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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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in dice k we trust
collectively we hope
igawas a bust

NIcely done, SF Rod. Here's one to get the rest of you started:

One hundred three mil for that?
Better be worth it.

White ash fans the air
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Divine wind in Boston

Kei Igawa screams
Daisuke Masuzaka?
He won't cut his hair!

Boston got Dice-K
Igawa is not the same
long winter for Yanks

Boras master plan:
JD Drew Dice-K Seibu
fleece Henry, but no

Yankee fans rejoice
Boston paid D-Mat a mint
Irabu reborn

Igawa plays games
Matsuzuka-san wins them
Cash bow to Theo

Arrested youth, Kei?
Helicopters, like careers
crash and burn in Bronx

dammit, you took my line, sf.

SF and YF
Brooklyn monte tricksters each
Follow the lady

John Turturro and Ralph Fiennes did fine turns playing your roles, no? ;) Okay, that's enough for now from me, you contest-riggers. I'm off to see the Trailblazers get slaughtered by the Rockets.

Kei who? said the Yank
Thirty million not enough
Daisuke mows them down

Pitch on four day's rest?
Daisuke isn't used to that.
Say goodbye, right arm.

The plane leaves at noon
Boras hung on money spent
Cash got the door prize

Aw crap. My first one was not in form. Maybe I should have said Divine wind fells bats? What if you pronounce it like, "Bossn?" What's a one-syllable term for bean-town? I can think of a couple, but none that are flattering.

I think YF might have a harder time judging this than I did the MCT. These are great!

bad wing bad bad knee
bad elbow bad leg bad wrist
bad bad bad contract

First Matsusucka.
Then we see Nancy Drew is
the new Pavano.

See, I don't read the rules and end up posting a JD Drew haiku. Expand the field, YF!! Who cares if it's not culturally relevant?

Sox sign Matsuzaka
Scott Boras, Theo beat you
No deal, J.D. Drew

Curt looks, sees no red
the cameras are elsewhere
Dice grabs the spotlight

Matsusucka sees
old Manny being Manny,
and quits, the next day.

The vicious red dragon
of the Nation's expectations
catch Matsuzaka unaware


Foulke, Mat$u$acka,
Beckett, Clement and Timlin.
Yank schadenfreude.

He's Japan's treasure
Daisuke's magic on the mound
Bats hit only air.

Bleh. I never was any good at poetry.

Diasuke tops the list
One rotaion clearly best
Kei wishes for home


There once was a Japanese "pitcher,"
who was really a belly itcher.
Matsuzaka was his name,
and Boris sang his fame,
So the Sox would make him much richer.

G'night -

Matsuzaka hears
Sox fans on W E E I.
Hari kari next.

A Season Long Lost
Matsuzaka-san Cometh
Yankees Finish Last

Second once again
Not even Dice can change that
Winning is the Kei

More material to work with:


Do you like Green Tea
I know it is only four days
Ask Proctor about rest

Fenway, D-Mat deals
An autumnal Jeter jolt
Nation weeps again

two hundred million
nine million for relief arm
spend like drunk sailor

igawa's long hair
new york yanks in october
both will be cut short

igawa's new pal
matsui's movie stash make
left arm hurt like hell

slowly winter comes
kei igawa's silence stuns
boston still signs bums!

(AG - Boston is sometimes referred to as the "Hub" if you're looking for a one-syllable word for Boston.)

Influx of pitching
Rivals will make the playoffs
Sox will win in six

Not related, but:

Work on Thursday sucks
I need to be filthy rich
time off is needed.

Sox made improvement
with Daisuke Matsuzaka
second place next year

sox spend big money
theo epsteinbrenner
take that toronto

oh, kei igawa
i hope you are no samson
george will cut your hair

our kei igawa
your daisuke matsuzaka
spring will bring much drama

the best in japan
but can matsuzaka-san
conquer the U.S.?

facing thome, konerko, dye
daisuke matsuzaka....scared
welcome 4.58 era

'Zaka K's nineteen
Yankees' jaws drop to the floor

Two men came. Daisuke the
Lion and Kei the Tiger.
The Lion roared but the Tiger pounced.

So we're not following strict Haiku form?

Judges, what say you?

A Texan named Josh came
to Olde Town. The crack
of the bat soon followed.

i'll bet that the judges
will consider the rules
when judging this contest

(d'oh! i messed that one up. egg. face. foot. mouth. pie. humble.)

The brief is for a haiku. If you break form, the payoff better be worth it.

(I'm assuming it's the traditional 5-7-5 Haiku, right? I'm seeing a lot of varied lines.)

A ball that can dance
Yanks never saw it coming
"Whoa, did you see that?"

Matsuzaka stood wounded, clutching
his arm. Warriors such as
these, I have not seen before.

Yankee fans, I really think we're setting ourselves up for huge disappointment by comparing Igawa directly to Matsuzaka.

i know that i was merely attempting to include both names in my haiku, andrew. others might be doing the same. i think most realize that the two guys have "different expectations," to put it gently.

This Yankee fan knows that chances of Igawa being as good as DMat are slim and none.

But we know that going into the season. Expectations for DMat are sky high, while for Igawa it's kind of like, oh well, whatever he can do to help.

Anyway, at this point in time, it's just to play along with the game.

5-7-5 is standard form; deviate at your peril. and let's keep this thread for the haikus only, thanks.

a great start thus far, btw. keep 'em coming!

If you read that Haiku brief in depth there seem to be variations from old to modern to American, etc.

Whoops, Haikus only here. Sorry YF.

D-Mat April throes
The Bomber line-up explodes
"Me miss Tuffy Rhodes"

theo got daisuke
will a gorilla suit be
needed once again?

hub's opening day
signs read: "we love daisuke"
manny asks, "who's that?"

Standard form for this competition is understood to be 5-7-5. Deviations from this form, or uses of other forms, will not be rejected outright, but will be held to an especially (ridiculously!) high standard. We strongly recommend sticking with standard form.

D-Mat is to Hub
As Hideki is to Bronx?
Not Godzilla, Toad.

igawa like toys
DL from nintendo thumb
is my prediction

In Daisuke we trust
A rotation of giants
Leads to October

Japanese Pedro
The 12 billion yen pitcher
Is the bar too high?

Pitching wins pennants --
Curt, Daisuke, Paps, Wake, Beckett.
Good-bye, second place!

Three strikeout titles
and MVP. Igawa,
not chopped liver.

Look past Igawa
Underrate Chien-Ming Wang
Now cry as you lose

Daisuke looked lost
as the ball sailed away.
Bad day in strange land.

Matsuzaka signs
Day lives in infamy?
Beantown cheers, Bronx jeers

question marks abound
Daisuke, Curt, Beckett, Wakes, Paps
but who will close now?

Pitchers and catchers
Report in two months. Kei/Dice
haiku helps pass time.

Grass in Fenway mourns,
"John can't afford turf builder,
bankroll lost to Dice!"

Wondrous gyroball
of Dice-K, will you not see
the green of Fenway?

Igawan dreams of
spinning rotors and racing
stripes...hovering high!

If one looks closely
Matsuzaka's face appears
quite round and puffy!

Big move by Theo
Daisuke delivers. Yes? No?
Gorilla suit waits.

Igawa versus
Matsuzaka or David
versus Goliath.

matsuzaka's cost?
one hundred three million. that's
a lot of sushi

Rimed branch with twinkle lights
Matsuzaka months away
Crack of wood on ball

Yankee Fan in Boston,
missed your earlier reference to Theo's gorilla suit. Sorry.


Rimed branch twinkle lights
Matsuzaka months away
Crack of wood on ball

My baby son has
no idea who Kei is.
Jersey for Christmas?

buying a jersey
for your son means new streams of
yankee revenue.

revenue streams flow
flooding boston with yen waves.
cha-ching? time will tell.

Hard-earned dough spent on
pricey shirts. Hope he's lefty
with a good curveball.

is kei igawa
a poor man's andy pettitte?
let's hope. (fingers crossed.)

Daisuke comes with a
big commotion while Kei slips
in like assassin.

Talk of dominance
For Kei, a long reliever,
Sounds like hollow threat

to everyone here
(yanksfan versus soxfan)
happy holidays

Curt's nightmare comes true,
Killed, looted in Everquest
by Kei, buffed dark elf.

"sounds like hollow threat?"
daisuke hasn't thrown one pitch
and he's the savior?

wanted: hairdressers
between kei and johnny d.,
hair products galore

"Shake and Bake?" Kei asks.
"Chicks dig it," Johnny replies.
"Chicks dig chicken? Huh."

waiting is brutal
oh, how i long for the spring
bring on daisuke now

True, questions exist,
but find me any YF
Who would choose Kei first.

i can't argue with that.
but what is fair for the goose...
you know... ...and so on...

Daisuke's many perks
masseuse, assistants and more
clubhouse jealousy?

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