out and I said, ‘Hey, you should look at that; it’s a double play if he does that,’ ” Pedroia said. “I haven’t played football in years. That was all right.”

I guess its all opinion, but this, along with the actions discussed above, seems like a pretty cocky and whinny to me.

Have we really gone this far with no mention of the slap? Hate A-hole.

Dustin is a little weasely. There's a pizza dude in my neighborhood who looks just like him, and he's just annoying. Hard to hate annoying players when they're good and on your team. Must be why normal people here love Jeter. Hate his charmed ass.

Like Torre, Tito more.

Fear(ed) and respect Mo.

Miss O-Cab.

Pedro rules, always.

Tim Wakefield - despite his inconsistency, there's something incredibly impressive about being essentially the only great knuckleballer in the game. And he'll still be pitching when I'm 40.

Gary Sheffield - I really was hoping he'd come to the Sox last off season. (Anyone here happier with Drew?) Just don't listen to him, and watch him hit.

Pedroia, Youkilis, Lowell, Pedro, Vlad, Peavy and Santana are up there too.

Joe Morgan (as an announcer). he's just horrible. He makes a great game bad, and a bad game worse.

Schilling - stop blogging, start pitching well. No one wants to read another 2,000 word post on how you just didn't have it today.

Andrew, why does your list of likes include so much hate? Counseling, dude. If one incident by Dustin Pedroia is enough to add him to your hate list, where's A-Rod, Cano, Clemens, Towers, et al.?


David Wells. His career's probably over, but he was pretty good despite being incredibly unhealthy for so long. I really just like the fact that he's a continuing pain in Bud Selig's ass.

Pedro Martinez. Not only was 1997-2003 a once-in-a-lifetime gift from the baseball gods, but he was one zany mofo. Certainly the only Hall of Famer to be duct taped to the dugout pole.

Tim Wakefield. My previous post on him sums that up. He's one of those great statistical anomalies, and he's another one of those once-in-a-generation guys.

Pedroia. He's what everyone thinks David Eckstein is: A very good player who plays hard, and has clearly had to prove himself at every single level because he was thought of as too short/too contact-oriented to succeed. Also, I love players who reward my faith in them.

Mo Vaughn. He was one of just a couple players to sign my baseball cards that I sent through the mail, plus he was David Ortiz before Ortiz perfected the job. The strip club and DWI scandals were just noise to this kid, who spent hours imitating that uppercut swing from the right side.

Craig Biggio. One of those guys who annoyingly gets credit for the way he plays the game. The thing is, it's actually true.


Derek Jeter. I don't know what's worse: The hand in the face of the umpire until he's good and ready to bat? The sycophantic way YFs grovel over everything he does, even when what he does is not as good as most other shortstops in the league? The fact that he was the worst of the Big Three shortstops, yet managed to last longer than any of them, even forcing the best of them to change positions? It's in there somewhere.

David Eckstein. We all know why.

Edgar Renteria. Wait, so you can't handle playing in a high-pressure city, play career-worst defense at a position where your immediate predecessor and immediate successor excelled, and it's the FIELD'S fault? Go to hell.

Barry Bonds. There is no doubt he took steroids. There is little doubt he took steroids knowingly. Then he has the nerve to lecture the press for asking about it and describing such questions as "negative." I watch sports to get away from the jerks like him I deal with in my job, not have their success rubbed in my face.

Great idea for a post, Nick! A lot of fun to think about...

SF, care to expound on your reasons for calling Cano "smug and cocky"?
Is this mere projection, or are you merely annoyed by his confidence?
IMO he doesn't come across as "smug and cocky" at all.


The ultimate drama queen arguing balls and strikes.

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