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Monday, November 22, 2004


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Diagrams! Fun! SF is lucky his fellow New Yorkers are more civilized than Piston fans. But the truth is we're simply embarrassed for you. That hat. So unattractive. As Paris would say, definitely "Not Hot."

Wow, YF is resorting to the taste of a serial self-pornographer for his fashion barometrics. Sad.

And let's be clear, it's way better than a hat that says "My team was up 3-0 in the ALCS and all they got me was an historic choke". So there.

SF, enjoy your championship. Why is it that Sox fans seem to enjoy the fact that the Yankees lost more than the fact that the Sox won? How sad for you.

Huh? I don't enjoy the fact that the Yankees lost more than the fact that the Sox won and if you read this site and had a memory you'd know that. That's absurd. If you look at the NAME OF THIS BLOG that might also give you a tiny clue as to why I post things like this. And who are the fans who have been yelling "1918" for all these years? Why weren't they yelling "26"?

So go back to your shattered glass house, Joe. Seeing you Yankees fans squirm is icing on an enormous, delicious, wonderful cake, but it's most definitely a secondary pleasure, at best. Google the word "schadenfreude" if you like. And see my post just after they won for what is most important.

You can make an SF a winner, but alas one can't heal 86 years of pain with one victory. So let's all be patient with SF while he comes to appreciate the sweet life.

Go to the pound and take home a dog that's been abused. He ain't gonna turn into Lassie over night. Patience and tenderness required.

You know, the funny thing I've discovered CAN heal 86 years of pain with one victory!!!

(Or in my case, 34 years of pain.)

Bravo, MJL.

But let's ask a question: where do Yankees fans get off trying to make us Sox fans out as unappreciative or bitter, or unable to enjoy this championship? I mean, this town has a practical monopoly on anger and bitterness - just read the tabloids after Yankees losses or listen to WFAN on any given weeknight, even after victories!

How many different ways do we need to say how absolutely wondrous, dreamy, fufilling this title is? My posts in the days after the championship ought to have been enough to keep my fellow blogger YF from referring to me as an abused dog in need of rehabilitation, and I think he knows that.

The fact is we don't like our schadenfreude more than our plain old freude. We just like it ALSO (and you guys do too, right?) So, get behind your team, you Yankees fans, continue to dig at the Sox for good reasons, but don't try to demean our joy at the win. That kind of stuff is for, em, losers.

Fantastic post.

Yanks fans in Boston seem to react with a visible shudder. Some have said "look at that shirt" or "do you wear that hat everywhere?". I was half expecting Yanks fans to be magnanimous about us winning and beating them to get there. Instead, they just seem heartbroken. It's only a taste of what's it's been like as a Sox fan before now, but it is a taste.

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