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Sunday, March 16, 2008


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you left out one key highlight of his career paul: his audition for "dancing with the stars" with don zimmer...that was a classic moment in sox history let alone pedro's...kinda confirmed for me what kind of guy he was...

Oh I dunno dc, I thought the fact that he was hands-down the dirtiest head-hunter in the game kind of confirmed that long before that brawl. Besides, Zimmer did kind of charge him.

Come on, guys, don't crap all over this exercise. Pedro was ridiculously good. It's amazing he was part of only one championship, and in his last year. The guy was a supernova and in the AL East.

no crapping 'a yf'...i was just kidding, sort of...pedro was a great pitcher, but a bigger jerk...i was just reminding paul of that detail...he's doing such a good job with these profiles, i just thought he'd want to complete the picture on this red sox great...

I always thought that being a dominant pitcher and being a jerk were one in the same. It's hard to be great without knowing it.
Clemens? Check.
Ryan? Check.
Unit? Check.
Beckett? Check.

The list goes on and on. Great pitchers know they own the plate and protect it. Regardless of which team they play for, they're always going to instill some level of fear in a batter. It's part of the makeup. Yeah, he was a jerk sometimes, but in the end, I'd rather he be a jerk with seasons like this, than be a nice guy getting hammered. I'd much rather have that guy that guys don't want to get into the box against.
Just me, though.

Having only a superficial knowledge of Sox history, I'm thinking it will be quite interesting to if Pedro's 1999 beats out Ted Williams' .406 season.

I was thinking about the same thing, Nick. Personally, I'd rather have Pedro's year than any other pitching year in history, and since pitching wins (imho), I'd have to take the pitcher over the hitter every day of the week.

Good call Nick. I think Pedro's 1999 season wins because it's something most of us had never seen in our lives. Pedro completely dominated everyone he faced, and won both the Cy Young and MVP for it. Ted Williams' .406 season was amazing too, but .406 is still just over 40% success. I know that's an EXTREMELY simplistic way of looking at it (especially considering how difficult it is to bat even .300), but Pedro dominated the way no one else dominated.

And yeah DC, what would you have done if someone charged at you? All Pedro did was throw him to the ground; many others would throw punches no matter who charges the mound.

Also Brad, I wouldn't call Nolan Ryan a "jerk", he was just pretty fricken awesome.

By the way, Colon started the inning off well (with 2 strikeouts, a walk and a hit) and then collapsed for 4 earned runs. Tavarez comes in for relief in the 1st. Ugh.

At least Beckett's back is coming along nicely, and Daisuke is set for opening day.

I apologize for setting the wrong tone. Pedro was truly an amazing pitcher.

I only meant "jerk" in the sense of being a dominant inside pitcher that would occasionally plunk a guy for stepping too far in, or running his mouth. Guys feared him, like most great pitchers that have been mentioned. I'm sure he was a great guy, but on the mound, it was another story indeed.

One thing is for sure..
Bartolo, no matter how well he's pitching, can't pitch against NY. They're in his head.
Lets just hope, for both teams, it doesn't come down to a Mussina v. Colon matchup for any real purpose. ha.

Why the focus on Pedro's 1999? Not to give anything away, but another debate we should be having is which season was better: Pedro's 1999 or Pedro's 2000. Does Williams' 1941 top either, both or neither of these?

"...And yeah DC, what would you have done if someone charged at you? ..."

well atheose, is the someone 70-something years old? ....anyone who saw it with both eyes open realize that pedro instigated that incident, and could have backed off without any physical guys are still po-d at him [zim] for blowing '78...pedro's a jerk period....sorry my original joke rubbed you the wrong way, and brad's attempt to gloss over and defend pedro's nasty side comes up short...

it's possible beckett just didn't want to make the trip...not complaining though theo, please don't fine him or anything...

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