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Monday, August 01, 2005


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Well, I guess we can stop all the talk about "why would someone under such close observation be so stupid" or "nobody would be so dumb as to risk health and further damage to his reputation".
Raffy in his first hundred at bats = 1HR
Raffy in his last 200 at bats = 18HR
Sounds oddly familiar to another questionable player and his recent stratospheric stats. If one player is dumb enough to do it, I don't give the pass to any of the other ones.
And FWIW, I cannot even begin to feel sorry for anyone who uses the "I did not know I took them" or "someone must have given me something illegal" crap. MLB has set up classes and seminars that all players have attended. They all have lists of illegal supplements and where they are found. Responsibility is in the hands of the player on this one, not the doctors, trainers, and nutritionists hired by the team.
Or, I could just be mad because Raffy and his big Giambi bat took apart Boston with multiple doubles and dingers over a six game stretch.
I'm more disappointed than anything - I really thought the guy was telling the truth, and I really liked him as a player.

No wonder he needed Viagra his nuts must be the size of a grain of sand. As for Giambi, he is innocent til proven guilty. If he is using he will be caught, unless he is using something undetectable, in which case why isn't every player using the same thing, or does Giambu have his own private lab? I didn't think he was that smart.

Way to go, Raffy. Positive for Winstrol. Not exactly the kind of substance someone can sneak into your corn flakes or One-a-Days without you knowing it. You're busted, dude. Kiss the HoF buh-bye.

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