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Monday, May 01, 2006


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Bos 6 NY 4 I'm calling it now.

Man, I'm worried about this one... Coming into this game, the Sox have performed as poorly as they have at any time since this golden era of Red Sox baseball (2003-present, and maybe I'm slightly hyperbolic about that, but still they've been piss poor). At any rate, I'm not optimistic.

But like Torre said, these games tend to stand on their own, divorced from the teams' respective performances in the games surrounding them. So I guess we'll see. And since ESPN loves this rivalry so much, I won't have to be in front of a computer to watch this game... I'll be sitting on the couch with my trusty scorebook and sharpened pencils. Let's go SOX!

Is that Kevin Brown yawning in the pic?

It's settled, then:

The biggest Fenway ovation of the night will go to... DOUG MIRABELLI.

Hell yeah.

his .245 BA gets the Fenway faithful all sentimental.

Got Varitek behind the plate on Gameday (still a few minutes to game time). Is this true? Is Mirabelli swooping in with his police escort any second now to save us all (well, the Sox fans) from even more passed balls?

are we a minute away from the biggest sports moment this century?

Well, Nick, it's not like Varitek has done much better recently...

Oh, and can someone describe the fan reaction upon Damon's first AB? 'cause I want to get the end of this non-story and be done with it.

WEEI now says Mirabelli is in the lineup for sure.

Nick: We're cheering because we know Mirabelli gives Wakefield confidence, and because he has a history of some clutch power. We know what Boston has gotten back, and have reason to be happy...

they're genuflecting as he comes to bat screaming "Jesus has returned!"

just kidding. I'm watching on game channel

Huge cheers for 'Belli on his introduction. audio feed isn't working for me yet. I knew I should have cut out of work early.

Stupid, stupid work. I'll be here throughout the game...unless it becomes a 14-inning affair or something.

Attack, Torre's line-up is killing me. Any reason to put Cairo in at first ahead of Andy?

WEEI is saying it's cold (45 degrees) and the wind is not ideal for throwing knuckleballs. The way the Sox have been (not) hitting, Wakes is going to have to throw a gem tonight.

I have been telling myself all day, "It's not that big of a deal. It's only one game. It's only May 1." The worst lies are the ones you tell yourself.

Game day audio just came up for the WCBS feed.. Here comes the intro.

That's a classy, nice ovation. Michael Kay says the opposite, and he clearly wasn't even looking at the crowd, which was mostly standing and cheering.

According to the announcer, Damon tipped his hat to everyone in every direction. The announcer says that a lot of people were standing and applauding. I didn't really hear all that much of a reaction. Damon flies out to right on a 1-0 pitch to start the game.

Yer out, Johnny.

Cheers for Johnny!!! O for 1!

It's hard to know who to trust. Kay or SF.

Just kidding, SF.

AG: As I said a few comments up, it was a nice ovation, with a bunch of boos in there. But if you listened to Michael Kay describe it it was like Magic and Kareem being announced at the old Boston Garden, and that was utter BS on his part.

Jeter out, 5-3.


Giambi at the plate... the chant is "Ster-rrroids, sterr-rroids, sterr-rroids..."

I am on the record as being somewhat of a Michael Kay booster, Nick, so I was surprised at how much he ignored the crowd's actual visible reaction that YES showed - again mostly people standing and cheering.

SF: hadn't read your post before submitting mine. That's interesting that Kay would portray it that way. John Sterling on the CBS feed made a brief comment that a lot of people were standing and applauding and left it at that; glad to know it was a polite non-event.

You like Kay? Really? I have mixed feelings about him.

Thank you wind. That was CRUSHED by Giambi.

Pena grabs the longball from Roid Monster Jason... Wily Mo doing his Damon impression?

As a Sox fan living in New York, I often have had to listen to Kay. He is *absurdly* pro-Yankee in his commentary. One expects a certain amount of bias from the home announcers, but he is truly ridiculous in his flagrant bias.

According to WEEI, people in the bleachers are tossing dollar bills at Damon in center.


I wouldn't say I love Kay, but I think he's pretty decent. I think part of it is that I listen to his radio talk show on my way home from work sometimes and he seems pretty honest. He does sometimes fall into "John Davidson Syndrome" during his Yankee broadcasts; this is when a guy who sounds honest outside the context of his home team's broadcasts suddenly becomes an unapologetic homer. Davidson pioneered this: during Rangers games he is unlistenable, but during national NHL broadcasts I always found him insightful and articulate. Kay isn't as bad, but he often rips the Yankees during the afternoon, only to forget everything he said when he steps into the YES booth. On the whole, though, I don't mind him. But Gary Cohen is the best in NY, hands-down.

Maybe there is something to Kay's interpretation.

"But Gary Cohen is the best in NY, hands-down."


Lots of talk about when Crisp returns dropping Youk to #7 in the lineup. Why wouldn't you bat Youk #2 and drop Loretta?

Agreed, SF.

RISP, less than 2 outs. Come on, guys.

Okay, Papi, make Damon turn around and look up.

Papi goes the other way! 1-0 Sox.

That'll do, Papi...that'll do.

Papi comes through with a hard single... 1-0 Sox!

First blood.

An early lead, holy cr@p.

It HAS been while, hasn't it, Hudson?

Seemed like an eternity.

The perils of living in New York: Mrs SF and I are trying to get dinner delivered, but due to the immigration demonstration not a single restaurant has delivery guys. We're 0 for 3 so far...

We managed it at an Indian place at my work, SF.

Wang seems afraid to pitch to the heart of the order. Or else he is struggling with his control.

wow, this sucks

Drat - gonna have to go out to pick up the food and miss the action. Mrs. SF is going to have to wait at least one more batter though...

Bags loaded for Loretta.

I'd settle for a sac fly.

9 strikes, 14 balls. He could still escape, though. (not saying it)

Crap! I answer one phone call and come back to this mess, just in time to hear Wang walk Trot. That's it, my workday is done. I'm going to get home so I can watch this game live and medicate accordingly. I might need a lot of medicine.

Come on, Mr. Former Yankees Prospect...

SF: I bet the right-wingers at Domino's are still delivering. But then you have to eat cardboard.

Nice hook from Wang there.

Better than the alternative...

Ortiz out at the plate.

At least it wasn't a DP.

Wily Mo has a chance to become an instant fan favorite here with a longball.

is Wang pitching out of the stretch by the way?

Interesting decision by Giambi there. Throws home on a double play ball. Granted, it would have been a tough 3-6-1 DP, but with Lowell running seems like it should have been attempted. Now the Sox get one more crack at it.

isn't Cairo at first?

One swing. One miss!

Yes, it was Cairo. My bad.

Well, good contact by WMP, and Crosby nearly botched it, making a sloppy grab on a sinking liner. Too bad.

Wang has to settle down. That's not a good start.

Ah, heck. Crosby got it. Hope that missed opportunity doesn't come back to haunt us.


WEEI says Mirabelli landed at Logan at 6:48 and a police escort got him to Fenway by 7 pm; he suited up in the car. Gotta be a new record -- 12 minutes from Logan to Fenway.

Aaron Small was warming up during Pena's at-bat. Wang threw somewhere near 30 pitches that inning.

Who is Mrabelli? Willis Reed.

Well, the good news is Wang had to throw 31 pitches in the 1st... (Giving Mirabelli some time to bone up on the new signs?)

that's "Willis Reed?"

Signs? They use signs with Wakefield?

And Mirabelli just caught a knuckler that was about 2 feet outside that Bard would have just let go to the backstop.


ARod walks.

Leadoff walks are not good.

SF: Doesn't Mirabelli want to know on the rare occasions when a fastball or curve is coming? (Also: Baserunning/bunt/hit-and-run signs.)

K! And Belli holds on, no problemo.

Of course, Hudson. I was kidding. I am sure they use signs.

Matsui is the just about the only Yankee player who doesn't rub me the wrong way.

Especially when he strikes out whiffing.

I like how Wily Mo just sort of lets Trot take that easy one, it's like he knows his own limitations.

Hudson, I have always (well...okay, in the past two years) said Matsui was the only Yankee I'd want playing on the Sox.

Posada out, short fly.

Belli just saved us a base.

Line out to WMP. Sox coming up!

You should start keeping a running tally, SF. New category just for Wakefield's catcher: non-passed balls.

Matsui was the only Yankee I'd want playing on the Sox

I assume you have part of your tongue in your cheek?

Pena gets another catch, inning over, 30 pitches for Wakes after 2 (less than Wang, though I've always suspected Tim could throw about 160 pitches, no problem).

Only in a purely literal sense.

Alright, Sox. Let's continue to work that Wang.

(Note that Wily Mo making catches is worthy of comment. I'm glad he's in the lineup instead of Mohr/Harris, though; it's about time Wakefield had a chance of some runs being scored behind him.)

Did Mirabelli limp out to the batter's box?


2 gone, groundout to 1st.

Quick inning for Wang, fly ball to Godzilla. 43 pitches after 2.

Now Damon's getting booed pretty heartily.

Belli! Guns down Bubba.

Are they shifting on Ortiz?

2nd walk to Ortiz. Looks like the Yankees' strategy is to make Trot and Lowell be the sluggers.

Manny singles, 1st and 2nd, 1 out.

This looks familiar.

Nah, Hudson, he singled in the run.

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