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Thursday, February 01, 2007


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Here's an advertising 101 question:

In 20 years, which commercial will you remember?

Let's just say that I still have Herb Abrams and "Silver Lake Dodge" stuck in my head, from the days of Bruins and Sox broadcasting youth. The person who dreamt up that Papelbon ad is a genius. The one who did Dice-K is just a slickster with knowledge of an AVID machine.

How very Boomeresque. Is beer the secret ingredient of the Gyroball?

I absolutely love how they lead you to think that he crushed all 16 ounces in one chug.

I want to be like DM when I grow up. And drink that beer. Or something.

Best part of the Daisuke commercial though is definitely the end, where the rock song cuts off with *ding*.

He may be a great pitcher (we'll see), but that young, roly poly face don't scare me.

Greg Maddux was a dead ringer for Bill Romanowski when he first came up, if I remember correctly. You just knew when he came onto the scene that he was going to dominate. Same with Koufax. And Glavine. And K-Rod looks just mean. And Pedro, now he had that youthful look that just screamed "K machine".

If he can put away a pint in one gulp, I'll admit that I'm intimidated.

Separated at birth????

Uhh...they don't really look anything alike...


They should sell that beer at Fenway....I'll buy one. But only one, I can't afford two.


Try another looksie with your glasses on =)


You could put a second cup on layaway.

... they look JUST like twins after a couple Asahi...

How friggin big is the guy in the commercial with Papelbon? I mean, I've met him and know he's a pretty decent sized guy, but that car salesman clearly dwarfs him. That guy is a monster.

Looks like a Pokemon commercial.

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