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Monday, October 29, 2007


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congrats. and lame.

Are we going to get an ARod thread yet?

yeah, congrats to the Sox fans. The best team won. A great season.

And what a truly shitty day for a Yanks fan. But I'm sure we'll be talking about it for a while.

My Condolences To True Red Sox Fans

This may seem like the greatest time in your life to be a Red Sox fan. And it might be...for a little bit longer. But take it from a Yankees' fan that it won't be as fun as you might expect. Bandwagon fans are about to come out of the woodwork sporting Boston hats and jerseys. Your team will be picked to win the World Series for the nest few years by every expert that has a voice. There will be no more pleasant surprises (ala 2004) but only the meeting of expectations, even if you win the World Series.

You will hear about payroll from every other teams' fans in baseball. They will point to how few of the guys in your everyday line-up you actually developed. Even your management might get greedy (who needs Lowell/Boone when we can land A-Rod/A-Rod).

Fewer and fewer of your "fans" will be able to relate to your stories about Mookie's grounder. You'll have to pick up at the ALCS comeback in 2004 in order to hold conversations.

I've been there. Most Yankees' fans have no clue that Don Mattingly was the best played in baseball at one time, or that Edgar Martinez is still my most hated baseball player of all-time for breaking my heart in 1995. So it will be for long-time Red Sox fans now, too.

So congrats. You have your dynasty. You are on top of the baseball world. But, as a fan of a team that has slowly fallen off of that very perch, I hat to inform you that it ain't all it's cut out to be.

Congratulations, Sox. Well done indeed, and I agree with Nick, a great season. Happy celebrations, Sox fans.

While you sleep off your well-earned hangovers for the next few months, I'll be sweating in the deep dark void of the Bronx exodus.

It's a problem I would love to have right now, Cv.. =P

Thanks, Gerb.

We knew the team was good, but we didn't think they were this good. Happy -- check that -- OVERJOYED -- to have been utterly wrong.

Wow, CV, couldn't wait for the actual parade to piss on it? Sheesh.

I was crying as I smoke a cigar and drink REALLY GOOD champagne

Can someone delete CV's post? SF? I think it was agaisnt the atmosphere of peace on this blog

props to classy yf's around these parts. some of this toasting goes to you all as well.

this is truely a great time to be a royal rooter.

Cv, we're not like YFs.

We're stoked for more amzing years with Ells, Dustin and Paps, Papi and Manny, Beckett and Oki and yep, DiceK, who I predict will have a huge 2008.

(And I sure hope we don't sign ARod.)

just read that A-Rod IS opting out of his Yankee career... Makes me sad. It's also difficult to switch gears and suddenly hate him.

Oh, yeah: And Buchholz. And Lester. And Youks.

New England's decades of suffering give SFs a different take on success.

We gotta resign Lowell. WWe gotta.

Cv, such is the general malaise of the bourgeoisie. Meat helmets. Luge racing.

YanksFans waiting to kvetch about the Bombers' sorry state of affairs, know that I'm _positive_ the pace will be breakneck to the point of disgust for Bronx-related articles soon, but for now, I'm satisfied to enjoy/despair the Sox phenomenal success, because tomorrow there is no baseball. And none on Tuesday, or Wednesday. And with that realization, so begins the long, slow slide into oblivion until pitchers and catchers report to foster another debate about the significance grapefruit and cactus games. Now is the winter our Bomber's discontent.

In week so so, it'll settle in..l no more baseball.

Honestly, at first.. I'll enjoy it. I could use a night where I can just.. sleep (I'll sleep well onight) but I need an emotional break.

Usually it takes me a month or so.. then I'll be chomping at the bit for Pitchers and Catchers

I love Lowell, but Ellsbury was so the MVP!

Ellsbury will have his chance at the MVP. Book it!

Frnakly.. I expected Paps to get the MVP. But Im very happy with Lowell.



I also have to say, after all the (natural) carping about Francona through the long 162-game slog, whatever he does, it works. He's done twice what I never thought would happen in my lifetime at all.

(Only next year, spread out Oki's work juuussst a little more.)

Indeed Hudson. Extend Terry but tell him to give Oki a little more rest. Poor guy.

I was expecting Ellsbury as MVP but I'll take Lowell. (Please re-sign him.)

How are MVP's picked, anyway?

If we DONT resign Lowell... I will have to buy a shotgun and take a trip to Boston

But.. thats for another day

We're the Champs baby

and for the first time since April... I'll get a good nights sleep


heck of a series.


Waa!@ pOst game visual feed all funky (online version.. no NESN for me)

Ok.. a little more sober now. Anyone else still up? Any one wanna chat with me live and maybe any other YSSFers on IRC?

I'll be on irc at stardust.chat-solutions.org

Channel: YFvsSF

Join me!

I have no idea how to use IRC, but I'm on AIM as soxgirl9418. And yes, I'm slightly embarrassed about that screenname.

You think YOUR embarrassed? My nick is JakRhee

The embarrassing thing is WHY thats my nick

Just watching the postgame play the last out one more time... and there's pandemonium on the field... heckuva anniversary present for the 1967 crew, huh?


Damn it feels good right now!!... Just wanted to say that I don't post much, but have read everyday for two seasons now. Thanks to all you guys here at YSSF for the (mostly) sane discourse. Its a great complement to a fantastic season!! Congrats to the Sox organization, and thanks for another phenomenal season.

PLEASE bring Lowell back!

By the way...

How logn before Jordan's furniture declares bankruptcy? ;-)

Wow, what a night! Barely any sleep and half drunk still. So much fun!!!!

Lowell and Schilling deserve new contracts as does Tito. Indeed, Tito deserves to be paid among the best in the game.

But there will be time enough for that! Wow, good times!

P.s. Jordan's bought an insurance policy. And just say no to A-Rod - who needs him? :)

Is it wrong that I really don't feel that happy right now? I mean I'm happy but not like crazy happy. I think I'm just sick of the fake fans already.

congrats to good sox fans everywhere...the word dynasty is often over-used to describe a team on a hot streak, but with 2 wins in the past 4 years, and the very promising potential for more, with perhaps some back to back wins, the sox would appear to be on the brink of a dynasty here...as a yf, that's a scary thought...the yanks clearly have a lot to do to catch up to the sox in the front office, the on-field product, and let's face it, image...i think that all Cv was trying to say with his rather ill-timed post that had a strong whiff of sour grapes was that it is tough to be a the top, when there's only one way to go from there...with people crapping on you when you don't meet ridiculous expectations...but heck, like lar commented, who wouldn't want that problem?...anyway, enjoy good sox fans...to the mean-spirited, cocky, and newly arrogant sox fans, not to mention the band-wagoners, i hope someone spits in your champagne...

in the meantime, talk about bad timing...how 'bout boras and a.rod trying to upstage the world series?...good riddance

I am swamped at work and today is a travle day so can't post muc but just wanted to say:

1. Congratulations Sox fans - though it makes me semi-ill to say it and I frankly would not have said it to anyone before finding this site, the regular SFs here certainly gained my respect...enjoy this one. It's just too bad your team couldnt' do it in convincing fashio this year (joke!). Sorry that this ended up being not the frist or even second but actuially the THIRD story on ESPN's baseball coverage today, after A-Rod and rumors that Girardi is now in front of Mattingly for the NY manager position. Even I can admit that SFs deserve better than that.

2. If stories re: Girardi are true, I'm happily suprised. I think Mattingly would be good and frankly expected NY to name him, but if in fact it is Girardi, the guy I was pulling for from the start, I'll be ven slightly more interested and excited for next year.

3. A-Rod: putting aside the ridiculous timing, I feel strangely ambivalent. I get that he is uber-great, that watching him go for 800+ HRs and all the other records would have been fun, but I totally agree with Peter Gammons: "buyer beware...this guy has never played ni a WS and maybe there is a reason". I just don't feel as bad as most people seem to think YFs should feel about this. Good riddance. And good job Cash and Steinbrenner(s) for sticking by a sound decision here.

But yeah, most of all (wretch!), congratulations to the regular SFs here. See you next year, when your manager will be managing the All-Star game in the last year of Yankee Stadium (double-wretch!)...

thanks, IH.

By the way, more disturbing to me than any impending NY slide - which I don't really expect (unless Steinbrenner X 2 turns out to be complete idiots, which I also don't expect); is the fact that Boston seems set to be great for years to come. This is a largely young team that has taken the lead set by Ortiz and Beckett all the way up and down the line-up and rotation: i.e. how to perform in the clutch. It is astonishing how well virtually every player (except Gagne) came up when they needed to at different points this post-season. Astonishing. That to me is much more of a concern for the future of ALEast battles than a NY team without A-Rod (or Torre).

The one thing I missed last night (and they may have shown it later) was the shots of the bars back in Boston. I would have liked to have seen Fan reactions back there.

I stole this from Surviving Grady, but it's worth repeating here.

Okajima's first and last pitch of the season were both homeruns. Everything in between was pretty awesome, though.

Congratulations Sox Fans.

Going forward the "Trisk" has officially been dropped. I told you guys months ago he wouldn't be back.

PS-I picked the WS MVP and told you the ALCS would go 7 games, what do I win for that?

that's the saddest part for me--No more Trisk!

I'm a little late to this party....

Congratulations, Sox Fans! A great season for your team, culminated with a fantastic postseason. Very nicely done, indeed.

i have only one complaint about last night's game:

ortiz should've played the entire game in his goggles.

what a wasted opportunity...

Nick, think about this...

Sox win WS, sorry, Sox SWEEP WS.

A-Rod opts out.

The Yankees name Girardi manager and lose Donald Arthur. (By day's end)

That's a lot to swallow in a 24 hour period. What's next Scooter the Squirrel is signing a FA deal with the Sox?

If Scooter signs with the Sox I'm beocming a soccer fan.


Lester's girlfriend is smokin' hot. Just wanted to mention it.

Congrats SFs, a truly dominant showing. We've got our work cut out for us for a long time to come.

Great year. Watching this team evolve, and watching the way Francona handled them throughout the year was a joy. I'm sure they had their squabbles, but nothing better than watching a group of 25 guys, all of whom are likable, all of whom understood that the collective goal was more important than individual stats, run onto the field and act like kids. From Pedey to Paps to Papi, this one was sweet. Hats off also to the Front Office of Henry, Warner, Lucchino, and Theo, all of whom also have come to understand that the organizational goal is bigger than the individual ego.

We're the best, guys. And damn, does it feel good.

Ya know, I read CV's post and, at first, I was a little put off by it, but the more I read it, the more I think he's made a fair point.

As a long time Sox fan, I see it already. I peruse the various blogs and message boards of Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sportsline etc., and see posts that repeatedly ridicule the Sox for their payroll. Some now refer to us as the new Evil Empire. And then there's the fairweather bandwagon fans who've come out in legion who actually suggested that it would be "nice" to win it all at Fenway. Would it be nice? Sure. But this is the World Series. There is no tomorrow. It's for all the marbles and you take your wins when you can get them.

I'm not so sure I'm quite as pessimistic as CV, but I have to grudgingly admit that there's something to what he says. The times are indeed strange when I find myself commiserating/identifying with a Yankees fan.

In any event, great job Sox. Already, looking forward to spring training, another run at the WS and the renewal of the Sox v. Yankees rivalry. :)

The problem with CV's post is that we saw all that after 2004? What, we haven't dealt with fake fans and people calling the Red Sox "Yankee lite" yet?

It's just a bitter attempt to make himself feel better by saying winning ain't all its cracked up to be. I'm gonna go ahead and say it is.

At any rate, I thought Papelbon would win the Series MVP also, but I can't say Lowell was undeserving. I think he will be re-signed, and I think there is no reason the Red Sox cannot repeat. The core is there, is young and has every reason to show improvement in 2008. It's an exciting time -- finally, after many years of frustration -- to be a Red Sox fan.

Have Beckett and Papelbon done their "Riverdance" celebration yet?

Anybody got a link to that?

Congrats Sox fans...you are the champs so there isn't much else to say at this point. This blog is such a great place and it's been really fun having adult conversations about our two teams. I look forward to all the banter next season...enjoy your Championship!

Just woke up..
What a night.
Thanks to everyone here who supplied very cordial congratulations from the the other side; you guys truly are the outliers in your fan base.
Oh man. I'm in terrible shape today.

It was bitter Paul, but there was truth in it as well.

But it doesn't diminish what this team did. They persevered. The Yankess played out of their minds for 4 months, but the Sox never blinked. They kept winning games and when they founds themselves down 3-1 in the ALCS, they fought back and rolled over both the Tribe and Rockies in quick succession. A very gutsy, professional team.

Oh man. I'm in terrible shape today.

Me, too, Brad. Me, too. The only thing that got me out of bed was thr thought of watching highlights on SportsCenter...

Can anyone get me a copy of the Globe? I'll GLADLY pay shipping and what have you. Even a handling few! I jsut need a copy!

my email is agastald SPLAT gmail DOT com


// the fact that Boston seems set to be great for years to come. //

The Sox hit upon a formula for success so great and so obvious, it's hard to believe others don't get it:

Combine the stathead approach for part of your roster with the proven-star approach. Mingle stars with undervalued talent and homegrown rookies. Emphasize OBP, defense, and pitching.

It won't bring Boston a ring every year, but maybe every 2-5 years with some regularity.

(I've been looking for the postseason and WS stats, and am very curious to see what their OBP and WHIP over the final stretches were. I'll bet both were killer.)

I'm expecting even greater things in 2008 from Ellsbury and Pedroia; the same astonishing work from Paps; a second-year stellar performance by DiceK; more good things from Oki; continued patient mashing from Youks, Manny and Papi; solid 4-5s in Lester and Buchholz... And the depth goes on.

Main questions for the offseason seem to be:

1. Can they unload Coco? (Unless Drew could be moved, it seems Crisp must be sacrificed to make way for the Second Coming of Carl Yastrzemski, a/k/a Jacoby; and perhaps J.D. finally found his Boston footing in the offseason.)

2. Can or should they resign Schilling? I suspect Theo won't, but I would if he'd take a short contract. He may not be a #1 or #2 for long, but he's still got a lot in the tank, barring injury.

3. Is there any chance of landing Santana? If the Sox are going to spend like Steinbrenner, better Johan than ARod by a longshot, and better to keep him out of a Yankee uni.

4. Shortstop. Lugo has his moments when I get tempted to think "Awww, keep him." But I do tend to think the Sox could do better. Yet -- and this is incredible -- I'd much rather Julio than Alex. Yeah, you heard me!

5. Relief, relief, relief. If there's one thing that the past few seasons have shown, it's that Boston can never start the season with too many arms in the bullpen. Invariably some of them are going to flop, and some will get injured. (I'm completely uncertain whether Donnelly was a one-year hire, and don't remember the nature of his injury.) Middle relief and set-up men must be stockpiled like cordwood.

6. On that note: Tim freakin' Wakefield, folks! If ever someone should be brought back for sentimental reasons, it's Wakes, and then there's the non-sentimental fact that he won 17 games this year. I'd grab him for the pen/fill-in starts in a heartbeat.

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