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Friday, October 05, 2007


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I have to admit that I have always been a bit of a closeted Carmona booster since he hinted that he may be a bit of a Randy Newman fan by giving a certain second basemen conniptions. Coincidentally, Newman wrote a musical version of Faust.

why the hell would he put Matsui in the five hole?
That makes absolutely zero sense.

Brad, agreed. If A-Rod sees a hittable pitch this game, I'd be shocked.

I'm with you guys, Matsui in the 5 hole make absolutely no sense. Of course, I'm not a MLB manager.

The TBS announcers are talking about stealing bases, and what a runner is thinking. They basically just said "A runner looks to see if a pitcher is going to turn to first base, or throw home." This is pretty self explanatory.

Wow, Matsui in the 5-hole? Against a lefty? Does Torre know something we don't? Did Carmona lose a poker match and has to pay Matsui back by pitching a few down-the-middle fastballs?

Isn't Fausto a righty?

Carmona is a righty. Putting Matsui in the 5-hole is still ludicrous, however.

I'm off to my friendly neighborhood pub to watch the game. Might be useful to have copious amounts of alcohol at hand...

Go Yankees!!!

Um. I counted and Matsui is in the 6-hole. Unless we're discussing that Kaz fellow who plays for the Rockies? Splitting hairs, I guess, but it's not the 5-hole.

Pete A. has him hitting 5th.

Me ^^

Despite Pete A's connections, I trust ag a little more. The Yankee fans on his blog are a little more civil toward (outsiders/each other/Yankee players).

ESPN's box has him at 5th too. Was Posada's AB last night w/ bases juiced that bad? Despite two lefties back-to-back (Matsui/Cano), ag's lineup is better, clearly.

My mistake everyone, I thought Carmona was a lefty for some reason. Anyways, we'll see how it works out tonight. Maybe Matsui has great numbers against Carmona.

Matsui was 1-3 against Fausto this year. I'm guess that isn't what determined his spot in the lineup tonight.

Lohud/ESPN are right and I am wrong. My lineup is wishful thinking and less-than-stellar editing from carrying over the html for the player links from last night's thread. Corrected now.. thanks for the heads-up.

Pettitte has a 4.08 career ERA in the postseason in 34 starts, 212 IP. That's a whole freakin season, just in Octobers!

Carmona is hitting the corners with the sinker. Looks like this strikezone is gunna be a good deal larger than last night.

Jeter at 0-2.

Carmona is nasty thus far. If only Wang had this strike zone..

11 pitches, 9 for strikes, and I'm struck at work. After half inning, no score.

That really didn't go too well. Fausto blazing, hitting the zone, and getting a little help on the few balls where he could use it. ball really moving.

Carmona did look sick that inning.

That really didn't go too well.

Sounds like it's going great to me. :-D

Leadoff single by Sizemore.

Well atleast the DP cleared the bases.

463 DP. That's the way to do it!

OK this announcer is starting to bug me alot at this point. Lots of excitement for everything that indians do well. "A single right back where it came from to lead off!" and just normal intonations for the Yanks DP.

Well, AP gets the DP love too.

> I trust ag a little more. The Yankee fans on his blog

Thanks for the kind words, Quo. But don't go trusting me too much. Here's look inside my baseball mind. And it ain't my blog. They just let me scribble here in trade for cleaning up after the keggers.

AP strikes out Hafner. Let's go Yanks!

Hafner down looking on an inside strike to end the inning.

Yeah! More like it now!

he just seemed disapointed that hafner Kd just now.

Sam - TBS is just trying to enforce a Braves-Indians alliance. Nothing personal.

The announcer just got excited about the strikeout, so I guess it's not too bad. I wonder how they'll act when in Yankee stadium.

Oh ya. 8 pitches first inning for AP. I hope he goes far, even with an off day tomorrow. Or better yet, the Yanks blow out Carmona, so we can save AP for game 5.

I've been busy at work today, what's the word on that? Any chance for a Wang/AP 4/5?

ARod pops out to leadoff the inning.

ARod not working the count. Though it looked down the middle, and just enough to get him to pop up. All we need is a HR or two from him and I'm good.

I remember back in the days, Bernie used to carry this team...

Chokey McChokester pops up on the first pitch. I'm surprised he got a pitch that good.

Matsui working a 6 pitch walk.

Lar, I always liked Bernie. He always showed dignity and class while playing the game. An all-around great guy. It pissed me off too, because I wanted to hate him.

Carmona throws ARod a pitch right down the middle, but walks Matsui? Is this the twilight zone?

Ya, and though I used to make fun of Bernie not being clutch because he always kicked ass in ALDS and ALCS, but not as good in the World Series. Hah, how I long for those days when we get to the World Series to suck in!

I did notice how excited the announcers got for Indians hits last night. More excited than I thought was warranted for non-team-affiliated announcers. I wanted to compare it to Yankee moments, see if maybe they were just excitable guys, but I tuned in just after the fifth...

Posada draws a DP. On to the bottom of the 2nd.

It looks like it may be a doubple play fiesta tonight.

TBS announcer just said the Posada is the most underrated Yankee in recent history. Might be true, but only in a relative sense.

Posada hits a pitch that might be on the outside for a double play. A good 7 pitch at bat, but the result is not so good.

yeah paul not too much to get excited for after the 5th but it didnt seem like he got too excited for the yanks "rally" in the fifth.

VMart pops up in foul territory. Good out on a dangerous hitter.

Hey! Queen "Kill all the white people" Latifa threw out the first pitch? She's a Yankees fan! Can't the Indians Organization find any celebrities who root for, you know, the Indians?

Two outs as Garko grounds out.

Walks the dude with the weird spelling.

In general, I -- like apparently everyone else on the planet -- have been completely underwhelmed by TBS thus far.

Thomas and Ripken are AWFUL, the in-game announcers are generally terrible, except for Orsillo and Caray (who have good voices, at least), there are way too few camera angles for a playoff game, and the ones they have seem always to be in the worst spot to catch a play (their replays of the Ortiz homer were hideous -- following the ball until the camera loses it right as it's about to travel into the seats). Never mind cutting into games late, and that ridiculous lead ruler that put out there for baserunners. They also don't deploy their strike-zone monitor -- which is poorly designed and confusing (two boxes?) -- enough.

So except for the bad in-studio commentators, in-game announcers, graphics and camera angles, TBS is doing a hell of a job.

Pettite should be on that Dancing show after that move.

Pettitte (15 strikes, 12 balls) not exactly pounding the zone.

Peralta steals second. Wasn't AP the best at holding people on at some point?

Lofton also fouling off some tough pitches. And then singles to drive up Peralta. WTF.

Any story as to why Peralts spells his name with the "h" out of place?

Wow, I spoke too soon. Wow. Melky throws out Peralta, it's still tied at 0.


Peralta should have been held at 3rd. Melky has been gunning people out this year like a Mob hitman.

Lofton with another hit. Is the guy holding a grudge from that failed Yankee thing?

Peralta out at the plate, according to GameDay.

At end of 2, AP at 29 pitches, Carmona at 25 pitches.

peralta should have rolled possada if he was gonna be out by that far at the plate...if ever there was a time to do it when it's the playoffs.

I'm very pleasantly corrected, of course. I thought with Peralta's speed. Go Melky!

Peralta goes for home, and it's not even close. Melky's golden arm strikes again.

Peralta was out by several strides. Lofton's single to center was fielded quickly by Melky, who threw a one hop strike to Posada.

Peralata was out by about 5 feet. Thanks for the replay TBS.

Here's Robby.

And TBS inexplicably does not show a replay of what they just called a "defensive gem." *boggle*

Robby grounds out. Let's go Melky, let's get some things started!

Finally they show the replay, after the other Cabrera makes a nice grab to retire Cano.


Love that game.

I've never in my life found myself longing for FOX baseball coverage.


Melky with a bomb.




the milk man taketh, and the milk man giveth!!

and why are the announcers from TBS telling us what the finger symbols mean for the indians?

he says
and melky hits a homer....and with possada changing up signals for no reaosn earlier it makes you wonder.

Great hanging slider there.

How often do you see someone make a great plate in the field and then hits a HR on the bottom half of the inning? No idea, but this is great anyhow!


Man, Chip Caray is such a freaking Cleveland homer. Or an anti-Yankees homer.

Melky hits it hard. Silence for a second. "...Man, how far is that one going to go. It is out of here."

Jesus christ. Maybe they think they shoot always root for the home team? Who knows. Melky is the player of the game so far.

Doug M flies out to center. Two outs.

> How often

I don't know, but I sure am happy for Melky to break out of his recent anemia.

Doug breaks his bat and flies out meekly to center.

I wasn't paying attention the entire flight (still at work) so I didn't know if it was fair or not. But still.

That HR erased all doubt of bias from Chip Carey. Can you imagine if that was an indian?

let's just hope that pettite doesn't give away this lead like wang did.

Carmona ends the inning with 42 pitches, 27 strikes, as Damon taps a dribber. The big hit from Melky brings it 1-0 Yanks.

Andrew: until game 3, I'll give these guys the benefit of the doubt and assume they're just sheep for the home crowd in general.

It doesn't change that the complete no-selling of Melky's home run really annoyed me. You'd think he flied out given Caray's reaction.

I bet 100% we'd hear another "CLEVELAND ROCKS!"

My only reservation left about his bias is that he's decided to cheer for the home team in every game.

snowballa, you're a ray of sunshine, eh? =P

Oh ya, I heard the "Cleveland Rocks!" yesterday. Other than being a homer, it was also totally lame.

This guy is Harry Carrey's son, of course he's a homer!

That's too bad because Carey does have a great voice. It's annoying to hear announcers get excited just for one team. I like it when announcers get excited, but it's gotta be equal unless you're watching the hometown network, and even then, I don't think Remy and Orsillo are as bad as these guys.

Man, I forgot about "Cleveland Rocks!" That was awwwwful.

Agreed Paul. These guys are supposed to be neutral. I shudder to say it but Joe Buck is way better.

Who are the guys for the sox series?

Michaels doubles the other way to lead off the inning against AP.

I hate that funky fence at the Jake.

A Michaels double and Caray shows 10 times more emotion over it than Melky's HR. Pathetic.

Am I the only one who's annoyed that everyone reverts the stats to zero for the postseason? Jason Michaels is not a 1.000 hitter. Don't ask me how, but I just know this...

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