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Thursday, April 26, 2007


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I say it's time to break out the lie detector tests!

file it under who's not like he was accused of using an illegal substance [either kind: ingested or rubbed on the ball]...the injury was real even if the blood wasn't...i'm no schilling fan, but i have to tip my cap to him on that pitching performance...but methinks the sox are protesting this one a little too much, and theo's "denial" was a little's all funny though, thanks for the chuckle sf...

I was just proud of my multi-layered, punny, and clever thread title...

(where have you been, dc?! welcome back!)

thanks just proved sf's do have a sense of humor ;-) ...i've been having technical difficulties posting for the past week or so...every time i tried, i'd get a blank screen, then time out...frustrating, and i missed all the "fun" of the sox/yanks series even though i was able to read the yfvsf threads...congrats by the way...we'll get ya next time [i hope]...

We should know better than to trust Gary Thorne. He did call NHL games.

Very Funny Website. Home of Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald. A Redsox Fan

I think the HOF needs to do some DNA tests on that baby.

DC: sorry about your problems--send us an email if continues to be a problem--and thanks for sticking with us. we do actually have a big change in the works that should remedy the problem. we're working on it....

But seriously, I could see some RS folks saying that to mess with the Schiller.

Schilling has offered, I think it was on his blog in one of the Q&As, to allow the sock be tested. If the HOF is willing, I think they should do it -- preferably during the offseason. Why not? It will give MLB some offseason headlines, it will add to baseball lore, and it will probably increase at least marginally the HOF's ticket sales. Make it a big event. Presumably if Schilling's willing to do it, there's no way it would come back negative.

As to Thorne, he's clearly in the wrong on some level -- either Mirabelli said it and was joking, and Thorne took it the wrong way (dummy). Or Mirabelli was telling the truth off the record, and Thorne published it (unethical). Or he made it up out of whole cloth (lying POS).

At any rate, anyone who uses the word "stocking" and then says "confessed up to it" is clearly drinking on the job.

I agree with dc. Fact is that Schil pitched that game with his f'n tendon SUTURED TO HIS ANKLE BONE. Whether he bloody socked it or not, he F'N BLOODY SOCKED IT...

End of story. I've always thought that Thorne is a bland announcer that does very little to add to any game he telecasts.

Thorne is a moron. Did anyone else hear him state that Schilling was a "ground-ball pitcher" last night (he was quickly corrected)? I think it was during the 5th or 6th. I'm willing to bet any bandwagon pink hat BU freshman from Topeka would have known better.

'Course, Belli is a huge dick too, after calling out A-Rod for "showboating" when all he did was look around for a few seconds to see where the ball went. This, after Manny does his annual "heh, yep, there it goes. Look at that."

Why can't baseball be full of genuinely nice people like Papi and Alex?

as a guy who has spent a lot of time on baseball teams, for the most part, they're nearly all asses of some kind!

Best line in the article -

Francona, who enjoys using Mirabelli as a foil, said: "What are you doing? Can you just play every five days and not talk?"

"I couldn't give two [expletives] about what was on his sock, I care that we won the game..."

" Blood or ink, it was a win. I mean, it was one of the single greatest performances I've ever been around."

These 2 quotes strike me as odd - they seem to leave open the possibility that the sock was "doctored"

No one doubts that it was a serious injury, and his performance was a remarkable and admirable effort. I still believe, however, that given what we all know about "media hound" Curt, it's possible that, sensing the sensation and legend it would create, Schilling doctored the sock. It seems reasonable that with the repeated stress the action of pitching put on the sutures, the bleeding would have continued throughout the game, and the spot would have spread - it didn't...

*ducks down under the desk*

I think Theo's point - and you left out the beginning of the quote - is that he is in the business of winning games, not creating crazy marketing fantastic stories a la "Jerry Springer." Or something. He's basically saying "why the f*ck would I or anyone else waste their time on painting a sock - we were here to win the game."

"it's possible that, sensing the sensation and legend it would create, Schilling doctored the sock"

That line of thinking assumes Curt KNEW he'd win the game. Or maybe he doctored the sock in case he sucked, so he could say "but my ankle was bleeding," but then he turned out a masterful performance and was forced to give over a ketchupy sock to the HOF? But maybe after the game he cut himself and dripped blood on the other sock, in order to trick the chemical tests that would come once the truth got out.

This is retahded.

should read "not creating crazy marketing stories"

I live in Manhattan and I saw Schilling walking out of an Art Store in midtown on the morning before game 6. I couldnt see what he was buying since it was in a small plastic bag. Coincidence? Perhaps. I know his kids are budding artists...

no doubt this all goes back to laura vecsey's article in the Baltimore Sun in 04'. thorne was unlistenable last nite. another beauty he belched out last nite...."drew is slow of foot due to all his past injuries." that wrist injury is gonna slow jd down. but what can you expect from the hotbed of journalism known as the Bangor Daily News? what a prick.

a little trip down memory lane.....

Yes, Schill is a media whore and full of himself.
But, he also has WAY too much respect for the game and its history to doctor the sock.

Ordway (I think) on WEEI reporting now that Thorne had been scheduled to meet with the media today and now won't talk.

As the day has progressed, I'm now of the opinion that either Thorne got duped and now realizes it or that he just made the whole thing up.

Also, if it is true, why are we just hearing about it now and why are we hearing it from Gary Thorne of all people?

"That line of thinking assumes Curt KNEW he'd win the game...."

No, it doesn't. Win or lose, the bloody sock enhances Schilling's image, no?

I'm not really even saying I believe he did it - only that given the player, the doctored sock is entirely possible.

"why are we just hearing about it now"

There has been rampant speculation on this issue since '04.

Anyone who believes that the sock was painted on is frankly a moron. If I were Theo or 'Belli, I would have just said, "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

at first whiff i thought this reeked of millar. but he says he had nothing to do with it. in fact, kevin said he took a shower with curt after the game and the ankle was still bloody.

tito will be on the dan patrick show in about 15 minutes.

Look, the issue with this story is that Thorne said Mirabelli told him something, and Mirabelli flatly denied that he ever said anything like that, and vehemently so. Thorne has no corroboration that Mirabelli ever told him this, so all he's done is successfully start a controversy over a he said/she said thing. Thorne should know better. What if Don Orsillo came out and said "Jorge Posada told me that Mariano Rivera once f*cked a turtle", and Posada went nuts, saying that he NEVER told Orsillo that, and that it was a lie. Would we be discussing the veracity of Mariano's supposed turtle-f*cking because Orsillo made some sort of claim that couldn't be corroborated? No, because Orsillo's comment would correctly be called irresponsible and without grounds for corroboration, and also because there's never been evidence of turtle-f*cking on the part of Rivera (just like there's no credible witness to any sock-doctoring other than Mirabelli, supposedly, who denies it flatly).

Thorne said something stupid, and that's that. And personally I have no emotional stake in whether the sock had blood on it or not. I simply don't care about the sock.

As an aside, isn't it possible that the stain is a mixture of blood and iodine?

"Anyone who believes that the sock was painted on is frankly a moron"

Explain why?

"Jorge Posada told me that Mariano Rivera once f*cked a turtle"

The difference here is that the turtle didn't get defiled in front of a world wide TV audience.

It could also be marcaine, which I believe was used to numb his ankle...

Oh, and Wil Nieves told me that Jeter and ARod had a sleepover last night and that ARod forgot his barbie doll in Jeter's bathtub.

SF, the turtle-f*cking analogy doesn't work for me because there has never been any suspicion that Mo f*cks turtles. That's is 100% Kyle Farnsworth territory. For instance, we never have seen a turtle wander in curious zig zags when Mo's around.

But really the analogy doesn't work for me because there never has been suspicion surrounding Mo and turles whereas therew has been regarding Schilling and the bloody sock. I don't care about this story's veracity really. The Sox still won the world series. The Yanks still collapsed.

"isn't it possible that the stain is a mixture of blood and iodine?"

Yes. It's possible the stain could be any number of things. So why hasn't Schilling or one of the doctors said something to that effect? If they had, that would be the end of it. (Edes was just interviewed on xm, and said he talked to the one of the doctors; don't use the patient's privacy angle)

IMO it's not really in Schill's best interest for him to quash the rumor; either way, each time it comes up, he relives his "15 minutes"...

"No, it doesn't. Win or lose, the bloody sock enhances Schilling's image, no?"

Honestly Andrews, do you think we'd still be talking about "the Bloody Sock" if he lost?

Man, sour grapes sure do make for a fine whine.

suspicion begotten of sour grapes means there's credibility to an accusation now? wow. all i see here is that there are many fans of opposing teams who want desperately to believe what happened in 2004 not to have been "real," even in some small way.

here are some other good points by a deadspin commenter:

"It's very conceivable that the O's announcers said something ignorant about the Red Sox since within a 10 minute span of making that remark they also said the following things:

A) JD Drew is plodding on the basepaths
B) The Red Sox won the WS for the first time in 87 years
C) Jon Lester is recovering from Leukemia
D) Jason Varitek worked with Walter Hrniak early in his career (Hrniak left the Sox Eight Years before JV's arrival).

here's a news flash: they don't take baseball as seriously as we do in other cities.


//"Jorge Posada told me that Mariano Rivera once f*cked a turtle"//

this has got to be the best line ever to appear on this blog.

But really the analogy doesn't work for me because there never has been suspicion surrounding Mo and turles whereas therew has been regarding Schilling and the bloody sock.

And where is there any substantial evidence from first-hand sources that Schill "painted" his sock?! This is the point: someone said it, but couldn't prove it. Now there's suspicion. But there's still NO evidence. They could test the sock, as has been stated, but Schill has said "go ahead", so he's clearly not too scared of being exposed as a fraud. This must be worth something, considering that he's quite image conscious.

So no, there's never been any serious evidence that Mo f*cks turtles. But there's never been any serious evidence of Curt painting the sock, either. Other than Mirabelli's comment, which was flatly denied as EVER BEING SAID in the first place. There's been plenty of "suspicion", but what does that mean, exactly?

I have suspicion that Joe Torre's face is no longer made of flesh, but has in fact been replaced by some sort of clay/leather amalgamation.

So now I, myself, have established real "suspicion" that Joe Torre doesn't have a real face, and is, in fact, artificially enhanced. But what's that suspicion worth, exactly? What are my sources?

The "suspicion" game can go just about anywhere -- as long as someone is willing to reprint the suspicions then "evidence" is not needed. It's a very slippery slope.

Obviously, if Mariano came out and said "I do not f*ck turtles" he could put an end to all of this rampant suspicion.

But of course, then the question will become "When did Mariano STOP f*cking turtles?"

Wait, Mariano Rivera F*CKS TURTLES??!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

Someone tell Gary Thorne!

i love the direction this thread has taken. :-)

So what if Mariano F*CKS TURTLES? I mean who doesn't?

Am I right guys?



~looks for the door~

The line from GQ that started it all:

"“The Diamondbacks people think he definitely doctored that sock,” says the sportswriter. The ex-teammate laughs: “All around baseball, people questioned that. It was funny how the stain didn’t spread.”"

In other words...someone makes a joke about how they wouldn't be surprised if Schilling doctored the sock, a bunch of guys laugh because it seems like something he might do, and GQ reports it as an actual accusation. And then it snowballs. And if the "Diamondbacks people" really thought he doctored it, then why didn't this anonymous sportswriter put together a story himself? Would have gotten him a lot of attention right?

Oh's probably a load of sh*t, where he overheard one conversation and then exaggerated to the GQ guys writing the article, who in turn questioned the ex-player, who laughed about it and repeated what the original sportswriter had heard. Blah.

And f*ck GQ anyway, who the hell reads a mens' fashion magazine for its sports' coverage? That's like picking up an issue of Teen Magazine for its coverage of the War in Iraq.

PS: Got a source deep inside the Yankee organization who says one of the turtles is threatening a lawsuit. Apparently Mo doesn't take no for an answer...

d1 thats low, saying Mo F*cks turtles is one thing but saying he rapes them, you've crossed the line.

It's not rape if you want it, sam.

Who wouldn't want god to rape them? Could Mary sue god? Wouldn't god just say "I made you, I made your wants, and you wanted it. Suck it up."

These analogies might be getting a little out of hand.


Thorne backs off:

"He said one thing, and I heard something else. I reported what I heard and what I honestly felt was said," Thorne said. "Having talked with him today, there's no doubt in my mind that's not what he said, that's not what he meant. He explained that it was in the context of the sarcasm and the jabbing that goes on in the clubhouse.

"I took it as something serious, and it wasn't," Thorne said.

And Mirabelli quotes the conversation verbatim.

"As he was walking away he asked, 'How about the bloody sock?' I said, 'Yeah, we got a lot of publicity out of that, and that was all he can recall me saying," Mirabelli said. "He said he assumed what I meant was that the sock was fake and that it was just a publicity stunt. That by no means is what I meant. There was never a doubt in mind there was blood on the sock."

So, basically, Mirabelli said, "That sock gave us a lot of publicity," from which Thorne derived: "Curt painted the sock red."

Sure. Makes total sense. Thanks, Gary. Ass.

Wil said that Sal said that Jorge said that Mo said that it was a Painted Turtle, so Curt totally hit that too.

It's true; you can check retrosheet for the box turtle score.

"Honestly Andrews, do you think we'd still be talking about "the Bloody Sock" if he lost?"

Maybe not, but people would probably still be talking about how "ultimate team player" Schilling really gave his all for the team in '04.

"Man, sour grapes sure do make for a fine whine."

Nice. Ever hear what happens when you ass- ume? There are no sour grapes as far as I'm concerned - you won, fair and square, because you had the better team that year.
I respect Curt Schilling the pitcher a great deal - as a person I find him insufferable, one who would be perfectly capable of seizing a unique opportunity to enhance his reputation by manipulating an article of clothing.

Fire away all the insults you want - they won't change the fact that there will always be some element of doubt in my mind about this situation, given Schilling's reputation.

Hey Andrews, my apologies. Name calling wasn't my intention, I just think speculation that Curt is a lying media whore is retahded.

Media whore, yes. Liar, doubtful.

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