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Sunday, April 13, 2008


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As if this story couldn't get any more stupid (stupider?), now comes word the Yankees might sue the guy who buried the shirt.
Um, A. On what grounds; and, B. What would they expect to recover from a part-time construction worker?
Of course, had this happened in Boston, the leadership triunverate would have sold the chunks of concrete, put up the shirt for auction and also auctioned off the chance to refill the whole. And they would have made a lot of money, too.
Oh, the humiliation.

Refill the hole.

Superstition is a big part of sports (see Boggs, Wade) but I agree, this is an asinine story, though kind of amusing.

But hey, maybe the intended curse backfired, and it was that stupid buried #34 jersey that has been cursing Big Papi. If Ortiz explodes tonight with a four home run barrage, I might become a believer...

I hope you are right with that theory, Hudson!

I also think this whole thing is very funny.

This has got to be the most retarded thing I've heard in quite a while. Funny, too, but also dumb.

I totally agree that Ortiz' jersey should've stayed buried, and maybe they should've added #24 jersey to it as well. Thankfully, we won't find out (tonight) just how it affects Ortiz as he's not in the lineup. Per Pete A., Manny is DHing.

It's retarded, but that dude probably deserved to be punished. Hey, if you can't stand the consequences, don't pull the prank.

This could have been worse. He could have stolen and then buried Big Papi's jock strap.

Manny DHing presumably means we get both Ellsbury and Crisp in the lineup.

Not a bad thing, given the circumstances with Papi. Get these guys on base, steal and bunt them over, try to fluster/distract Hughes...

the guy probably doesn't deserve too much more than to get fired from this job...more for not thinking than being malicious...i didn't hear that the yanks were thinking of suing him bill, but rather that they questioned if criminal charges would be appropriate, equally absurd i any rate, from what i know, it's not uncommon for construction workers to leave little souveniers behind when they work on a project...they don't usually brag about it, and not many projects draw as much media attention as rebuilding yankee stadium...

oh, and the rest of the story is that the yanks have decided to give the jersey to the jimmy fund to be auctioned off...kind of odd, but maybe papi would sign it to give it some value, and make it more than just a goofy novelty item...if they can get $1100 on e-bay for a corn flake shaped like illinois, a signed jersey buried under cement in the new stadium should be worth big bucks...

Donated to the Jimmy Fund for auction, eh? That's a nice end to a completely idiotic story. All's well that ends well, as the Man once wrote.

On a not so cheery note, I'm hearing reports that Joba's dad apparently collapsed at his home in Lincoln, Neb., and is hospitalized in critical condition. Joba has left the team.
Hang in there, kid.

Yeah Bill, the story is all over It's never good to see that, no matter what team they play for. I hope he's okay.

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