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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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House of Cards. :>

10 days even seems possible right now.

7 and counting......

Yeesh! Paranoid?

Email me and I'll give you the name & number of my shrink, SF.

I would say "you're still in great shape" but I don't want to be accused of aiding and abetting the enemy...

Last year, even in the worst of times, you had a realistic hope of someone coming through with a clutch hit.

Now, the Sox don't score runs unless they don't need them.

Why? Did the Yankees trade their entire bullpen?

The Yanks' 'pen is horrid but their bats have woken up. They are back to hitting their way out of their ghastly pitching. Our 'pen is fabulous but our bats are sleeping. We could have Jesus pitching for us right now and we'd lose because you actually have to score more runs than your opponent in this wacky game.

DW. C'mon. Are you really assuming we wouldn't use Jesus's baseball talents at the plate, in effect, are "you trying to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?" ;-)

Well, I think I'm on record somewhere on this blog as lobbying to put Beckett in Papi's slot on the days he isn't pitching. :))

Jesus is a straight fastball hitter. Can't hit junk.

Oh, and 2 weeks ago we were up 12 games, and are now up only 7. At this rate we will have given up the lead in exactly 19.6 days.

I'm not ready to go in to total panic mode yet, but this really makes my ass itch.

Every god damn year! Just once I would like to run away with it and keep it that way.

The frustrating part is that we're still going to stick with Tavarez when we go to Cleveland. We're begging to be swept.

jesus has always been more of a hitter than a pitcher.

(see first photo here: )

...and neither team has been able to run away with it for years.

Looks like Jesus is a pitcher, not a catcher!

Was that too far?

Didn't you guys know?

Jesus is on the DL with Schill. Just ask him...(schill that is)

Time to update this sucker, SF. 15 days is all they'll need to overtake us. The good news is that we will only have to endure the "1978" chants until they get creamed in the ALDS.

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