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Friday, April 11, 2008


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....Or Dane Cook.

In related news, someone left a soiled diaper in the toilet at the new stadium.

According to the story in the NY Post, the shirt was placed in teh concrete unfder the visitors' locker room. Shouldn't it have been placed under the Yanks' locker room?

The really sad thing is this "story" is getting front page treatment, even in a rag. Even sadder is that I went to their site just to read it.

Let's hope the Sox gets.. buried.. ;)

To cleanse the palate, I suggest this on-going Q&A from Jack Curry on Yanks-Sox:

i christen thee "the house a sox jersey built".

...Or Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon..

Isn't this guy a huge Yankee fan?

I don't know but if that's the case you can have him.

Seriously, take him.

This makes no sense. Why do you BURY a Sox jersey - isn't that a terrible metaphor?! Wouldn't it be better to put one hidden inside a wall, unbeknownst to anyone, inside the Yankee locker room? As someone who knows about the innards of buildings, I can think of all sorts of places I might stealthily hide a jersey for symbolism. Burying one beneath the park, a la Jimmy Hoffa, isn't one of them.

> This makes no sense

That's what I thought. If you really want some voodoo, why not sneak some dirt from the Fenway infield and mix it in the aggregate when pouring the Yankee locker room. And if you are going for posterity, use a genuine jersey, not a cheap-ass t-shirt. Or to really mess with them, leave a smoke detector inside a ceiling in the locker room. I made this mistake when finishing my basement. In time when the battery fades enough, it will begin to emit a light, muffled chirp every 10 or 15 minutes, decreasing in frequency and volume over time until the battery finally dies, but the process takes years. Drove me flippin' insane, but only because I was too cheap and lazy to rip out the drywall.

They found the 'Shirt Buried at Yankee Stadium'

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