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Friday, March 07, 2008


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wow! Great work.

Um, as a Yankee fan moderator here, I will provide the faux sneak peek of the list that doesn't exist: Babe Ruth has a few seasons in my top 10. Gehrig does as well.


You are a madman. Brilliant.

Can't wait to see the rest. Does Denny Doyle make the list, I wonder?!

I am sure you will include Smoky Joe Wood's 34 win, 464 inning performance in 1912 somewhere in your list - both for the overwhelming nature of Wood's contribution to the Sox's first season and WS at Fenway and as a monument to one of the all time examples of pitcher abuse in the majors, abuse which probably destroyed Wood's career and (I believe) kept him out of the HOF.

I wonder how many Pitcher Abuse points Wood accumulated that season........

You are truly a madman Paul, I love it. I can't wait for th rest.

Cy Young's numbers blow my mind, what the hell was he made out of?

Yes, Wood is indeed on this list somewhere. Worth noting though that Wood never pitched as well after he broke his thumb during spring training in 1913. Not necessarily the dead arm he fought through during the World Series that ended his career -- though it well could have if the broken thumb hadn't derailed it first.

Sox vs O's game has started. for those of you without MLB.TV, there is way for you to watch it, but im not sure what the sites policy is on posting details on the not so legal method.
If it is i will post the details

I thought I was a rabid fan. But holy crap, Lois, I don't have that much free time.
Impressive stuff.
Can I expect to see Doug "Dude" Griffin on this list? Billy Rohr?
I would plead for Ned Martin and Ken Coleman in 1967.

50 to 1 is nothing but a giant tease. Yeah, kudos to you for taking the time for it, but still, what value is that list to discussion? It's not as if I could object to Boggs '88 at 46 when I don't know who 45 is.

The whole list at once would have been more thrilling. The only thing left now is criticizing your top picks.

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