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Sunday, April 22, 2007


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Coco is out with a "tight oblique". The guy finally seems to get going and then this.


not sure why coco is sitting today. figured tito would let a guy get hot.

see above comment, sf rod.

thanks for the answer SF.

Irritating to say the least...but I have the strange feeling that WMP is going to enjoy his game against the rookie LHP.

Or, strike out twice and ground into a double-play.

Didn't this game used to have a 7:05 start? Did MLB let ESPN move it? Yesterday was a national blackout, including on Today I hurried home to find no game. Impeach Bud Selig, the $14 million man.

Yankee fans would obviously feel better if we didn't have a AA pitcher on the mound tonight, and we'd feel better if we had Jorgie calling the game and the only Yankee who's faced Dice-K in right field. Not to mention our catcher's 0 for 24 career record.

uh Beckett was 2-2 last year as the Sox "ace" Where does the 4 of 6 come from? Marlins?

i dont think any sunday games have 7 05 starts its either 8pm ESPN or afternoon game. cause espn has exclusivity on Sunday nights.

2-2 with sox 1-0 in 03 World Series and 1-0 this year

Check that 1-1 in 2003 Series so it would be 4-3 now

John, making excuses already.

I think if Boston loses tonite the series is a failure. I dont care that they would have taken 2 of 3. This is why we got Matsuzaka to beat the Yankees.

haha i conveniently forgot about yesterdays game! thnx

Sox fans are going to say 4 wins in 6 games. Yankee fans are going to say we are very happy with the high era over the last 4 games we've faced Beckett. Plus let's get Damon, Matsui and Jorgie back in the lineup. Nieves has been worse than a pitcher so far.

SF, being the gracious host already.

Any series where the Sox take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees has GOT to be considered a success, no matter who pitches.

OK say matsuzaka walks off in the first inning with an injury (not that im wishing this, just a hypothetical) and the yankees go on to win. Are there any comments from SFs about the reason the sox didnt sweep, win, etc is due to the injury?

It feels good to be back - I missed the first game entirely, only able to check the scores intermittently via Blackberry in an area with weak service. Yesterday, I had DirecTV installed following a six hour ordeal involving chopped-down trees and an installer who spoke very halting English. He finally got the service working as Papelbon took the mound. But, my DSL line was not functional so blogging was an impossibility. Seems like the debate here has been pretty solid, and I do relish the fact that Yankees fans are just "explaining" why they are losing or why they should be considered underdogs, but we Sox fans are always "making excuses" when we point out painful facts about our team. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, I guess. Or it's all about the messenger.

Tonight should be fun, but as this week has shown (Halladay vs. a weaker Sox lineup ends in a Sox victory, Schill gets tagged but the Sox emerge victorious after beating up on Mariano Rivera) the paper advantage doesn't always hold. We love the Sox' chances tonight, but at this point none of us should be surprised about any result.

And, how exciting does A-Rod make the game now, just by his presence? I for one am happy to see him raking - I've always been a pretty fierce defender of him on this site (I think I told John in the pre-season I'd trade Papi for him, at least in theory). Though tonight he can go 0-4, as far as I am concerned. Don't love him that much.

Ok.. Coco is an ominous sign. He finally was hot.

Now I'm nervous. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Are there any comments from SFs about the reason the sox didnt sweep, win, etc is due to the injury?

Sure, why shouldn't there be speculations about "what ifs"? There's a fine line between excuse-making and theorizing, I suppose. Maybe it's like the pornography thing, you know it when you see it?

Now I would agree with you SF but I dont think everyone knows it when they see it...

SF, here's the difference: my comments were about the game and were not derogatory. Yours was personal and negative. This is the point at which your friend YF says, "Bite me."

Bite me!

this didnt sound like an excuse to me....

Yankee fans would obviously feel better if we didn't have a AA pitcher on the mound tonight, and we'd feel better if we had Jorgie calling the game and the only Yankee who's faced Dice-K in right field. Not to mention our catcher's 0 for 24 career record.

No, he says it to you.

You two getting into some wierd "porno" bighting thing?

Bite me!

That would be biting

Jeez, now who has thin skin? Relax, YF's...hehe.

Oh God.. not Joe Morgan.

I knew it was coming, but it still doesnt lessen the blow

John: nothing meant personally. I was responding to the line of debate here where everyone takes a simple expression of "what if" and turns it into "excuse making". Too subtle, I suppose.

why is josh phelps even on the yankees? what else does Minky have to do to not get a start, never hit? oh wait he has that covered...

A-Rod is absolutely on fire right now, and as a pure baseball fan, it's amazing to see. As a Sox fan though, I wonder just when someone is going to plunk him, or at least back him off the plate.

The same goes for Barry Bonds- why in the world doesn't someone throw at his knees??

I'm not calling for a beanball war, but it offends my sensibilities to see batters so comfortable in the batters box. I can only imagine what pitchers from the 60s are thinking.

I don't get the "back A-Rod off the plate" or "throw at Ortiz" thing. If it was that easy, wouldn't it have happened? I don't understand why people think a purpose pitch can basically nullify great players.

ESPN gun giving Dice 95. Pretty high.

agreed, its more likely to just make them angry which cant be a good thing.

You know, Crisp did almost catch that.

"ESPN gun giving Dice 95. Pretty high."

Not the first time. He's typically been in the 93-95 range; that was what I heard about him before he came over. Let's see what they give Wright next inning.

Crisp said it touched the top of his glove, John.

Beautiful changeup on 1-1.

I don't think a purpose pitch nullifies a great player, but I think it does help keep a batter from sitting on a pitch. As Moonlight Graham said "the next one is either low and away, or in my ear"

Ump apparently not giving the "six inches off the plate" strike.

Up to 96. Dice painting the corners.

Let's see what the gun gives Wright.

Umpires don't give him anything, ever...

The question is, what if you layoff the changeup? Is it a strike? I haven't watched any of his starts.

Alex vs Dice 1:

HBP on pitch 1. Hight, tight fball.


That is all Tavarez' fault



That didn't look on purpose...f*ck. How the hell does Joe Morgan know what Tavarez is telling him, or that it has ANYTHING to do with A-Rod? God dammit I hate this guy.

There you go...

See, I just don't see how that can possibly affect A-Rod.

Interesting that DiceK tipped his cap after beaning A-rod. Thats some Japanese baseball etiquite.

Well he looks like shit. Great.


Here we go....

Giambi gapper to right plates 2! Take that!

Familiar start to this one, no?

2-0! THAT is why hitting a batter ia not a good idea.


Ok.. Vomit bag time

D1- Dice doesn't look that bad. He walked a guy, "accidentally" hit another one, and Giambi had a great at-bat against him. On the other hand, he's up in the mid-90s and throwing different pitches for strikes.

Cano grounder strands Giambi.

Can't see Dice intentionally hitting A-Rod, but you know he's worried about him. If I'm Dice, I'm worried about one of my sinking offspeed pitches getting parked. Alex has been all over that pitch thus far this season. Makes sense to get him thinking high in before going down there. Didn't work that time, tho.

"Familiar start to this one, no?"

Hopefully. The last two games didn't exactly go your way, now did they?

Uuh will jon miller please stop talking in Japanese

Ok.. one bad inning. If he has another one, I'm gonan take a shower. I took a quick shower (I was gettign complaints... covered in rust and sawdust) after the bottom of the second LAST night and it worked...

Giambi also hit a pitch that was pretty far outside - gotta give Jason some credit there for that as well, taking what was given him.

OK Giambi hit a changeup that stayed up near the belt. Good job taking it opposite field, but that was a bad pitch.

"If you're left-handed and you have good stuff, you can win."

Joe Morgan, folks.

Lugo draws the walk, nice start

Neither pitcher getting the corners much here. Spells big trouble for Wright. He doesn't have the stuff/experience to deal with getting squeezed.

That was me...maybe it was a good pitch, I didn't think so but I also didn't really get a good look at it.

Whatever...good job by Lugo taking the walk.

Wright is excrutiating to watch with runners on...

4 throws to first already- get ready for a loooong night

Wright is a slow worker. So is Dice. This is going to take forever.

i blame that SB on posada.

Wow, nice barehanded snare on a serious rope into the crowd by Youk.

May want to sign that guy

Excellent at-bat by Youkilis there. 10 pitches, works the walk. Come on, Papi!

No catcher had any chance at nailing Lugo on that one. For all those pickoff throws, he did a pretty lousy job holding him on.

That, or Lugo just had a really good read on him.

Wright is working himself into a possibly huge problem

Papi looks a bit like Mo Vaughn with that #42 on his back.

Morgan says left handers take longer to go to the plate. Does this make any sense?

The over-third cam shows Wright's move is really easy to pick up. His step has no deception when going home, or to first. I am guessing Lugo figured it out.

Ortiz just misses one. Dang.

Papi misses a TERRIBLE f*cking pitch.

Throw that one to Manny. Dare you.

Papi swung at the wrong pitch

Matsuzaka's lack class and sportsmanship. He hit Arod in his first pitch. What a Joke.. I hope and expect Chase Wright do the same. hit Big papi as well. doesn't make any sense to listen to what joe morgan says.

Morgan says left handers take longer to go to the plate. Does this make any sense?

Yes, don't you know about the special "lefty rubber" that is located 9" behind the regular rubber? This added distance makes the travel time slightly longer to home.

What game are you wathing Ty? That had no appearance of intent

Manny misses another meatball, just like Papi. Manny really struggling - that ball should have been punched hard the other way, really a fat pitch.

Another bad pitch. Ugh. He's not long for the game if he keeps throwing these meaty fastballs.

Posada's who's not even playing tonight.

Hopefully we are not going to screw this up and not score anything.

Can't believe Boston's this close to letting him off the hook. He doesn't look all. And I don't think I'm being a homer in saying so.

Thanks SF. Thank God we have Joe Morgan to point out these hidden mysteries to us.

ty- my point exactly. if he cared he'd be there.

Is it really still the first inning?! Sloooow.

And now the rook cockily swaggers off the mound...on Ball 3.


the kid stays in the picture!

And then he does it on strike 3, correctly. Drew's at-bat useful only for the 6 pitches he saw. Not a good plate appearance at all.

Wow. Ortiz, Manny, and Drew should be ashamed of themselves.


Why was Ortiz wearing #42? What he gets his own special Jackie Robinson Day?

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