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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


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Also, in addition to your slide rules get out your oxygen tanks, since you will be holding your breath for a very long time waiting for that to happen.

YF's plan is all well and good, but equally as naive as Buster Olney's. The reality is that there is no plan that can happen unless the Owners and MLBPA implement one that has teeth. That's it. Nobody else can do it. Congress can threaten to remove the antitrust exemption in return for a game-cleansing policy, but there have been far better reasons to strip the game of the exemption in the past and they've never acted.

Anyone who thinks that their expert outside voice will have any impact, whether Buster Olney or YF, is living in dreamland. First suggestion to YF: stop paying money to buy Yankees tix. Second suggestion: stop watching YES. Third suggestion: get six or seven million people to follow your lead. Fourth suggestion: insist the game clean itself up before you and your 7 million friends come back to the park for a game.

Sounds stupid, right? But it's just as plausible as what you and Buster suggest, and would probably be far more effective, from a leverage standpoint.

That's cynical even by YF's hyper-elevated New York standards. I didn't like our little war in Iraq, but that doesn't mean I'm packing for Canada. Anyway, if we all stop watching ballgames, this site'd be a lot less interesting. BritneyFan-vs-ChristinaFan? We might get more hits, but no thanks.

Does YF believe he's going to change the MLB world. No. Even we're not that dumb. But that doesn't mean we can't start a useful conversation. And if enough people start to talk.....:Look at Czechoslovakia!

And maybe I won't by that new Yankees cap this year. Or that dog at the stadium. Call it a protest. And maybe SF should stop buying those tacky Series Champs caps.

SF(Mom) sent them my way. I don't buy ugly hats, I just wear'em.

SF - that's your best response? Even I'd have to score one for YF on this one....

How does YF get a point for a false accusation? What is he, a right-wing blogger?

As an aside, I think this point-scoring system has to go the way of a former Canadian figure skating judge.

Agreed - I'm not much for the scoring thing either - but your best response to the hat quip is that your mom sent it to you & you just wear an ugly hat. UGH. That's all you have to say??? I guess you're taking the high road...

I know when I'm no longer wanted...

Finally Tally:

YF: 4
SF: 2

Have a good season! I know I won't.

Well, I guess I have 84 years to go to fix that score. And I don't have to come from three down to do it, either.

That's more like it. And I'd recommend Olney's book if you haven't read it - fun for both sides!

Note: For a review of Buster's tome, check out Book Notes #4.

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