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Saturday, March 24, 2007


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please please please let hughes start opening day. he's ready. if i were a yf, i would be calling WFAN right now demanding it. if not hughes, pavano would be my second choice.

I might be willing to pay money to hear the reception Pavano would get if he pitched opening day.

I'm not going to laugh, or even snicker or guffaw, but I gotta admit that even the thought is pretty bleepin' funny.

This is exactly why I think it's silly to constantly play the "this team has question marks" card, as has been done with too much frequency this spring to the Red Sox, and why I have avoided it, for the most part, with regards to the Yankees. The simple fact is that the Yankees have always been as much, if not more, vulnerable to the disarray that injury might cause, for the simple fact that their rotation, the starting point for all good teams, was incredibly vulnerable to chaos.

Someone tell the Hendricks boys to expect a call, and to make sure they've got an idea of the new (and quickly escalating double-digit) number at the front of Roger's six zeroes.

Continuing my comment above, in the end, though, this is only a few weeks in April, and if the Yankees crumble just because Wang is hurt then the team is in far deeper trouble than anyone is willing to admit currently. The doomsayers who are praying for a .500 April are the same ones who have been thumping their chests all this time, so an injury that forces Wang out of the rotation for a few starts shouldn't be anything close to dangerous, if we are to believe the hype surrounding a supposedly championship caliber squad.

All this injury does is put pressure on the offense: the Yankees will win plenty of games by scoring 6, 7 runs. So this is a storm their offense can help weather, and anyone who says the sky is falling is either uncommitted to the team as currently put together or is just setting up a scenario by which they can praise the Yankees for "gutting it out", mythologizing a team that hardly deserves it, and by heaping undue underdog status on a team that is, by most measures, an offensive juggernaut.

Wow. Well said.

...thanks for asking over on one of the other threads sf...i was in new hampshire for the week visiting my son and his wife...nice week...i always hate to leave...had access to a desktop, but didn't get time to participate in the discussions...anyway, i agree with you [again] that pushing the wang panic button is silly this early in the season...and you're right, the yanks have big question marks so the folks wringing their hands over the sox aren't looking at things with both eyes open...we have to let the season play's injury won't be the last for either of our teams...a wise man [me] said many months ago right here that it's not a team's opening day lineup that matters, it's their ability to adjust to baseball's setbacks [injuries, ill-fitting personnel, and slumps] that make the difference over the long haul...i still believe that...

Thank God someone else is calling this kid out on his "house of cards" quote..that puke also said the sox camp was "chaos" and also that francona "swore" Paps would never close again..Show us that quote "Petey"...prove it!!

Buffalohead,'ve gotta chill out, man! If you react that badly to a Yanks beat writer's blog blurb, what are you going to say the next time Mr. Shaughnessy offers up some of his trademark BS?

Speaking of chilling out, there were some pretty hilarious comments over at PeteAbe's blog in response to his Pavano-as-Opening-Day-starter. One would think the world has ended.

I just know that if I had ponied up a ton of money to see the Yankees on opening day but now I have to sit through that quitter Pavano pitching... Man, I'd be pissed.

I'm going to the next day game...may get to see Andy now. Yay!

First the Red Sox solve one of the greatest weaknesses by moving Papelbon back to closer, strengthening the Yankees' primary rival.

Then Wang pulls his hamstring and is out until late April.

Now, Carl "my butt hurts" Pavano is the Yankees' opening day starter.

Not an auspicious start to the Yanks 2007 season.

Well, at least now the Rays don't have an excuse to lose their opener.

SF, you think the Yankees were going to be significantly over .500 in April? You think that was guaranteed? One look at their schedule and, yes, they play Tampa five (three games plus a weird two-game set) times, and Baltimore, but they play such offensive juggernauts as Toronto and Boston and Cleveland. Without their ace in Wang, the Yankees have to start Pavano that many times in replacement. If Wang is out for six starts, that's six extra starts Pavano or Igawa get to make in replacement, and honestly it's not unreasonable to think Wang is two probable wins better than those guys.

April is time to shake off the rust, and predicting .500 for the Yanks isn't dooming them to third place, it's setting a realistic expectation on a team that just lost its best pitcher. I'm sorry if you think I should only be happy with the Yankees going 19-6, but if that were the case then I would've told the 2004 and 2005 Yankees to forget it, pack it up, go home, the season's not worth playing anymore because they had such a horrible April.

Am I going to praise the Yankees for doing better than .500 in a month without their ace pitcher? Of course I am, because they'd be worthy of it. I dunno where you're coming from with these silly predictions, and telling Yankee fans they shouldn't praise the team when they meet them. I thought that what you Sox fans hated about us Yankee fans, that we can't take pleasure in our team's success. You can't have it both ways, SF.

" the Yanks' pitching staff is, well, doing a pretty good impersonation of a house of cards."

Name one pitching staff that isn't a potential house of cards? Goes with the territory.

This unfortunate injury gives Pavano a chance to win over some supporters and that could be the positive that comes from this. Say what you want about his drive, injuries, etc this guy knows how to pitch. It also will give Karstens a chance to show what he can do at the ML level and if this hot spring is for real. Anyway if Sox and Devil Ray (LOL)fans want to get all giddy over this go ahead, I for one wouldn't count them out just yet. Remember we have been through worse and still stayed the course.

"Someone tell the Hendricks boys to expect a call,"

The number's been busy since the announcement about paple....

Anyway if Sox and Devil Ray (LOL)fans want to get all giddy over this go ahead, I for one wouldn't count them out just yet. Remember we have been through worse and still stayed the course.

Trisk: just the opposite. Anyone who counts the Yankees out because Wang is going to miss four or five starts is an idiot. This is my point. All the doom and gloom about hoping to crack .500 in April is crazy to me. The Yankees have such a potent offense that their staff is (and always has been) of less importance to their regular season success: there is enough weak pitching around the league that they should feast on most teams' 3/4/5 starters, regardless of who they throw out on the mound. The Wang injury is a blow, of course, but all it does is put a little more pressure on the offense in the games he otherwise would have started. I am catching some grief here because I think the Yankees can overcome such an injury and refuse to underestimate them, which is amazing. Some people are never happy...

SF I wasn't addressing you at all buddy.

I understand - I am just taking the stance that you are: counting the Yankees out because Wang tweaked his hammy in March is foolish.

"Irony: a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects"

There is no irony in the Yankee pitching staff having injury problems after a Yankee beat reporter says the Sox offense is "a house of cards."

The Sox offense is now NOT a house of cards because Wang and Pettite are having injuries? How, exactly?

John--I believe the irony there comes from the implication that the Yankees had no house of cards situations.

Personally, I've never put much stock in textbook definitions of irony anyway. I know it when I see it, and Wang and Karstens going down with injuries, with Abraham reporting that Mr. Injury man himself, Pavano, is likely to start opening day? Well, after he called the Sox offense a house of cards, I'd say the ferric content of the situation is quite high.

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