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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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After the way Tavarez pitched at the game I attended last week (he pitched so well to pay me back for my "Hooligan" chants during BP, I'm sure)I kind of feel relieved - that'll probably last until Wakefield is in the 7th inning of a 2 hit shutout, though...

Somebody's been watching too many UFC/Pride mixed martial arts fights.

Though I gotta admit Quinton "Rampage" Jackson did put a beatdown on Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell the other night.

Maybe the Yankees need to sign somebody like Wanderlei Silva or Mirko "Cro-Cop."

i'll be there friday night. i'm hoping you're wrong about wakefield, but couldn't pretend to be surprised if that did happen.

is it really going to be mussina/wakefield instead of wang?

i always get the moose game...

i'd rather see wang.

(typing that actually made me giggle. i am a child.)

I don't think "beatdown" is the appropriate word for the Rampage-Iceman fight. I think Liddell made a mistake and got caught by Jackson with a lucky punch...after Liddell fell, it was easy for Quentin. I will say that Rampage has a very vacant look in his eyes before he fights. It's almost scary.

clemens is on the michael kay show right now.

Once Rampage tagged Liddell with that "lucky" punch, he was beating on him like a drum. He basically knocked Liddell out with the first punch and then woke him up when his ground and pound blows.

I'd call that a beatdown.

If you watch the replays, Jackson threw that punch blind. It did connect, but it was lucky. Don't get me wrong, Liddell was out when he went down...but it wasn't like Rampage beat the crap out of him or something.

during the clemens interview, kay asked what effect he would have on the clubhouse. roger said he's met with alot of the young yankee players, and then referenced the effect he had on houstons younger players. he tried to think of some of the younger astros he spent time with and drew a blank on their names. it was pretty classic.

That's what you get with a hired gun or a mercenary...

JP: I've seen the replays. Rampage covers up from a Liddell left to the body, then a beat later counters with a right, when he sees an opening. Are you a Liddell fan? You gotta give Rampage his props. This is the second time he beat the Iceman. The first in 2003, it took him two rounds. Now it takes him less than one.

I'm a UFC fan. Liddell got beat...I just don't think it was anything more than a lucky punch that was the beginning of the end. I'm not saying that Rampage still wouldn't have beat him. That dude is tough.

I've watched a little UFC and don't personally care for it (despite the cage-match tailing line), but I know it's the hot stuff. I was a pretty big follower of boxing quite awhile ago (I don't remember when it started sucking), but the theme of this post was more to reflect my 80's teenage roots of Karate Kid combined with the recent ballyhooed fist-banging of Clemens, and see what everyone thought about skipping Tavarez. But hey, whatever jingles your jangles.

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