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Monday, April 09, 2007


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great pictures and story :) Thanks for sharing you lucky bastard :p

no question one of the top posts in the history of the blog. fascinating how much more focus was given to matsuzaka even then meche in the local papers.

a post to bookmark, and a great way to end it.

great post, Paul.

It's awesome that we have Daisuke's 1st pitch here for posterity. Great job.

Beautiful stuff, Paul. A great story.

Are Sox fans on vacation today :p

Paul: tremendous stuff. Worth the wait. If we had a budget, we'd make you our beat writer.

Well done, Paul, but I must say, you seem to have what appears to be quite a man-crush on matsuzaka...


Great stuff Paul, you lucky bastard.

In other news, Papelbon is just filthy, last night was a thing of beauty.

Thanks for the kind words, all. It was a blast to witness. I'm just glad it was a win. Writing something this long totally would have sucked otherwise...

Thanks for the words and pictures, Paul. Especially love the shots of the Matsuzaka-crazed fans.

Very well written, Paul.

Lucky bastahd is right. Thanks for the write-up. Well done.

Lucky bastahd is right. Thanks for the write-up. Well done.

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