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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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From this Sox fan to the Yankee family, accept my condolences. This is sad, sad news. But Thurman Munson has a good new pitcher in the everlasting game up above.

WABC is reporting that Lidle's wife and child are onboard a plane somewhere traveling, and may not yet know of the accident involving Cory Lidles plane.


This is just shocking and scary. Forget the baseball player, that's completely irrelevant.

I'm praying for his family tonight, and for the families of the other people killed.

I wonder what could have happened to the plane?

Mayor Bloombergs office confirming only 2 deaths, Lidle and a flight instructor. 2 people in the apartment escaped unharmed

This is beyond bizarre, and obviously very sad.

That it was a Yankee who was caught up in all the recent back-and-forth over Torre makes it all the more wrenching.

Mike and the Mad Dog were all over Lidle in an interview just a day or two ago and they sounded pretty unnerved on the radio late this afternoon.

very sad news. Just awful.

I'm deeply saddened by this terrible news. It's almost beyond belief.

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