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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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What about the Snyder and Youk ones he is friends with on myspace?

Also, Johnny Damon is a friend of his.

I smell something fishy here. Frankly, I can't see it taking much more than a phone call from Josh's lawyer or the Red Sox army of legal men and women to get a bogus MySpace page down ASAP.

i still think the site is hilarious.

A fake MySpace page. You don't say. Next thing you'll tell me is that only 11 year olds and pervs use MySpace. Whew... thank God that's cleared up. Let's see if ESPNews has broken in with this ...

That faux Josh Beckett MySpace page is funny.

I like how they used a Redneck/militia/gun-lover aesthetic with camo wallpaper.

This was probably the giveaway that it wasn't the real Josh.

If Beckett had a real MySpace page, it certainly would have a lot of bunny rabbits, unicorns, with pinks and pastels.

And plenty of Broadway show tunes and Celine Dion instead of headbanger rock. ;)

yf2k wins the funny award!

I am more interested in the idea that Josh Beckett could be a relatively good interview/person (really? I've always accepted the surface interpretation of angry young man) than in whether or not the MySpace page (hilarious!) is real or fake.

PS My girlfriend is now my fiancee. I asked her on Sunday!

Congrats, Devine! Was she surprised?

Also, is she as hardcore of a fan as you are?

I'm slowly converting my girlfriend to the light, but she was still somewhat annoyed when I screamed "God-f*cking-damnit" after Lester gave up a 2-run homer last night.

If the Sox make it to the World Series she'll cross over completely. I've still got vouchers for games 6 and 7 of the World Series, 2 tickets each leftover from 2004. Watching 2 World Series games in Fenway will be a glorious baptism for her.

Yes, I think she was surprised. Her sister played a great part in it, actually. At one point a few weeks ago, my fiancee asked her sister whether I was thinking of proposing any time soon. Her sister knew this was in fact the case, and misled her into thinking I was probably planning it for later this year or early next year. The mouth-open shock on Sunday was real as far as I could tell. And thanks, Paul.

Atheose, I feel you. My lady has very much gotten into the Sox over the past season and a half. She will never be as...uh..."devoted" as I am, but she knows the guys on the team and cares whether they win and not just for my sake.

Trying to make a name for yourselves by reporting (cough) on obviously fraud MySpace pages? Nice work kids. You just set fan blogging back five years, if anyone reads this crap. Now go play on your MySpace pages where you belong.

*eye roll*

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