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Thursday, February 09, 2006


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You must be really tired - I address this story two posts below. Have a sense of humor, YF. You're a new dad! It's just clever PR at the expense of the Yankees. Humorous.

Lame SF...very lame PR.

I grew up in Massachusetts and played Little League.

Our rivals were the Stockbridge Yanks. They hated their name so much, most of the players pulled the "n" off the uniform, making it read "YA KS."

(We were the West Stockbridge Beavers. No comment.)

My little league didn't have team names, instead we went by our sponsors. The first year it was Chemical Bank. The next year we were called Apostle's Funeral Home. Greg Apostle was the coach. He'd come directly from dolling up a corpse to our practices, hit us grounders, give us motivational speeches, and then go back to the corpses. He was an impressive man.

Nothing here on Poor Johnny One Note? He'll change his tune when he comes to know the glory of wearing the pinstripes.

I was the pudgy catcher for the local "Tigers". I can't remember if there was even a Red Sox, to be honest. Perhaps the league nixed the name out of fairness to all those stuck on other, severely dislike AL squads. Either that or Haywood Sullivan had sent a cease and desist order.

If you're going to criticize a funny bit, you should at least try to get it right, YF. The requirement is that New England teams change their names from the Yankees to the Spinners, so it might just be that "Bombers" would . . . well . . . bomb. Oh, and you might want to know that there has been such a positive response to the offer that, according to the owner of the Spinners, it is costing him "a fortune". Unsurprisingly, I'd say.

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