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Thursday, June 14, 2007


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" and when Francona went for the fire extinguisher he instead pulled out the gas can"

That's f'ing hilarious YF, and boy have we seen Torre do that a few times this year is right. On another note, a Sox fan friend of mine came up to me yesterday and stated, "before you get too geared up on this Yankee tear don't forget it's against the Chi Sox, the Bucs, and the D-Backs".
I responded by thanking him for his keen insight on the matter and then reminded him who has been the victor in the past two series between our two respective teams. To which his response was, "well, every dog has its day". LOL.

Listen bottom line is let anyone say what they would like. The Yankees issue was that they were playing awful baseball and now it appears that they are on the road to improving that. If they had lost to the Chi Sox, Bucs or D-Backs, would we get a pass? No, of course not. Keep playing good ball fellas!

Actually, the game was already in full immolation when Francona came out to get Schilling.

As for the Yankees doing against this against weaker clubs, it's irrelevant, and demeaning to the Yankees. They are hot, playing great ball, and it doesn't matter who it is against.

Are you not supposed to beat up weaker teams?

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