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Monday, October 02, 2006


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You actually believe that Billy Beane is a bad GM?


does anyone believe Billy Beane's a bad gm?

Have to agree with Rob. Beane turned a Mulder on the downswing into Dan Haren (if you've watched him pitch, you know he's got the "stuff" to succeed in the AL) amongst others. Tim Hudson is struggling in the NL, imagine what his season would look like had he been pitching against the AL this year. The acquisition of Frank Thomas was the lowest of low-risk high-reward moves possibly in baseball history. He's dealt with a low mid-market payroll his entire time in Oakland and continues to make them contenders. I'd like to see Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman do the same with the same circumstances. I bet neither could, to be honest.

Ah, ok, Nick was joking and I missed it. My bad.

to clarify: I was joking with the Beane quip. Didn't have a good reason why I was picking the Yanks over them, so I figured I'd go to the small sample explanation.

wrote that before I saw your comment, Rob.

As much as I hate to admit it, Nick's right about the Yanks in the postseason. Pitching is iffy, but everyone else's is at least as iffy. The Twins are the biggest threat (which is why I picked them in the thread below) because, if they have to, they can get three starts from Santana alone, who is far and away better than any starter the Yanks have.

Paul, I agree with you regarding Santana; he is a monster and a lock for the CY.

Before any NY fans decide that he is a sure-fire pick over his Yankee pitching opponent should both teams make the ALCS, remember that he won his only start against New York this year on a blown save/loss by Rivera. The Yankees touched him for four runs in a game that saw Wright blown out early, with Scott Proctor keeping it together until the Yankees took the lead in the seventh. This was with a lineup that featured the fearsome presence of Phillips and Cairo.

Santana has also given up 10 runs (7 earned) in his last three starts over 21 innings against KC, Boston, and Cleveland. Then again, he didn't tire at the end of last year and had a remarkably similar pitching line on the season.

also remember the past few years in which johan santana pitched against the yankees in the playoffs
he pitched ok, but the yankees always hung in there and blew away their bullpen
so technically, santana isn't dominating agaisnt the Yankees
he hasnt been doing good these past few starts

> a Detroit upset is impossible.

Nick, you are an educated man. I'm sure you meant unpossible. ;)

Not that it will neccessarily mean much, but the Twins bullpen ERA is best in the AL (maybe in the ML as well?). A better unit than they've had in awhile. Still could get knocked around by a good lineup, but the Twins are a more potent team all-around than it seems like they've been in years.

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