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Sunday, June 10, 2007


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Uh, dude. 55 to 52. That's barely close. That means Taverez is only worth like...what 22 mill-ish?

I was wondering if that would make it here. Thanks for not disappointing me, Paul. :)

Paul, are you for real? You throw this post up, which can easily be claimed to be good hearted jesting. The Orc puts up this performance against the D-Backs, Rocket against the Bucs, and your shot is in? Come on man, don't be such a little shit. I get you, a Connecticut raised Sox fan, who had to come of age in Junior High, Highschool, and maybe early college of Yankee success. It pissed you off, you even admitted here before how much praise of Pettitte back in the day of high school made you angry. But hey if you really love the Yankee hate, keeping flowing Tex.

Boston fans are more concerned--or obsessed--with the Yankees than with their own team. I think it is an inferiority complex thing ;)

BY, umm...relax. I don't know what you do to relax, but go do it.

Well, at least for one night, Paul!

And BY, jeez, did you have a rough Saturday night striking out at the bars or what?!


i vowed [to myself] not to pick on sf's anymore about non-baseball stuff, but the "inferiority complex" diagnosis yf2k is worth a chuckle...

it would appear that by's problem with paul has been building over time...of course paul meant to be funny with his post, but it was a little too predictable, even for paul...kind of like comparing jd drew to babe ruth for his 2 homer game the other night...

by the way, ptb is me, at least for the prior comment and the neanderthal comment last night...figured i'd use an alias on that one since it was just a joke a goofy mood last night...paul handled it well like i knew he would...

Following this same logic, Tyler Clippard is worth more than a $51.1 posting fee:

May 30 start for a certain Japanese pitcher:
5.2IP, 7H, 6ER, 4K, Game Score: 25

May 30 start for a yankee rookie:
5 IP, 4H, 3ER, 3K, Game Score: 45

Seems Clippard's value is approaching $100, just to talk to him about a contract.

I'd respond to BY, but I'm not sure what his problem is (he seems to recognize that I'm joking around), so I'll decline.

Touche, Sam. Too bad no one thought to post it at the time. It would have sparked some interesting discussion -- and maybe a post from an irate SF calling you a "little shit." ;-) Thje only problem is that Daisuke and Clippard both had starts before that, whereas this was Clemens' first start, and the numbers he put up were pretty close to what we've seen out of Tavarez in most of his starts.

Anyway, Pete Abe still holds the prize for comparing Daisuke and Igawa based on their (dissimilar, no less) spring starts.

Winner: Sam YF

Actually, if you throw out Hoolian's April starts, his numbers are pretty close to what a lot of analysts forecast for Clemens. He gives up more hits and probably fewer Ks, but otherwise he goes 5 - 6 innings and gives up around 3 runs per start.

Of course, you always feel with Tavarez that he may get bombed every inning,but he has been remarkably good given most peoples expectations.

in fairness, Tyler Clippard was not with $100 mil today. Only about $25 based on the Matsuzaka May 30th scale.

Missing from the above analysis is Yo-Yo Tavarez's 2.000 OPS. If he can keep up the double threat, should justify Manny money. Positively Ruthian (circa 1918).
Oh, small sample size.

BY78, you're right on the money as far as Paul is concerned. Once again he tries to pass off his pettiness as "good natured joking". Someone with his track record should realize that his "jokes" just don't fly.

Paul, if a YF had posted the DM-Clippard comparison before, I feel sure it would have had you howling at the moon in protest. Your posts are so good sometimes - it's just too bad that you have a tin ear as far as humor is concerned...

Heh. Always the YFs on here complaining that SFs have no sense of humor -- until the SFs poke a little fun at the Yankees. I guess it's only good-natured if Andrews says so. Good to know.

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