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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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Obviously the * in the title replaces the letters i & r right?

Ortiz was 1 for 10 with 0 bb in the 2 game set at the Stadium after jersey removal.

Also he was a paltry 4 for 15 with 1 rbi in the 3 games in Boston immediately after it was dug up.

All of which suggests: no correlation. Or perhaps he is still cursed in NY.

All of which suggests: no correlation.

Really? No correlation? Seriously, how can you say there is no correlation between digging up a jersey in New York and Big Papi's ability to hit a baseball? If EVER there were two things that are inter-related it's gotta be these two. I heard that Manny asked a kid in Washington Heights to put an emapanada on the A train tracks for good luck, next thing I know you'll tell me that had nothing to do with Manny's torrid start. Yeesh. What a spoilsport you are.

You say no correlation. I say inadvertent curses are the hardest to shake off. Even Big Papi needs a little time.

does anyone still believe that this story had anything to do with an actual sox fan? i still get a good laugh from the video footage of the droves of press corps snapping photos as the shirt is unearthed. if you look close enough you can see Geraldo in the background giving away strategic troop locations.

other promotions i didn't buy in on....
clear pepsi
spray butter
windows millennium edition
the ford edsel

does vinnie "the die hard sox fan from the bronx" get anything from the auction of his shirt? seems like he should.

What he should get is a fine for $50,000 (or the union should get a fine for $50,000), which is what it cost the Yankees to dig up the shirt he put there.

The auctioning off was actually by the Jimmy Fund (or the Red Sox), as it was donated to them by the Yankees.

I say inadvertent curses are the hardest to shake off.

True enough. Took me a good three+ decades to meet the right woman!

Rob Bradford reporting on his blog that David Pauley has been recalled from P'tucket to start tonight in place of Beckett, who has neck stiffness.

As ever, SF completely misconstrues my post. The emapanada episode is entirely dependent on WHEN Manny placed said meat-filled pastry on the tracks in question. It's entirely possible that his torrid start is attributable to run-over latin appetizing. Obviously.

I'm going to be at the game tonight. A bit less exciting now that Beckett isn't pitching, but I'll be taking plenty of pictures from the center field seats nonetheless.


Send us a few snaps Andrew.

Andrew - if the Elf ends up catching, PLEASE send pictures!

Where's the Yanks gamer? Grrr. =P

this story seems awfully similar to another that i read. the wording is almost the exact same except its watered down slightly here.

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