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Thursday, July 20, 2006


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Please let this be wrong.

My first reactions:

This is so bad for the Yankees, I question the validity of the report.

Who do I hate if A-Rod's not on the Yankees? Jason Giambi, I'm lookin' at you...

LocklandSF's post mentioned David Bell as well.

First take: I don't like it. I bet Gordon doesn't like it either.

BTW.. ARod does have a no-trade clause.

If A-Rod approved a trade to Philly than he's a huge masochist.

I didn't know a threat would be started on this, so don't shoot the messenger, but I did hear it. It is also reported on and they are losing their minds.

I'm checking my calendar, and it doesn't say April 1st.

A-Rod would exercise a clause to get out of NY, no matter what the team was, I have no doubt...

Corrected to add David Bell...

No one's doubting you, Lockland. Just giving credit... Did you hear it as a news report, as opposed to a "this could work" discussion?

I'm going to call a cautious BS on this one...not only does this trade make less than no sense, but there would be something on some wire, somewhere.

Two quality talents who are going to start in New York for the next 10 years, at least, for a 38-year-old closer-cum-7th-inning-guy and two old, expensive outfielders?

I'll root for the damn Mets, if that happens.

AP tends to be very cautious on this stuff, wanting to get a named source of some kind, so it's not surprising they're laying low... If it was on ESPN radio, it should be online very soon.

Anyone with access to ESPNews?

I stop defending Cashman if this is true.

I think.

Could this be why my Mac just imploded?

Seriously! I'm on a backup machine

My Yankee fan friend with whom I work likes this deal a lot. FWIW

Exact words... (transcribed by my assitant who now thinks I'm insane)


"Philadelphia Phillies GM Pat Gillick has confirmed that the Philadelphia Phillies have traded Relief Pitcher Tom Gordon, OF Pat Burrell, OF Bobby Abreu, and 3B David Bell to the New York Yankees for Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez, OF Melky Cabrera, and a player to be named later. Deal is
subject to MLB approval. The trade is expected to fill the New York Yankees corner outfielder needs and should improve their bullpen as they prepare for the final AL East Pennant Drive. The Philadelphia Phillies plug their 3B need with arguably the game's best third baseman. David Delluci and Melky Cabrera are expected to be named starting outfielders for the Phillies. New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman has yet to confirm details of trade"

I love that you had your assistant transcribe this.



This might be the worst deal that any Yankee GM has ever done.

I don't at all understand how trading A-Rod for 70 cents on the dollar helps the team. Who's going to play 3rd?

And who's not playing in the outfield when Matsui/Sheff get back?

As I said above, this deal makes less than no sense.

Well, if Gillick confirmed it, it should be posted sooner than this...

This can't be true. It can't be.

ynj, David Bell plays 3B, but I have no idea what they do when Sui/Sheff come back. Four corner outfielders who all play the same way and are all on the bad side of 30.

I don't believe it. I can't. I mean, not yet anyway. I'll have to hear it from three different places to believe it.

As a Red Sox fan, I really like this trade too :-)

That is if you assume that Sheff is coming back at all.

I'm with a lot of you, this is one of those deals that makes a ton of sense in some ways, but makes absolutely not sense in some other ways.

Weird wild stuff.

Yeah, I'm really wary of believing anything like this before actually seeing it in writing.

Well supposedly ESPN XM radio,, and Yanksfansoxfan all have it soooo it has to be true, thats three sources

That's what I'm saying, Neff. That's why I won't believe this until I actually see it on a wire or TV.

David Bell doesn't exactly thrill me at 3rd. Torre's not going to sit Matsui when he comes back, so there's really no point in glutting up the outfield while giving away a guy who's going to hit 40-45 homers every year for the last 7 or 8 years of his contract.

And if the Phils don't want to pay for Abreu's contract, what makes you think they'd pay for A-Rod's?

No, that's what I mean...three OFFICIAL sources. It just doesn't make sense to me...

Because ARod > Abreu.

It's a great trade for the Phils. But I agree, if they're rebuilding, why take ARod? Unless you want the veteran around which to rebuild...

Yeah, it makes sense, as Lockland said, which makes it credible -- but then it's totally out there, which makes it incredible.

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Word, dog.


And Devine I know thats not what you meant, I was kidding, I don't believe it either

Cool (hard to tell tone in print, and all that). Oh, and ESPN's MLB front page is talking up Mets and Phillies--Abreu for Milledge. Hmmmm...

Each minute that passes lessens the probability that this is legitimate. We should have seen something by now...

And each minute it remains unconfirmed gives me more peace.

Yeah, I'm getting suspicious about ESPN not having this up yet.

I'm glad I'm finally getting paid to blog and comment here though ;-) Haha.

Hey, we could always just get everyone together and tar and feather Lockland if it turns out to be false.

Just kidding...we'll wait until the next time the Sox are in New York for that. :D

Locland, when it was reported on air did anyone scream baba booy at the end of the segment?

I'm already getting it from my real world Yankee fan friends....

"If you're wrong, you're a dead man."

I can't find the discussion at NYYFans. What thread is it in?

It's at the end of the ARod thread.


that thread has 4:07(EST) when they heard the trade, which puts us at 2 hours of 'no other sources' sounds like a rumor but a good one at that

the trade was actually 5:07 (didn't have daylight savings time checked) which makes it more credible, but still no where else on the internet

Um....the Yahoo mlb page has the lineups for tonight and both A-Rod and Melky are playing. I call BS.

Do they have a lineup out yet for the Yanks game tonight? We could all shut up about this if ARod and Melky are in the lineup.

Or a lineup for the Phils??

Thank you

Also call BS

I keep thinking, "Ahh, just a rumor," but it would be the height of journalistic ineptitude to quote confirmation from the Phillies GM himself without actually having that confirmation...

Can we get JankeesF to come back out and comment on this one...he seems to have to most insider information

Also, a headline on ESPN (Insider though, so I can 't read the article) says Mets and Phils might have a deal in the works: Abreu for Milledge.

I dunno... It's a strike against, but GMs make the trades. Managers make the lineups. They often post lineups so far in advance that they could have been pulled back and talking to the players right now, and we still wouldn't know it until game time...

Great deal for the Phils, and the Mets may have Kazmired themselves again, if that one's true.

Neff, personally, I don't think I could have made it through this almost-crisis without the handpound.

lol, Neff. I completely agree. I learned more from his comment than I have in weeks...

Well, that and the discussion about whether Al Gore is boring in bed...

Peter Abraham has also just posted the lineups, same as Yahoo mlb. So hopefully just rumors....I will disown this team if that deal does happen.

so whos preparing the tar and feathers??

I'm a very peaceful person. I refuse to take part in the punishment of one of our own. Sorry.

:). Just so you all know I was joking, although I am in fact a very peaceful person.

If none of the papers reports what this was about tomorrow, I'm gonna be pissed. I'm still holing out hope though...

Or holding it out. Whichever.

Could it just be that this was an offer Phils made? Doesn't mean a trade went through....frankly Cashman would have to be insane, drunk, and on crack all at once to even consider it.

he'd have to be Rick James c. 1988. YM is right.

My 6 month old Boston Terrier puppy just pissed the floor in fear after my profanity laced tirade upon arriving at this site right now. It's BS, no f'ing way Cash does this.

Haha, poor PaulSF...he so desperately wants this deal to go down.

I don't blame you for wanting that.

wow. i had even heard a little more from the bill stoneman interview yesterday that made the trade for colon/mcpherson/napoli all the more promising. he said they were working on a bigger move than anyone expected.

The trade deadline can't pass soon enough...all this nonsense needs to stop!!!


Joel Sherman reports

Yankees possibly could make trade of the year, the NYPOST confirms the offer from the Phillies. Abreu, Burrell, Gordon, and a player to be named later for Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera. Although AlexRodriguez is in the line up tonite, FUCK YOU!!!1 BUNCH OF NO0BZ!!!!! leik

The deal is contingent on Steinbrenner swallowing a two foot phallus. (Will he do it?) I think he will :)

What we need is a CREDIBLE source of B.S. rumors.


fuk u dnt laugh! k now u can laugh!

5:24pm, Thursday 7/20/06

Yanksfansoxfan officialy jumps the shark.

This deal is not happening. It's moronic for the Yankees. And they may be run by a flunky, but not by a moron. I call BS.

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Um, sorry to burst your bubble dude, but I think just about everyone has agreed that this report was bullshit. Just for the record.

Shutup Robert

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