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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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Whadda revoltin development that was.

The Yankees' approach to Schilling was pathetic. How many first pitch swings did players make? This was an awful way to approach a pitcher who has struggled with his stamina all year. Schilling was fine, but the Yanks are the real reason for his good performance.

"a nice Saturday afternoon in the Bronx (how's that for an oxymoron?!)"

Really, SF, sometimes the gentrifier in you comes out and it ain't pretty. New York City is more than Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Manhattan from Tribeca to the Upper West Side. Embrace the whole of this great city and you will be set free from the Starbucks prison of your soul!

Randy Johnson to the rescue Sunday. All have a good day.

I'm not going to get too far ahead of myself, but I will say, that was a VERY encouraging performance by Schilling. He hasn't looked that good since the World Series! Maybe it is a statiscal anomoly, but for now, today is a great day in the Nation--there is reason to be optimistic.

I'm more than ready for tomorrow. I've been giddy about the Wakey/Unit matchup since this series began. Should be a goodie.

Start eating the crow, SF; it's a taste, after all these years, that you should be familiar with.

Expecting Schilling the dominant ace may be a lot, but seeing an improving capable starter is certainly plausible. When a player's rehabing during the season, looking at the most recent start in comparison to all of his previous efforts only makes sense in a statistical vacuum. Though it is duly noted that the Yankees, with their depleted lineup, didn't hurt.

Nick, loosen up. I wasn't maligning the entire borough, just articulating the fact that nice days in the Bronx for Sox fans have. not been the norm, at least not until recently. I live in Manhattan, have worked in Brooklyn for six years, and have built projects all over from Staten Island to the Upper West Side. Manhattan is 1/5th of the city, full props to all the boroughs. I love it here, but I hate the Stadium. In the Bronx.

YF, one of the initial investors in, willing to insult me and concurrently jump on the "Schilling is back" bandwagon. How convenient, since we know full well he would be questioning the statistical significance of a single quality outing in the larger context of Schilling's overall suckosity had I posted about how Schilling DOMINATED. How insincere of him. Perhaps he would like to invest in my new company,


SF, whose side are you on?

It may take a Yankee fan to be optimistic about Schilling, but given the fact that his results have been worse than his K:BB ratio, his track record, and pain threshold, my guess is that you will seem something very much like last year's Schilling (except probably giving up a few more HRs) from here.

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