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Friday, June 30, 2006


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Pretty sick. There's a LF camera angle on that shows that the ball is actually past Crisp when it hits his glove. Wright really smacked the shit out of that pitch (man, that kid is good). Not sure if it's the catch of the year (that Rowand one where he flattened his face against the grillwork of the fence in Philly still stands out)(and let's not forget about Melky!), but still amazing.

Here's Rowand (coincidently, also v. the Mets [Nady, I think]):

And of course...

all great catches but i would toss out rowand's from the debate right away. i think melky and coco are the only ones in contention.

I have to go with Coco for the better of the three..Melky was good but I mean come on, how often do you see someone get robbed from a HR but a nice grab over the wall? At least once a week on SC top 10...Coco caught that ball as it was past him and he was putting the new superman movie to shame.

Redbull it gives you wings!

Melky and Coco...I am in the mood for a bowl of cereal right about now.

I don't think the commentators and sports anchors did that catch justice. Eckersley called it "some nice defense" or something like that.

That was probably the best catch in the MLB this season.

As someone said above, Wright hammered that ball. It was essentially a line-drive that was going to hit the middle of the wall. Coco had one or two seconds to cover about 15 feet, then had to time the dive perfectly. He dove at about a 45 degree angle toward the wall, catching the ball as it was actually going behind him.

Game-saving. Gold glove deserving. Stinkin' amazing to watch.

...And it was without a doubt better than either of the two other catches discussed in this thread.

Again, the Coco catch was spectacular. It ranks up there with Jim Edmonds' amazing catches from recent years. If we have to put it to a vote for best catch of the season, I don't think anything approaches it. Even the great Melky catch.

i just have to say this one more time--i was freakin' THERE, man!

Beth, I'm sure if I were there I would have missed it. I'm the type of ballpark attendee who gets easily distracted by the vendors and the wise-ass jeering 8 rows behind me. My head would have been turned 180 as Coco leaped. Did you actually see the catch?

I still think Rowand's catch was the most insane. Running full speed directly at the wall, knowing he's gonna faceplant hard (into a wall that during the spring he complained to Phillies mgmt. was dangerous b/c an outfielder could potentially mash his grill on a tough catch...he knew something), reaching way up and over his head, back to the plate...and then the serious impact and he somehow manages to hold onto the ball. I actually don't think it's even a contest.

I agree with Spidey that it's not even a contest, but in the other direction -- Rowand's catch is one of the most overrated out there, a big deal only because the Phillies couldn't get padding on the wall in time. No broken nose = no notoriety on that catch. Not to take away from the awesomeness of running straight at a wall knowing it doesn't have padding, but I've seen several Baseball Tonight Web Gems that have featured outfielders making catches and running into walls, and some have been better than Rowand's grab. (I can think of a Johnny Damon catch this year that tops Rowand's).

While I've also seen several plays like the one Crisp made, I've never seen one where the fielder went as far or as high. >zyrtech without a prescription capsule zovirax

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