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Thursday, July 13, 2006


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Right, they Yankees sign Ponson, and the Sox make one error and they look like toast?
Wow, SF. Great post.

they= the

I belive he is comparing the other boston #33 to toast, he is refering at how Teks numbers are MUCH lower this year than last.

he is in his mid 30's typically a time when catchers start falling off thier game and go the way of the do do bird.

I love tek, one of my favorite players, yes he is no posada(better offensive catcher) but he plays a great defense, I do have issue with how he is caloing games lately...but overall he is fine.

If his slump continues you just can't keep him around to keep him around, he deserves to either get the option to get a protoge or to retire as a redsox catcher.

Tek...get out yo slump mang, I don't want you to leave

Brad, it wasn't a comment on the Sox.

Ye of little faith. He had a couple of hits last night. Every year he has a period where it looks like he's done. Same with Jorge. Then they come raring back. Don't cast him off just yet!

I can't believe you're writing off your Captain. He's signed for 2 more seasons, right? Excellent.

YF: I believe Varitek's average over his last 550 at-bats, since last year, is about .235, but I'd have to check. This makes me nervous, I think justifiably. Faith might be all we've got, but I certainly hope that's not the case.

So, last night was my first trip to Fenway Park(!). Great game, I loved it, but my god, that was horrible. It would have been bad enough watching that at home. But to be sitting there watching it in person? Yuck.

This I would expect from Nick or YF. Are you doing your Steve Silva impersonation? Got any pointed posts of Ortiz failing to win the HR derby?

For shame, SF.

Oh, come on, Mayday. I an not being coy or nasty or just flamethrowing, though I know that post was succinct and hopefully a tad biting. Varitek is a source of major and serious concern for me, and he should be for all of us. Any Soxfan who denies that he's been struggling in something greater than a "slump" hasn't been paying attention or is in serious denial of what's gone on. This is prefaced with the fact that I really love Varitek as a player and hope he "snaps out" of this. But he doesn't have to snap out of a three week skid, but rather a YEAR-LONG one. That's very, very troubling. And I do believe he's called some poor games this year, what he's supposedly best at. In particular I think he's made some very questionable calls with Beckett on the mound. I am concerned, reasonably so I think - he has looked atrocious at the plate for nearly a year (with spots of goodness being the outlier, and not the inverse).

"...hasn't been paying attention or is in serious denial of what's gone on."

I guess I'm the latter.

I agree with your analysis of the Captian's season to this point. Without question he has fallen off severley from last year, even to the point that he is the absolute last person I want to see up with the bases loaded and more than zero outs. It hurts me to say so, but he definitely isn't earning the $10 mil he's being paid this year. I recall reading something around the end of the sesonc month of the season where he said he was pressing and had been doing some work with Papa Jack. Apparently that wasn't enough. As for his game-calling, I have noticed that he has been getting shaken off a lot by Beckett and even (gasp) sometimes by Schill. I wouldn't go as far as to say that he's called anything resembling an atrocious game, but there has been quite a change from the "steady eddie" of last year. Something must be wrong behind the scenes (personal/injury rlated/ other) that the fan base isn't privy to...

Apologies if I came off as preachy in my initial post- it just pains me when fans call out their team members. And referring to him as "toast"?- Ouch.

sesonc = second

It's a new language I'm creating...

The thing about Varitek which suprised me is that his "slump" isn't a dropoff from last year, but a dropoff from last July, after his monster first half and all-star berth. He's been in the dumps for almost a YEAR, which scares the absolute crap out of me.

SF, since my email is down, I wanted to let you know that I'm having trouble accessing typepad. Can you do the Yanks gamer?

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