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Friday, November 09, 2007


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Great post Paul thanks for that! Ill need to keep this all in mind for my fantasy team next year. When does that start by the way?

I'm too distracted by the collusion accusation to focus on PECOTA right now. This Arod thing gets weirder and weirder by the day.

Great post - fascinating stuff, makes me want to look a bit more into the inner workings of how they do these projections.

I'm a little curious as to why they bother projecting W-L records for the pitchers. I suppose you can make some guesses for relief pitchers based on the situations you think they'll be used in and the total runs you think they'll give up, but for starters W-L is so dependent on the opposing pitcher, and therefore a complete crapshoot.

And where are the projections of IP?!

But enough whining from me - great post.

NSTB - collusion? what? I haven't heard anything about this, and it doesn't seem to be in the headlines...?

The players' union released a two paragraph statement warning the owners against colluding because they got nervous about Theo's idea to have all the GMs in one room talk about what players they were interested in at one time (as opposed to the inefficient method of making 29 different phone calls).

In it, the union mentions it believes the commissioner is trying to hold down the salary of at least one player. Obviously, that's referring to A-Rod, but it all sounds like rumor, unfounded speculation and silliness to me.

My favorite comment from both threads...

Igawa will be in the conversation for rookie of the year. i know he throws in the high 80s and he has weak offspead pitches but i think with some major league coaching he will fair better then matsuzaka because matsuzaka has immense pressure to succede

hahahah. Sometimes it's funny to read what we write in hindsight.

brad, you're saying DiceK had a better year than Igawa? Well i guess we are each entitled to our own opinions...

Incredible work.

Amazing post. It's always fun to look back on predictions and expectations, and it's a pleasure to take an in-depth look at the numbers you've gathered.

thanks Paul, awesome stuff.

Wow man, wow. While we all appreciate the work, you need to get out of the house man.

Again, great stuff, Paul!

Nice. Love that number-crunchin'.

Heh, I say the Sox fell short on win projections almost entirely because of...Eric Gagne.

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