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Sunday, July 23, 2006


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Gameday sez: "Vernon Wells homers (25) on a fly ball to center field. Reed Johnson scores."

In my head, this is completed by: "Vernon Wells adds 7 points to Devine's fantasy he has done against the Sox several times this year."

That is not funny...really. Vernon addresses Sox pitching this year as "Bit**"

At least A-Rod grounded out in his first AB. Somehow the NY papers will find a way to bitch about it.

Can the Sox and Yanks work out some kind of agreement with Selig whereby we don't have to face Wells?

I hope so. Maybe we should pull something out of the movie "Celtic Pride" and snatch him up.

Is Alex still a "true Yankee"? Or has he regressed back to "sort-of legit Yankee"? Can a Yankee fan please enlighten me?

Well after yesterdays 4K performance I think he falls into the bad Yankee from the 80s category.

Here comes A-Rod!!

Giambi up before A-Rod. I got excited to early.

A-Rod K's!!!!

Alex, Alex, Alex.....

He would have walked had he not swung at a bad pitch.

Posada with a 3 run jack to right. Yanks leads 3-2.


Who needs A-Rod?

Let's see how Wells vs. Ponson works out this time...I'll predict a groundout.

Ponson's O-ring quivered on Well's shot to the wall.

Oooof...Gameday shows Wells giving it a ride for the flyout.

Close pitch inside to Melky there. Nice eye.

Ohhhh...did Glaus do the honors this time?

Yes Glaus did.

Wow. Nice arm by Melky though.

Sorry about that late post on Melky. hit submit on an old window.

AG...How's the weather today?

He killed it.

Overbay singles. Is Ponson losing it?

Glaus. Easy come, easy go. Looks like we still need ya Alex.....

106 Friday, 100 yesterday, and headed for 98 today. Coast was much cooler yesterday.. about 71 or so.

Crosby got a horrible read on that single.

I was about 70 miles south of Astoria yesterday at the coast to beat the heat.

"Is Ponson losing it?"

That assumes he had it to begin with. Torre yanks him after the walk.

Ponson is starting to fall apart. He desperately needs a DP ball.

Who's this Wilson fella that's pitching now?

Maybe he and A-Rod are sharing the same water bottle.

First a ball, then a three run home run by Hinske. 7-3 Jays.

Christ...this is getting ugly.

All I asked of the Yanks this week was to put an a** whoopin on the Jays so we could get back to our normal two team tirades.

Wilson was brought up from Columbus. NY got him from KC/Omaha I think.

Wilson gives up a base hit on a 2-2 hanging curve.

Hill singles to Wilson's next batter.

I think Wilson was found during the search for SF's Nachos the other night.

Michael Kay: "One of these three will be the Yankee's fifth starter, Ponson, Wilson, Chacon, and out of the three, Chacon's the best."


LOL....that is the same feeling I have when I come home and my mother in law is here.

First and third after another single. Keerap. Chacon gets up in the pen.

Kris Wilson: rent don't buy. And don't even rent.

Wilson is money...three hitters, three hits.

I get really tired of this verify your comment crap I have to type every so often.

And as I typed that last comment it got me again.

Reed Johnson hits a 3 run shot over the left field wall.

This is absolutely sickening.


Yeah, the verify thing stinks. Especially when you post very quickly.


Wilson finally fields a comebacker to record the second out.

Torre is drinking in the dugout.

As this is happneing, the Yanks still feel that primary need is a bat and not pitching?

Crosby drops a ball on the run as Wells doubles to right center. Recorded as a hit.

Wells back up again this inning already.

It's only 11:30am where I'm at, but I think I am just about ready to join Joe in that drink.

And he walks Glaus. My gods, please stop this.

Walks Glaus.

This is exactly how I feel when Tito puts the dynamic duo on the mound (The Orc and Meatnez)

One golden issue with this is that Halladay and Burnett are not pitching. So there is some off chance that the Yanks could stage a combeack.

After two balls to Overbay, Lyle fouls off two pitches to make it 2-2. The next pitch is outside but mercifully called a strike. the half inning was almost 30 minutes long. I want to wretch.

Two 3 run and one 2 run homer's given up that inning. Probably the uglies inning of pitching I have seen in a long time.

Well, at least I can look forward to the Sox/Ms game today, as this is a joke.

Wilson...2/3 IP, 5H, 4ER, 1BB and 1 K...ERA is now 9.82.

Lester pitching later today. Is this the game where the wheels finally fall off for the kid?

AFLAC TRIVIA: Who was the only Blue Jay manager to win Manager of the Year?

Lester's a home-town favorite in Seattle. Should get a warm welcome from the crowd.

I would guess Gaston.

1-2-3 inning for Marcum.

That was not the way for the Yanks to at least start a comeback.

That's a good guess.

I wonder if it is starting to creep into some of the Yanks minds that they could miss the playoffs. I don't think that it will happen, but there will be one hell of a blowup/out over that if it did happen.

Wilson is still on the mound for NY.

Is there any other word on Matsui and Cano?

I don't think at this point in the season it's in their head's yet. They've been farther behind than this with this much time left. If it looks like this on September 1...

This ump's strike zone looked consistent at first but is starting to wander.

Trivia answer: Bobby Cox 1985.

It may be in A-Rod's head.

Matsui is in Tampa and should be swinging a bat this week. The only thing I saw on Cano was earlier this week Torre said we wouldn't see him before the end of this week. Nothing yet, so maybe next week?

Bases are loaded with one out. Wilson is giving Toronto a great BP session today.

Torre is leaving Wilson in. This is getting worse.

643 DP ends the inning. That's more like it.

Johnson grounds into a DP thankfully.

This is just the Yankees giving themselves a challenge. They decided...okay, 9 runs down against Texas...we'll just make it 7 down against the division rivals.

ARod hits one to the track. Good play Catalanatto to Rob Arod of a double.

I feel especially guilty watching this slaughter when I should be doing more productive things. This is simply masochistic.

Hill grabs a hard shot from Jorge to end the NY half of the 5th.

The Gas House Gorrilla's are headed back to the plate.

This sucks.

Note to all: we'll see if we can disable the verify "feature." It is annoying. Its there to prevent double-posting, but it''s a pain for these game threads.....

Chacon comes in for the bottom of the fifth. Gets one out, then Vernon Wells hits a shot to left center. Toronto leads 11 to 3.

Vernon acts like he is playing T-Ball.

So now Toronto has hit home runs off of three different Yankee pitchers. That's great.

This will end up being one of those games that the Yanks are embarressed by and roll off like 6 wins in a row.

Melky gets his second hit of the game on a chopper.

Testing around with the system here. Hopefully that verification is disabled. Let's see now....

Testing the disable verification mode.

Maybe the Yanks are going to get something going here.

Grrrrr. Please stand by on this.....

That's a pleasing speculation, Rob. Hope it's true. NY goes to Texas tomorrow and Johnson faces Millwood. Should be a tough game.

Melky scores as Nick Green hits an RBI double to the wall in right center.

YF...the only thing now is you cannot remained signed in. You have to put your name and email address and click on remeber personal info.

You probably have noticed this already.

Accordo is pitching. This is the guy they got for Hillecancer.

Green scores on a single by Crosby. Marcum is probably getting tired. It's now 11-5. Normally, I would be highly please with this much offense through six innings. Normally.

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