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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


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One has to wonder the timing of Steinbrenner's rant. What purpose did it serve? I mean, the Yankums had just taken 2 of 3 from the Sawks and had a little momentum. He quickly crushed it. The lunacy of it all is that he didn't say anything that people didn't already know.

We all knew that Cashman and Torre are on the hook for this year, that Donnie Baseball was being groomed to take Torre's place and that Giambi picked a peculiar time to speak up about steroids.

The one thing that Steiny should have done was taken his own advice and kept his mouth shut. He is the cause of this sudden turn of events in Yankum land....

It has nothing to do with George's rant or Torre's meetings. Right now, this team is AWFUL. Every single God forsaken evening I turn on the game and say tonight's the night it turns around. Then usually 1 and a half hours in Sleepy Torre shuffles out to the mound and summons Vizcaino, Villone, Myers, Proctor and Bruney one by one. I think Donnie should try and slip a firecracker into Joe's depends, at this point it can't hurt. I am 31, so I spent most of my childhood rooting for awful Yankee teams, but this is the worst kind of awful, talented awful.

I agree Trisk. Talented, and EXPENSIVE awful is the worst kind. At least the Pirates know what they're going to get from the guys on that team. Yankee fans went in thinking a thousand runs and destorying pitchers every day, but none of that has happened.
I can't explain it, but I'm in love with it for sure! I think the Philly version of Abreu has definitely arrived, and the rest of that team is just aging in front of everyone.
Think of it this way: what would the standings look like if not for A-Rod's off-the-planet start? There are some bright spots to look upon if you're a Yankee fan.
Hey, you have Clemens coming back!:P

"I think the Philly version of Abreu has definitely arrived,"

If only! You know, he was an excellent player when a Philly. Just look up the stats. Instead, he's playing like a Bobby Abreu we've never seen before.

I can't blame it on age....Look at the 40 plus guys from other teams that are doing just fine. We don't have any 40 plus everyday players. Cano is a baby what's his excuse? Matsui 31, his excuse? This team old or otherwise isn't hitting and pitching even worse. Bottom line, take talent and age out.

Are you guys really all that talented? I mean take position by position -

1b - Minclaohoaljvich - good glove, no stick; Phelps - good stick, no glove; Giambi - aging steroids user.
2b - Cano - immense talent, no desire to be anything but lazy.
ss - Jeter - Could play for my team any time...
3b - ARod - Could be the best we've ever seen if he wasn't so sensitive.
LF - Matsui - solidly mediocre.
CF - Damon - Body is breaking down like an Edsel. Cabrera - wouldn't start for many teams.
RF - Abreu - I don't know if he's lazy or has just lost about 5 steps in the OF.

P - Clemens - Turning 45 this year
P - Mussina - relies on guile, not stuff
P - Wang - Must keep sinker down to be effective...hasn't done so this year.
P - Pettitte - A solid #3 or 4 on any staff
P - Hughes - a superstar in the making, if he can stay healthy.

Your bullpen is a total mess...even Mo isn't a lock any more.

I don't think they're as talented as you think they are. $$$$ does not equal talent. It just equals $$$$.

3b - ARod - Could be the best we've ever seen if he wasn't so sensitive

_best I've ever seen, and that includes the sensitivity. I'll take him on my team in a New York minute, no pun intended.

I wouldn't welcome ARod to the Sawks...dude is not a winner. Where, exactly, has he won? They got better immediately in Seattle when he left, the team sucked in Texas and he hasn't gotten them over the hump in NY. Nope, give me the gritty, gutty guys that know how to work in the confines of a team before giving me someone like ol' purple lips.

Jp, I agree with you, but you're looking at the case with Red Sox blinders on. I think part of his problem in NY is the counetpart on the infield. Besides, where has the guy played that would allow him to sit behind a guy like David Ortiz? If you say Giambi or Sheffield, I'll be forced to laugh at you uncontrollably! :P
He's a great hitter, and I'm convinced that Boston, with a team that lets the guy be himself and not play in the shadows of lesser players, he'll be unbelievable. Plus, in Boston, he'd be playing with a chip on his shoulder of immense proportions. He'd do everything imaginable to get his status back from the lesser players that have taken it!:P

Nope, give me the gritty, gutty guys that know how to work in the confines of a team before giving me someone like ol' purple lips.

This is an absurd statement. Rodriguez was a member of two division-winning teams, and the 2004 Yankees squad probably should have gone to the Series but for one of the most bizarre and unpredictable accomplishments in baseball history. Last year their pitching failed them as well as their hitting. This "I like gritty guys over talented guys" is ridiculous. Give me talent any day of the week. Grittiness is always focused on when it succeeds, not when it fails and grittiness without talent fails most of the time, it's just that you don't pay attention to it.

More seriously, this was a humor thread. Why are we discussing serious baseball here?! ;-)

I am biased though, because outside of Beckett, he's one my favorite players. Well, minus how dirty he's gotten over the past two years on the basepaths.
There's no doubt to anyone here where my loyalty lies, but if you offered me ARod of Manny, I take it so fast your head spins. Period. I mean, I like the gritty players too, and ARod is the definition of such; playing hard, running hard, and caring about how he performs are all things he does with passion.
I think NY forces him to be who we're seeing right now, and as soon as he opts out (which he IS GOING TO DO), we'll see the old ARod round right back into form.


ARod FOR Manny...

And, I agree SF! Things are too good to be discussing how good ARod is going to be for the Angels in two months!

and, six years old is exactly the right time to begin the brainwashing!

I agree that he'd be better off hitting behind Papi and Manny...however, I don't think that he has the ability to play with a chip on his shoulder. There are players like Jeter who can get mad and perform better...then there's players like ARod who get pinned down by pressure and anger. I think the Yankees are finding out that April was the exception, not the rule.

Being engaged to a Yankees fan has given me a whole new perspective on this rivalry. For the first time in my life, I have actually watched the Yankees play someone other than the Sawks (thank you MLB Extra Innings) and can say that they aren't as good as everyone thinks they are. They have Jeter, Posada and a couple decent pitchers...that's about it.

I went to Seattle to watch them play and was really astounded on how slow and disinterested most of them looked. Cano may be the largest waste of talent I've ever seen. Yes, he hit .342 last year and he still might get it together this year, but the dude is lazy and has this sense of entitlement that I cannot stand. He half-assed it to balls that whole weekend. My fiancee named him "Gotta Go Cano" as in he always looked like he'd rather be somewhere else than on the field.

Six? Try two and a half. My son has a book "Fenway A to Z" which he now knows very well, able to identify the Green Monster, Wally, and the Citgo sign!

Though I don't consider it brainwashing, just good, solid parenting.

SF - I disagree. ARod would have been a horrible fit on that 2004 team. Position by position, the Sox weren't that good...but man, they made a great team. ARod may play hard and care, but he's not cut out to be "the man" like his contract would dictate no matter where he played.

And sorry to start a serious discussion on the humor thread...I didn't see anywhere else to put it. :)

JP, some of your evaluations are personal rather then fact based, don't let personal feelings get in the way of fact. Matsui isn't "solidly mediocre." His OB% alone puts him above the mediocre category. Anyway I am not going to dispute this with you.

Brad what's with the Regular_Brad moniker? I have been missing for awhile, but now that baseball is over for me, I will be here more often.

There are players like Jeter who can get mad and perform better

Huh? Where is there proof of this? Jeter is a great player. He also fails at key times. I see no evidence that Jeter plays better angry, I have no idea what this means.

No, actually quite the opposite Trisk...I have a new found respect for the pinstripes. I used to dismiss them just because I'm a Sox I actually watch them. Matsui's stats based on his contract make him solidly mediocre. I think for $13 million, you could find a better, more productive LF...although I will say that Matsui scares me in clutch situations.

OK, SF, maybe angry wasn't the right word. Maybe under pressure or in clutch situations was the right word(s). He is hitting .600 with 2 outs and RISP this year. Who else is doing that.

Like I said JP, not going to argue this point with you.

I feel the same way today as I did in January, this team is as talented (on paper) a Yankee team as I have seen since '98. Problem is they are all picking the wrong time to play poorly. The Doug M. thing is old, if they were all hitting like they should be the Yankees can afford one position that doesn't. It's emphasized more now because he is one of 5 guys not hitting.

Either way last place is last place, talented, expensive or otherwise. It sucks regardless.

Ok, so more seriously, do you think that The Boss will go after Helton??

For a while another Brad was showing up and writing crazy, insulting posts. I decided to just add the "regular" to my name to distinguish myself from his posts. I don't think he's coming around anymore.

I don't see it. They've already gone against their new "philosophy" of not hiring old, potentially dangerous pitchers for more money than most third world countries, so I can't see them adding another expensive guy to an already all-star laden lineup. Helton would not be a good fit there. I'm sure he would hit as he always has, and I'm sure that he will play great defense, but I hardly think that another big name is what the Yankees need. If they're going to trade parts for someone, they should make sure that someone is young and only plays every five days.
My guess is that Helton may end up with the Angels, or maybe Boston (please no, don't mess with the chemistry now), but not NY.

As a disclaimer though, I have been wrong before when it comes overestimating the Yankee front office and the intelligence within.:)

JP, Nick Cafardo in the Globe said he "might be wrong," but that he doesn't think Helton would approve a trade to the Yankees.

Stein's putting the onus on Cashman is odd. Losing Cashman would be far worse for the Yankees than losing Torre.

I agree that the Sox do not need Helton. Youk is doing a fantabulous job at 1st. Love that guy.

If Helton is smart, he'll stay in Colorado where he's three thousand miles away from the sinking ship. If he were to go away from the Rockies, and end up in NY, he'll most likely be another one of the guys everyone is complaining about "holding this team back"...even if he hits, if they aren't pitching, and the Yanks still end up losing, he'll be part of the blame from the fans....
Like I said, if they don't get starting pitching that can consistently do well, and I know it's a hard thing to get, they should just try to part with the already overpriced mediocre performers on the roster now. Not add them.
I'm sure the Yanks have the parts for a Zambrano or Ervin Santana...that's who they should concentrate on....not a hitter.

But again, here's to hoping they do get Helton! I'd love to have him in Boston, but he's a better fit there and is more complimentary than necessary...that's not the case in NY.

I agree, JP. But, if the Red Sox are resigned to the fact that Lowell isn't getting what he wants at the end of the year, and I'm not saying they are, then now is the time to move Youk back to third (where he is good as well), and figure out what's going to happen from there....
I'd much rather know that our ENTIRE infield is locked up for the next three years (less Tek), than to wonder what will happen at the end of the year.
I'd assume that Helton is available at the end of the year as well, but after that, what third base options are there outside of ARod at the end of this year?
The Red Sox FO have been very good at not getting stuck in bad contracts (less Clement), so I can't see them just not deciding on what to do with Lowell far in advance of that time coming..
Helton may be the fit...he is afterall just as highly regarded as a teammate as Lowell is.
Messing with the team is bad news in the short term, and I mean a few weeks, but it also is good in the long term.
His money is a concern though.

Also Youk = best three bag in the the AL.

Youk's glove is more suited for 1b, don't you think?

He plays a pretty good 5bag as well, jp. He's not the picker that Lowell is, but hardly anyone is. He's every bit as good defensively as the other AL third basemen.
I don't's a toss up, but as long as Youk is on the field, I'm happy!

One can only think what might have happened had we had more Youk and less Millar down the stretch in 2005.

Texiera is a free agent after this year right?

Putting him at first and shifting Youk would be amazing...

Teixeira isn't worth 2/3 of what he's going to get. Last year he was actually better away from Arlington then at home...but over his career, his OPS is just .842 on the road, .935 in Texas. Incredibly overrated, and unless the Angels manage to sign A-Rod, I'd be shocked if they didn't go all out. And considering what they gave GMJ, I don't think it'd be worth matching their bid.

Oh...and the Yanks might have a slight interest in him as well. So there's that. $17-20MM per year for 7-10 years? No thanks. Would much rather leave Youk where he's at his best and resign Lowell for 2-3 more years (assuming he holds up a little better this season then he did last year).

SF & other brainwashers - Just a warning to be a little careful. My six year old son has had every Red Sox book and t-shirt since he was born - he grew up to be a baseball FANATIC, tivo's games to watch over and over, got bumped up to coach-pitch from t-ball and drags me out to practice fielding or batting every day. And he cheers for the Yankees, just to harrass me. I feel like a failed parent....

Thanks, RBF. I assume my son will be an independent spirit (he already is, to an extent). I have no control over who he will end up rooting for, nor do I want to be the type of father who would do that to his kid. I figure I've got decent odds that if he shuns the Sox (a probable result, after all we do live in NYC, I am not delusional) he'll attach himself to the Mets. We'll see.

For the moment, though, I am mildly hopeful that Isaac, who loves his Gramma and Grampa (and who are Sox diehards), follows their lead. My Grandfather took me to my first game and part of my love for the Sox actually came from him first, my parents second. It would be good to not be the one who has to direct him, and instead give that over to some external forces...

> My Grandfather took me to my first game and part of my love for the Sox actually came from him first

Well, that's just great; first my dog swallows a sock necessitating a trip to the vet, and now I find out my son is going to be a Tigers fan. I should have eaten the damn sock first; I wouldn't have needed ipecac.

No, the sock wasn't red, but that would have been funny.

first my dog swallows a sock necessitating a trip to the vet

Let me guess: your dog is named "Pavano"?

Yeah, you ring a bell, he drools, then slips in the puddle making him unavailable for walks for 4-6 weeks.

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