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Saturday, September 15, 2007


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i started to pass out at my computer last night. i waved the white flag and went to bed as the 8th was getting underway.

impressive that they got to okajima and papelbon.

here's to the hope that momentum exists.

i need to peek at the highlights.

must have been a great night at fenway.

"must have been a great night at fenway."

Hmm. Five hour game. Errors. Tons of LOB all around. Blown five run lead with six outs to go. I guess it all depends on your perspective.

The sausages were good, at least!

Nice rational for Pap's performance. I also agree that there was no reason to bring Oki in with a 5 run lead. Maybe not Gagne, but with 5 runs at your disposal I think another should have been given a shot first.

The Yankees are looking like a very dangerous team in the playoffs--maybe the prohibitive AL pennant favorite.

Since the All-Star Break, the Yankees have had the best record in baseball, with the Red Sox second.

Their offense is "Murderer's Row and Cano" 2.0

The SOX scored 7 runs against arguably the best Yank pitcher, without Manny. They ain't chopped liver.

@BostonRAW: Yeah, they scored seven runs off of a bunch of errors. Giambi cost us 3 runs and so did Jeter's over throw.

With that said, I too went to sleep. Wasn't feeling well and felt that if the Yankees were going to play like a Double A team, they don't deserve to have me watch it. I did dream that we came back to win it, but never did I actually believe it until I phoned in for the score and heard "The Yankees edge the Red Sox, 8 to 7." Of course, I had to turn on the SportsCenter to confirm it then turn on the computer to read the buildup. The surprise and glee from the Yankees fans and of course the surprise and agony of the Red Sox fans.

With that being said, today is the game I want the most. Beckett is a fucking asshole. Here's hoping that he explodes and the Yankees win behind Wang.

That may be the case but even so, it's a dynamic that will not change because the Yanks are a poor defensive team. Expecting Oki and Pap's to implode again as they did is unrealstic. Expecting the Yanks to perform poorly in the field is not.

Clownboy, your use of the word "anomaly" spurred my curiousity so I looked it up. Here's what I found:

a-nom-a-ly. n. pl. -lies: 1. Winning one champiohship over the course of 87 years; 2. a rational argument made in an articulate manner by any one of the race of clownmen.

To be sure I had it right, I looked up the antonym. Here is what I found:

1. The latest installment in a long history of come from behind victories for one team over another.

Standard disclaimer for regular SFs around here: This message intended for clownboy only. I have respect for the regulars and certainly for the RS team as much as I dislike them, but clownboy deserves it.

P.S. clownboy, you asked "what crow" you should be eating. I refer you to last night's thread - the 11:55 pm post. After all, we wouldn't want you to miss a meal.

@BostonRAW: I don't believe that the Yanks have had many poorly played defensive games in the second half. I do know one thing, if I see Giambi at first base again, I might have to have a talk with Torre. I don't know if Oki imploding again is that unrealistic. It's not like this is his first time giving up a couple of hits especially of late.

And I love that title "Murderers Row and Cano."

I was pissed when Oki came back out for the 8th, with a 5-run lead. Isn't this the guy who has been overused? Doesn't Tito know this? What the hell?

Yanks are 2nd in FPCT
3rd fewest errors
30 more DPs than the Sox

I believe, Mr. RAW, that you are reaching.

The Yankees have the third-best fielding percentage in the league. And they are a 'poor defensive team.' Right. And, Andy Pettitte is not the teams' best starter.

You can look for positives and ignore the negatives all you want, but the fact remains that while Matsuzaka was good, he was worse than his numbers suggested, and Okajima looks completely gassed. I don't know if Eric Gagne is really going to cut it as the Sox's new setup man. Right now they don't really have one.

Can you guys disengage from RAW? He's an anomaly at this site and doesn't share most of our views, or our attitude and sense of decorum. His viewpoint is valid, if wrongheaded, but we hate the debate to be dominated by several in the right shouting down one, anomalous fan in the wrong.

IH, your comments are why so many people despise Yank fans. The fact that of the two teams the SOX are the last WC, and they won that at the expense of your Yanks, in a series many consider the biggest choke job in the history of major league sports, and that your team's last WC came 8 years ago, even though they maintain the highest payroll in MLB - easy, is the present deal, not whatever championships they won back in the 50's.

Get with the present, son.

Snowbella, you don't really consider the defensive abilities of both the Yanks IF and OF 'good', now do you?

Come on, besides Posada, who is quite good, I can't think of a single Yank fielder who is better than average. Melky is close but he takes far too many poor approaches to the ball.

I have great respect for SF and the Sox, so I will disregard RAW's non-sensical posts from hereon.

I seriously don't think RAW even watches the games.

Well, it's nice to win in dramatic fashion, but it was a pretty ugly game all around. Both starters looked pretty bad, to me at least. Giambi was awful at first - it's not an exaggeration to say he cost the Yanks 3 runs last night. Tito took a page out of Torre's book by panicking and mismanaging the 'pen. And my god, as exciting as the Yanks-Sox games can be, the sheer plodding pace and length of the contests makes them almost unwatchable at times.

Hopefully today will be a crisper affair with the two 18-7 aces on the mound.

I believe they only have 6 losses each, no? But if Wang wins today, he will have matched his record of last year, but with better stats!! Is Beckett close to '06 Santana stats?

I've got to get off the computer!

I seriously don't think RAW even watches the games

I have thought the same about many who post here. JD sucks, Wang is better than Beckett, Dice is tired, Oki the same, Gagne is a terrible pitcher. And now; the Yanks are a superior defensive team.

Given those examples, either I am one of the few who actually do watch the games or there is far too much pessimism around here regarding the SOX, the best team in MLB.

Pessimism begets doubt, and doubt begets an interpretation of gameday performance that belies truth.

That was one of the greatest regular season games I have ever watched. Unbelievable comeback...I rode the rollercoaster of emotion the whole game. I just don't think we fear the Sox bullpen anymore than they fear Mo? Looking forward to another battle this afternoon...LET'S GO YANKEES!!!

"Best team in baseball" will be decided in playoffs...

On a different thought, yesterday's Giambi homerun reminds me of the 2 he hit in the 2003 ALCS Game 7. Both looked useless at the time, but boy did they help. Of course, Giambi didn't have a ton of errors in that game oh and that game got us in the World Series.

@BostonRAW: No, I don't think that the Yankees are this great defensive team, but you made it sound like it's more likely that we would have a horrible game in the field than Okajima bombing at the plate, especially since he hasn't been pitching well lately.

Oh, and Jeter needs to sit after this series. Thoughts?

For whatever reason, Oki left two fastballs high over the plate to Giambi and Cano. Some believe that occurs when a pitcher is tired, but Oki cannot be tired for if he was he would be rested by a management team who certainly knows more about the players than we do.

I think he was tense and he choked. That happens a lot to RS players when they face the Yanks, for whatever reason.

Also; Jeter's errors were not expected but Giambi's were. If Torre starts Giambi again the same performance is likely to happen.

Keep it civil fellas. After my giddiness of last night has worn off; I've realized how lucky the Yanks were to pull that off. This Boston team is still extremely dangerous and they don't even have Manny back yet. Today is a must win if the Yanks want to take the series because I suspect Roger is going to get hit hard on Sunday. All this stuff with his elbow doesn't pass the smell test with me. I guess we'll see.

My guess is Clemens is not going tomorrow, regardless of what is being reported. At best, doing so should be considered rushing him back.

I just got this thought. What if the ALDS doesn't feature the Yanks or Red Sox? The Indians and Angels are so largely ignored, but they are both playing very good baseball and could very well beat the two behemoths from the East in a short series.

Listening to WFAN and the host (forgot his name) pondered what if there's a Colorado Rockies/Cleveland Indians world series. I swear, I just shuddered.

Hey, I just realized, i've been a jerk. Of course Melky' a good fielder. So are A-Rod, Abreu, Cano ...

Since I would never think, say, or imply Arod, Cano and Abreu are good fielders, someone must be spamming my identity.

Which is odd because I thought the 'blog management' here did not support that kind of thing. I guess there are different rules for Yank fans....

BostonRaw, the person who posted as you is NOT a regular. But yes you are right, nobody here supports that type of behavior.


John, all I have done since I found this blog is act as a counterbalance to all the SF negativity so pervasive here. Nothing wrong with that, although if you want me to tone it down I will try.

It may prove difficult, i.e. Becket blows, Gagne sucks, Dice is cooked, etc., ad nauseum, but I will try.

BR, You would need to bring that up with SF and YF, that's their call.

>>>On a different thought, yesterday's Giambi homerun reminds me of the 2 he hit in the 2003 ALCS Game 7.

You mean the two he hit while he was, by his own admission, juicing?


I continue to think that the Sox's underuse of Buchholz (whose name I still am not 100% confident trying to spell) is a mistake.

And I hope that Josh Beckett comes into Fenway today seriously p!ssed and on a mission.

"Yanks are a superior defensive team."

I never said the Yanks were superior defensively to the Sox. Look at the stats, and the fielding, and it's obvious the Sox are superior to the Yanks in that regard.

But to say that the Yankees are a BAD defensive team is pretty stupid. Cano, A-Rod and Melky are all at least above average defensively, with Cano being just behind Mark Ellis for best defensive 2b-man in the league. Jeter is obviously horrendous, and so is Giambi at first. But Damon is actually quite good in LF, and Abreu is good in RF when he's not near the wall. Melky's arm is OUTSTANDING (he threw a strike to home plate from CENTER FIELD), and Abreu's arm is still very good. Posada's defense has crumbled compared to last season. Last season he was second only to I-Rod in terms of throwing out batters, I do not know what happened there.

The Yankees, on a whole, are an above-average defensive team, led by Melky's good range and outstanding arm, and Cano's excellent fielding. And A-Rod isn't too bad himself.

"the fact remains that while Matsuzaka was good, he was worse than his numbers suggested"

I disagree, Andrew. His pitch count in the first inning was inflated by a cheesy hit by JD and an error, and he didn't have a great feel for his curve ball in the 1st and 2nd, but I thought his start was very positive. He showed great pitch variation, hit his spots in tough situations, and only had three hard hit balls on him all night (two of which were by the "musclely manly man" er whatever the hell Sutcliff was talking about).

Certainly he was leaps and bounds better than he's been over the past few weeks. He calmed my playoff nerves considerably.


@snowballa: If the Yankees ever see the Indians in the postseason, I'll look forward to that. They own them at Jacobs Field. Pretty much everyone in the lineup has huge numbers at the Jake.

The gamer is up. Lineups will be up as soon as they are available.

Brutal mismanagement by Francona in that game. No need after Sept. 1 to have Okajima starting the eighth inning after getting out of the jam -- particularly, as SF noted, with no one warming, considering his recent performances, both against the Yankees and in general.

Generally,when my mind wanders, it'll turn to baseball and give my mood a boost, usually even after Sox losses. I'm an optimist that way. But today I've been pretty grouchy. Even during the game, heading into the eighth, I knew I was way too confident in the Sox' chances. I thought to myself, "Better watch it. This could be one of those games that teaches you a lesson about it not being over 'til it's over." Sure enough...

Today went from being completely pressure-free to pretty close to a must-win for the Sox. That sucks.

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