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Friday, May 25, 2007


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Go Halos indeed!

Thanks for the preview, AF.

I just traded for Orlando Cabrerra in my fantasy game, so hopefully he continues his "I like to do well against NY" attitude over the next three days!
Let's go Halos!

AF- wondering if you're a regular over at halosheaven? if so....any chance you could get my IP unbanned? those guy's hate me. rev halo is a tool.

Rod, don't you get enough around here without trolling into OTHER American League teams blogs? hahahah. Suspended indefinitely from an Angels blog. That's funny. Guy, you're like Jim!

you try and have a logical discussion pertaining to the acquisition of shea hillenbrand with angel fans and......your IP gets band.


Nah. 6-4-2 is the only Angels blog I read with any regularity.

Weird. Where did all the line breaks go in my post? They were in there this morning...

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