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Monday, February 26, 2007


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As much as I will miss Bernie, I am still glad that Melky is there instead to fill the hole.

Fantasy value may have dropped a round or a few dollars (depending on your draft rules).

Ya, I'm a huge fan of Abreu (mostly from fantasy league), so let's hope he recovers.. maybe I can even overplay this and get him undervalued..

But let's hope he's okay, of course..

That was me.

Abreu injury wont hurt us as much. A few games in the beginning of the season wont hurt us a bit. And Melky is there, and I love seeing melky.

Well i guess we can get used to posts like
"J.D Drew injured again!!!!"

This isn't a small story, certainly much bigger than any silly press conference with Manny's agent. Strained obliques are dangerous injuries. Trot Nixon suffered badly from one, Pujols went down for a few weeks last year, Jeff Kent and Nomar missed significant time as well. Luckily for Abreu and the Yankees, he has a lot of time to recover before the games really matter.

But once he's healthy, I am certain that YFs aren't looking forward to an extremely important hitter heading to the batter's box knowing that the wrong kind of swing might sit him down for an extended period.

If I remember right, Kevin Youkilis also suffered from a strained oblique towards the end of last season. It was minor enough to play through, but it accounted in no small part for his precipitous second-half decline...

Nice try, SF -- the Yanks are saying 2 to 3 weeks, at the most. When Derek had this he was out for 15 days each time.

What do you mean "nice try", John? You act as if my comment is some sort of partisan BS. It's not: strained obliques are common and almost always game-consuming, on the order of 10-20, if not more. This is a fact.

Like I said, he's got plenty of time to recover before the games matter. So what's your beef, exactly?

what john means sf is that your pessimistic wishful thinking is not appreciated...each injury is different, each player is different...abreu could be out for months, or he could be out for 2-3 weeks...why would the yanks try to mislead anyone in spring training, any more than let's say the sox would try to mislead anyone about manny's "injury"...

SF -- you've said more than once that your job as a Sox fan is to bait Yankee fans.

The Yanks say this is a two to three week problem, and then back to work with time to get ready for the season - you say, this is a dangerous and recurring injury and you're "certain that YFs aren't looking forward to an extremely important hitter heading to the batter's box knowing that the wrong kind of swing might sit him down for an extended period" -- sounds like phishing. Since when were you concerned about the feelings of poor Yankee fans?

your pessimistic wishful thinking

Wow, I respond to YF's post that says that Abreu could be "out until the beginning of the season or beyond", that these things "stay around for a while", and I catch sh*t for my pessimistic wishful thinking. Is there a comment that you won't twist to your own worldview of Sox fans who have nothing better to do than crap on the Yankees, dc? Do a quick google search, as I did, for "strained oblique", both a conventional search AND a news search. I think you will find the results interesting and a bit alarming.

I often wonder why it seems that every comment on this site has to be read as some sort of exaggerated anti-Sox or anti-Yanks screed. They don't. It would be nice if you could just consume a comment for it's content, dc, and not it's supposed subtext.

John, my point wasn't that I care for Yankees fans, it was that I understand the trepidation that one has as a fan once a player suffers from an injury like this. Nomar had one, Trot had one. A strained oblique is a notoriously testy injury, and it's hard to know that it has healed fully. Because players hesitate to take full cuts during rehabilitation, it makes for a nerve-wracking endeavor once they return to full-time play. Do you honestly think that Cardinals fans weren't on pins and needles after Pujols came back last year? I know if Manny suffers a strained oblique that sidelines him for 2-3+ weeks, when he returns I will have that same feeling when he bats, of not wanting to see him hunched over after a swing and a miss. It's a different kind of injury to me, as a viewing fan.

This is definitely not something you want as a hitter going into a season, but there are much worse injuries. It's going to take time and luckily he has plenty of that. Yeah it could linger, but so could weight issues, shoulder issues, blister problems, knee problems and so on. It's a crap shoot. If he's not ready I would guess they break camp with Kevin Thompson as the 4th OF and Melky would start?

"...Is there a comment that you won't twist to your own worldview of Sox fans who have nothing better to do than crap on the Yankees, dc?..."

...actually sf, if you were being fair and honest, you'd admit that i give equal time to my compliments of your team's players, management, and fellow posters, as i give to criticisms and can't make the same claim, since you obsessively nitpick most of the pro-yankee comments, and every comment i make...good thing i'm not sensitive, eh?...i'm glad john let your cat out of the bag about the can't accuse me of being the flame-thrower anymore if that's the case...john merely made the point that the yankees are reporting the prognosis differently than you are presenting the more pessimistic point of view [notice i didn't say inaccurate], and i acknowledged that abreu could be out for months [how convenient, again, that you ignored/"twisted" (to use your word) that little fact], and yf's should be concerned despite the optimistic report from the yankees...frankly your condescension does get a little old, even if it is for the sake of may want to try a new shtick...

what are the chances the injury was actually caused by abreu walking into hideki matsui's imported "porn palace" set up in a local Temple Terrace apartment, where he had arod tied up like "The Gimp" from Pulp Fiction, then trying to escape as fast as possible before meeting the same fate?

I don't understand the beef with SF here. Cashman was not as sanguine as Torre in his comments. I've had this injury; it's awfully uncomfortable—sleeping is a real b*tch—and it takes forever to heal.

I think we'd all be happier if we concentrated on analysis and stopped with the circular shooting gallery.

Umm...what's the problem here? You telling me if JD Drew went down with the same injury, you YF's would sit quietly by and mildly agree with the 2-3 week prognosis? Bullsh*t. You'd point out the exact same things SF did, and be right in doing so; it isn't partisan pessimism, it's just being realistic. Oblique injuries suck, no matter who has them. Further, SF said pretty much the same exact thing YF did, only he went a little deeper into the "these things can stay around" idea. Why? Because there's legitimate reason for concern, regardless of what the Yankee FO says, based on prior examples of injuries like this popping up.

I actually know this one from previous experience, too. Oblique strains hurt like hell and hang around for a long time; I screwed up my left side during my JR year of high-school during lacrosse, but played through it. (At least I think it was the was that same area) It hurt to shoot hard but not so much that it really affected me. It mostly went away over the summer, came back when I started lifting again, and got worse until the end of my last year. Haven't felt it since, but I also haven't exactly been the model of healthy living since college began...heh.

Sorry YF...didn't see your post. Apparently yours was worse than mine; at its worst mine was only a dull ache when I tried to sleep, and a sharp pain when I tried to play.

Sorry for the...triple post...but this is relevent. Timlin's injury yesterday is being described as an oblique spasm, which Francona doesn't think is serious. He was able to work out today, but won't throw until a few days after Wednesday, when he was originally scheduled to. And yes, this worries doesn't sound as bad as Abreu's, based on Cashman's assessment, but it could well end up that way.

I was just over at NoMaas and they have a story on Curt Schilling being one of the celebrity voices used for the new wave of Tom-Tom navigational devices.

For a TomTom-equipped motorist driving to Fenway Park, the company said it's come up with a new wrinkle; instead of hearing Schilling say, "You have reached your destination," the Schilling voice-over is programmed to say: "You're almost home! Slide! Slide!"

It's truly enlightening for DC and John to rip SF for his negativism when YF -- quoting Pete Abraham quoting Brian Cashman -- was the one who posted the most negative outlook of when Abreu would be back. Why don't you guys email Cash or Abraham for their unduly pessimistic and negative portrayals of the situation?

Fixing the tag. I think.

"...I don't understand the beef with SF here...."

really yf?'s the same beef you have with him from time to time...john was simply challenging sf's [perceived as wishful] pessimism...when i attempted to explain john's comment to him, he responded with yet another insult [next time i'll butt out, and let the 2 of them slug it out]...that's how the "circular shooting gallery" started...

"...I think we'd all be happier if we concentrated on analysis..."

i couldn't agree more all accounts this is a potentially serious injury, but like any other injury there can be varying degrees of severity...i don't think the yanks have anything to gain by sandbagging the prognosis, and everyone's ability to heal and withstand pain is different...there's no doubt that he could be out for months, or it could alter his swing, and compensating like that could create another injury...i certainly agree that this is one to worry about...

gee paul, i read the cashman quote, and i interpreted it as "...i dunno..."

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