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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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in inches or centimeters?

I'd love to see the equivalent diagram of Timlin and pitchers too.

i thought that was the yankees' season.

Not sure, but Lugo looks like a real small guy, so maybe we give him another week or two to get that low!

Great diagram. Can I use it my next book? are worth a thousand words

Isn't Lugo a lot closer to the pile than the cliff? His weight's what, 175? Sheesh.

Don't forget terminal velocity, Paul. Or the ol' 9.8M/s2 that mass accelerates due to gravity...

Thanks. My head just exploded

Between this past weekend's series down the street and this week's Revit training, I've been out of the loop.

By Thurdsay I should be able to provide a 3D representation of the above graph.

Oh- and if Julio was listening to me in sunny SD, he knows how much he sucks.

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