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Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Very eloquent indeed. Summer hope springs eternal in Beantown, only to be dashed in fall.

Great Post SF. I can relate to everthing in it. In fact, I still have a Phil Platier poster somewhere amongst my old sox many people can honestly say that?


(Just had to say that.)

only to be dashed in fall.

You're joking, right? I hope you're joking, lest what little respect I had for you completely vanish.

What f*cking planet were you living on last October? That's a weak retort, where none was really even warranted and hardly solicited.

Temper, temper, SF.

Excellent timing, SF, with the Futures Game on The Deuce just this past weekend. I have to admit, it's fun seeing the kids go out there, be raw, and perform both dazzling acrobatics and humbling mistakes--sometimes more entertaining than the Big Kids' Main Event.

Don't worry, SF. YF is just jealous.

Brilliantly original SF. Only the Yankees have been there and done that already this season.

Best post I think you've ever done SF. Great stuff.

"now that kid, he's definitely got potential" is a terrific line.

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