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Monday, September 17, 2007


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Wow, what a dick. My god.

Meh. A ten-year-old kid undoubtedly understands the "Yankees Suck" reference. I think it's somewhat in poor taste to write something like that to a kid, but I really don't think it's a huge deal...

The real story is that he did one of his patented Shelley Duncan celebratory arm bashes on the kid after handing him back the autograph. Bystanders were horrified as the kid lay unconscious and Duncan laughed maniacally.

Heh, now that was funny...

yeah, nick.

he busted the kid's neck.

look at the little fella...

Won't somebody please think of the children!!!

Could they make the little punk look any more forlorn, with the head tilt and everything? I am going to puke. Give me a break.

Wait a second - that's Dustin Pedroia!!!!! Forget it, now I don't feel bad at all. Go Shelley.

Well, no one ever accused the Herald of journalistic integrity -- at least not after the post-celebration death photos in 2004.

I'm not sure what to think. Duncan's pretty young himself, so I doubt he intended any ill will, and any 10-year-old should probably be able to take the banter. Still, you don't expect a MLB player to stoop to the level of the fans when they're -- fairly or not -- held up as a role model.

And a lot of 10-year-olds aren't allowed to use words like "suck" (even if they do anyway) -- at least they weren't when I was growing up -- and the parents could rightly be miffed that Duncan's using that kind of language with their child.

You Yankee fans would be screaming bloody murder if the roles were reversed, so give it a rest. It was a dick move, period. He didn't kick any puppies or anything, but this is uncalled for and you know it.

If the parents were actually concerned with their child being exposed to the word 'suck', they should never have brought him to Fenway to begin with. They don't really have too much ground for outrage here.

I wasn't defending him Lockland - relax. I made fun of the photo (surprised they didn't draw tear smudges on the kid) and made a joke re: your rookie-of-the-year. Of course Shelley shouldn't have done it.

I don't blame the parents for being a little miffed, I just blame the Herald for turning this into a story. And I don't really think one's usage of the word "suck" disqualifies them from role model contention; I use that word roughly 600 times per week, particularly with regard to sport, and I don't think it makes me a bad person (even if I'm not inherently role-model-worthy).

I think it's funny; had he signed something like that to me--not that I want Shelley Duncan's autograph anymore then I'd want El Guapo's at this point--I'd have had a laugh. I guess he's a little young for that kind of humor...but unless he's one of those uber-sheltered, born-again types who doesn't go to a public's nothing he isn't used to...

ah, we're just having fun. It seems like a stupid thing to have done on Duncan's part but I don't think there was any malice. Just a bad joke. Having worked with 10 year olds before, there are actually some out there who would find this fun and cool exchange to have with a baseball player. Obviously, Duncan picked the wrong kid and family to do this with. I understand and respect their view as well I guess.

"You Yankee fans would be screaming bloody murder if the roles were reversed, so give it a rest."

Really? You really have your panties in a wad over this, Lockland. Frankly, I think it's funny, no matter what the team is. I would love an autograph from Youkilis that says "Yankees suck!" It's so obviously light-hearted, I can't believe there is so much outrage over this. Lighten up, my god.

You have to be kidding Andrew, if this were Youk and a Yankee fan kid you guys would be going nuts. Just be honest for the love of god. I don't think it's a huge deal, but to pretend that it wouldn't be a BIG deal in NY if the roles were reversed is just a complete farce.

You should never be punished for speaking the truth;)

Actually "suck" is a nicety in Yankee stadium. Like giving flowers.

Is it that big of a deal in Boston? I have a hard time believing that, that's why it shouldn't be a big deal if the roles were reversed..

It's so stupid. Like that kid or his family has never read or said worse things about the Yankees. The thing that kills me is that the pathetic parents must've informed the newspaper of this and turned it into a story. Give me a break.

Fenway has a reputation of having the most obnoxious fans saying the nastiest things to visiting players and this is supposed to make me weep. Do me a favor Lockland SF, build and bridge and get over it.

"You have to be kidding Andrew, if this were Youk and a Yankee fan kid you guys would be going nuts. Just be honest for the love of god. I don't think it's a huge deal, but to pretend that it wouldn't be a BIG deal in NY if the roles were reversed is just a complete farce."

You keep saying this, but it's just not true.

This is so obviously a joke, Duncan said it was a joke, so how is it a 'dick' move at all?

The only person I see in outrage over this is you, Lock. Don't project yourself onto everyone else.

I agree Paul SF, total non-story and shows the integrity of that particular Boston paper.

And come on Sox fans, that is funny as hell. You know it, we know it. Whoever had signed that for whichever team, it'd be funny.

It goes with Duncan's jolly demeanor. I don't see the big deal, as I kid I would have found it funny and prefered an autograph like that from an opposing players team. It's more original and makes for a better story for my friends.

Come on, get over it.

Lockland take the little pink pill. You'll feel better.

I dunno, I do think that if Pedroia'd done something like this there'd be a bit of a reaction in Yankeeland...

D1, yeah there would be. But only cuz we hate that lil' punk!

Duncan is a goofball and his antics should be taken as such.

How is this much different than Vernon Wells? Okay, fine, it wasn't a 10 year old kid, but the 10 year old kid already heard the word "suck" in a Patriot parade anyhow..

Maybe you'll get a reaction from the NY papers, but let's not confused that with their fans..

It's just Shelley being Shelley! =P

I find it hard to believe he was at Fenway Park and he hadn't heard the word suck before. And if he has, then the rest is all a joke.

I'm telling you people - that IS Pedroia! Why won't you listen?!??

In all seriousness, let's face it, as much as we dislike each others' players, there are no Milton Bradleys on either of these teams right now. And Shelley Duncan clearly didn't mean anything mean by this - I don't think he should have done it, but I'd feel a lot different if it was someone with real disdain for fans, not Shelley freaking Duncan.

I'm more outraged that Boston security let a fan get all the way to a player on the field. One of these days there is going to be a real disaster and Boston, where security is consistently shoddy and the fans are on top of the field, is as likely a place as anywhere for it to happen.

Well...I hate Shelley Duncan and this still doesn't bother me. I don't like him for the same reasons I didn't like pre-HGH Rick Ankiel: I generally turn on players the media shoves down my throat and tells me to root for. Not really fair to them, but whatever...can't help it. Even so: Can't get mad over this.

Oh, and another strike against Duncan...he looks very similar to a minor-league Giants catcher who tried to pick a fight with my friends and I at a Fisher Cats game. Jerkoff couldn't take some heckling and challenged us to meet him outside the park. Granted, we weren't being very nice...but this was only after he tried to get my buddy's girlfriend to flash him for a foul ball, classy guy that he was. Again, not Shelley's fault...but I can't help it...

lar, i worked at a shop directly on the patriots' parade route (some other team used the route once, too, but i can't seem to recall who) and the word "suck" would've been the least of the kid's concerns. it was like the thunderdome. fights, 12 year olds drunk and puking (one kid's hat fell into a pile of his own sick as he was heaving... his friends put it right back on his head), and crowds encouraging young girls to take off their tops...

the sox parade was a tea party in comparison. a british grandma tea party, not the Boston Tea Party tea party.

Good point IronHorse. Instead of worrying about the psyche of this 10 year old kid, how about inquiring about the security at Fenway. I hope they don't release that joker's name. He doesn't deserve to have anyone know who he is.

You stay classy, Boston.

Wait a second! It's the A Time To Kill argument!

"I want you to picture that little boy. Now imagine he's a Yanks fan"

Suddenly, I'm crying and I now understand the family's pain.

It's on Fark, and I love the comments, hahah:

I think it was just one of those things where the kid was at the wall hoping players would come over for autographs, IH. Duncan was nice enough to, and then "nice" enough to make a "joke."

Meh. Like I said, he obviously didn't mean anything by it, but you never know the background of people and what they do or do not want their kids exposed to. Which is probably why from now on he'll just sign his name.

The bigger question here is : why the hell would you want Shelly Duncan's autograph in the first place?

There's no use arguing about what "Yankeeland's" reaction would be. Arguing about hypotheticals like that is stupid.

It was a bad joke. A mistake on Duncan's part, but certainly not that big of a story, and certainly not the first time this kid has seen the word 'suck.' Duncan was dumb, but certainly not mean.

All that said, if I ever do get a chance to get Youk's autograph, I'm definitely asking him to write "Yankees Suck!" on it. That's a great idea.

I think when mlb players are dealing with kids under 15, 16, etc. they should treat them with all the precautions their PR people advise them to. Smile and sign autographs, take pictures, whatever. But be G-rated.

Save the snark for teenagers and adults, leave the kids out of it. I didn't like it, it made my inner-mom take notice. I wouldn't want anyone writing that to my kid when all they were asking for was an autograph.

Paul: I was referring in my message to teh guy who ran ont he field and grabbed Cano's hat last night, not the kid leaning over for an autograph.

KM: Youkilis doesn't sign autographs. He just grunts and hands out beard shavings.

lol, IH, at the beard shavings. I think he also screams unintelligibly.

My bad on the misunderstanding. That is scary, but you see this at all ballparks. Unless you want to ring the stadium with police, there's little you can do. As I recall, the Fenway security was praised for quickly getting between that fan and Sheffield on that play in the RF corner in 2005.

This is hilarious - esp. because it's a "story". Almost as good as the LL teams banning Yankee uniforms.

So funny.

Shelly Duncan has learned his "lesson".


Without taking any more knocks on Boston's security, I am seriously concerned that a player will get hurt sooner or later in the mlb. You all recall Monica Seles being stabbed. Though fans are even closer and the players more accessible in the NBA, there just is more of a "run on the field like an a*s" mentality in baseball than in pretty much any other sport.

I hate uber-security steps that turn every public venue into a barricaded fort. I just have a bad feeling about something truly bad happening to one of these baseball players some day.

As a father I admit I would be pretty pissed off if my son got an sutograph that said "Yankees Suck" from a Red Sox player. I like Duncan's story and I root for him to do well, but this was a mistake on his part and I am sure he regrets it.

D1 over the past 2 days you have offered up some real "Unique" reasons for hating Joba and Duncan. Joba's fat and Duncan looks like a minor league catcher who...Hey at least they are solid reasons.

IH, Wasn't there already an attack on an umpire? A father-son combo beat the guy up down the first-base line in a game, if I remember right.

I don't think I'm making that up...

Paul - you are off a bit, but yes, there were a couple fan-attacks that made big news. Both were in Chicago at White Sox games. The father-son combo viciously attacked a KC 3rd base Coach. Several months later, some jerk attacked a first base ump.

I hate Joba in the same way I hate Sasha Cohen. Sasha is young and talented but annoyingly arrogant and whenever she falls on her ass in the Olympics, I can't help but think it's somehow appropriate.

When Joba gets up there and throws at heads in his 11th inning of work, it's irksome. He will be hit, it happens to every pitcher, and I'm looking forward to the day when he's humbled a bit.

Arrogant? Do you know any of the backstory on this kid? Way off base here. I guess because he shows excitement for the game he's arrogant.

Ah. Just combined the two in my head. Thanks, Gerb.

Oh yes I know the backstory. They go into it, every game. Last night the Red Sox were up to bat and we're talking about Joba's dad, wtf- it was the 6th inning! He wasn't even pitching yet, they had to go pan out to him in the bullpen.

Seeing DMat in a Tubby thing is priceless. Well worth the 100 mil already.

Was it in poor taste? Maybe. Is this yet another example of "save the children" BS? Absolutely. These are probably the same parents that take their kid to the local sports bar to watch a game and ask you to stop swearing/yelling...

When are American parents going to stop raising whimps?? Toughen up. We all rode bikes with no helmets and survived!

I have to say I find him to be pretty arrogant too. Supposedly he and Clay are buddies, they met at the futures games, this is some of Joba's quotes after Clay's no hitter.

"He's doing good things for them," Chamberlain said of Buchholz. "That's good to see young guys stepping up in big situations."

"It doesn't matter what uniform you got on if you're a good person," Chamberlain said. "Just kind of go out and do your thing and be happy for one another, because it's good to see a young kid be successful, no matter where he's at."

Hey Joba, you're one of those "young" "kids" too.

Just rubbed me the wrong way.

More then the story of his Dad. The reason he wears 62, his Mom, not going directly to college to help his family finacially, the changing of his name...This kid has worked through adversity to get where he is. Great story regardless of the team he plays on.

That's a reach, I don't see anything wrong with that statement. I think he was assuming people would understand he IS one of those young kids.

You guys are unreal.

"You guys are unreal."

Yeah, because hating Pedroia makes so much sense.


Maybe if he didn't throw at someone's head twice when Posada was positioned low and away both times, we'd have a less biased eye.

In his 11th inning of work in a game the Yanks were already winning, he doesn't yet have the right to fire shots like that. If that crap wasn't tolerated for Proctor, why is it condoned for him? iirc Proctor got reamed out in the press for the same move whereas Joba got his balls washed.

I hate Pedroia? Ok good to know.

Not you Trisk, just Yankee Fans in general. I'm just saying it's easy to hate opposing players for reasons that you might not see because that player is on your team.

Are you saying it's not possible for him to have that great back story and also be arrogant?

He wasn't throwing at Youk. But believe what you'd like, I am not here to convert people. At least be rational and accurate in your reasoning.

Those two pitches were too similar not to be suspected.

I for one (actually, I guess it makes it two) don't hate pedroia. Moreover, it seems pretty clear to me that Chamberlain-hatred has a lot more to do with annoyance at how great he has been in these early days than anythign he does on the mound. If he was getting shelled and threw inside a couple times, you guys wouldn't care that much. He's frightengingly good so far and so he becomes a jerk. it's probabyl the same reason taht whichever Pedroia-hating Yankee fans you are talking about feel that way about him. After all, none of us hates julio lugo.

No, I'm the one who has a completely irrational hatred for Pedroia. I have nothing with which to back it up. He's a talented, exciting, enthusiastic player and is a credit to his franchise and the game itself. I readily admit that my obnoxcious, childish, churlish loathing of that Gnat makes me a bad person doomed to the fiery pits of sulfuric hell.

gerbil kicks puppies too. Eats babies.

I hate Julio Lugo! ;)

On the throwing at Youk thing, I didn't think it was intentional at the time, but no one will convert anyone on this issue it is clear. I was much happier with his inside pitches last night - all well placed brushbacks at 95mph-plus followed by sliders and in a couple cases curveballs that, otherwise mediocre, were made sick given the speed of everything else thrown previously. Pedroia almost came out of his shoes on the curveball he K'd on.

And nstb, he already was hit with a solo by Lowell last night so you had your wish come true. He responded pretty well though.

I don't know Joba, but to me he doesn't seem arrogant. For pete's sake he's a kid on the NY YANKEES in the middle of a playoff push, so I am sure he may be slightly cocky, but arrogant? I have had the privilege to be around a ton of young players minor league, college and so on and not to get all Disney Movie on you, but the kids who had/have to fight to get where they are generally are well grounded. But hey like I said I don't know Joba.

Touche on lugo ntsb...and I hate Farnsworth, who is probably your favorite yankee...

Joba's quotes sounded arrogant to me, that's why I think he's a little arrogant.

I don't like Joba because he's insanely good and I don't like seeing my team face him.

These are two separate things.

when it comes to dustin pedroia, i hate, hate, HATE the fact that i really like the kid.

it's like they someone left trot nixon in the dryer too long.

I don't hate Chamberlain for anything other than his success as a Yankee (and the media fawning that goes along with it), but I have to say those quotes about Buchholz do not come across well. Especially since Buchholz is older than Chamberlain by 13 months.

My favorite Yankee is Arod, especially when he stood on second feigning innocence after slapping the ball out of Bronson's glove.

Schmuck. (or is it HA! i dunno)

How do you guys read those quotes re: Bucholz as arrogant? He wasn't separating himself from Buchholz when he said them. He sent Buchholz a congratulatory text-message after he threw his no-hitter. I guess that is obnoxious too. After all, it may have been one of Shelley Duncan's text messages...and we come full circle.

Speaking of which, that kid's face in the photo above is starting to infuriate me. Really, could he be any more hang-dog? The more I look at it the more I start to approve of what Shelley wrote...and I don't want to.

Shelley needs to pay OJ to break into this kid's house and steal that back. It is "his" after all.

I agree with Paul, it just seemed like he was trying to separate him self, position Clay as the young kid, not him self.

that is the first time i've seen those quotes, but i think john's stance that it was obvious that he was a kid as well seems pretty solid.

he's a kid from a little nebraskan town in the big city in a huge spotlight for the first time in his life.

if he had spouted off lines on par with alex rodriguez of a couple years ago, he'd be getting ripped, too.

there's no way for him to please sox fans. he's pleasing the yankees, though.

When I was a kid, the Celtics meant the world to me. I woulda been crushed if Magic Johnson wrote 'Celtics Suck' on an autograph, you better believe I'd be hangdog-sad.

IH: oj's accomplice is named walter johnson.

...just to bring a baseball angle to the story.

IH, you don't talk about yourself as a "young kid" unless you say things like, "young kids like us." Maybe he didn't say that because he didn't want to presume that he was doing as well as Buchholz did. I don't know whether the quotes belie any deeper personality traits, or the spirit in which they were intended. I just know that when I read them, they don't sound good.

oh... "alleged" accomplice.

don't want to piss off oj.

Classy is stealing Cano's hat. Chicken vs. the egg? doesnt matter. One is dangerous, one is a joke.

isn't it safe to assume that joba hasn't had much experience with handling the media?

So basically the whole meat of the "interpreted slight" is based on Chamberlain's use of the words "young kid", despite the context and highly supportive, positive language used arround it? I'm guessing that rookies in the Majors get pretty used to getting called "kid" and take it as a matter of course. It's hard for me to get worked up and speculate on alternative parsings of those two written words out of that quotation.

What else is safe to assume is that all rooks get a crash course in handling the media by the team's PR dept.

It seems to me you guys are reading way too much into the Joba's words. Read between the lines: He was trying to say that Clay is emotionally immature...Er...No, really I think you get the general gist of what he was trying to say, I think it would be, "Hey, I was happy that another young guy like me could contribute already to this rivalry. It's pretty great." So much cynicism.

I hate Pedroia too because of his face. Again, like AG, I am not proud of my pettiness.

"He's doing good things for them," Chamberlain said of Buchholz. "That's good to see young guys stepping up in big situations."

"It doesn't matter what uniform you got on if you're a good person," Chamberlain said. "Just kind of go out and do your thing and be happy for one another, because it's good to see a young kid be successful, no matter where he's at."

Maybe he's including himself in there. Re-reading it, I can see that. But it's not how I initially took it, and I can see why someone would be rubbed the wrong way by it.

Can someone help me out here please? I know the Yankees making the playoffs this season is not a given, but does anyone know when tickets go on sale for the playoffs? I see that ticket licencees can get them now, but what about us normal folks without ticket plans?

bad news, fellow Yanks fans, it is clear from that quote that Joba is actually a 45 year-old journeyman career minor leaguer posing as a young flame-throwing prodigy.

nstb, i know that full courses that i have taken have been forgotten as soon as they were finished. and that was without trying to stike out the boston red sox or whoever else, immediately followed by a probing reporter asking a bunch of questions...

but maybe you could handle that better than joba.

i think people are looking for reasons to dislike the young kid, especially after a controversial inning.

YFiB: OJ just called for your address. I gave it to him. Hope you don't mind...

"D1 over the past 2 days you have offered up some real "Unique" reasons for hating Joba and Duncan. Joba's fat and Duncan looks like a minor league catcher who...Hey at least they are solid reasons."

Trisk, I was kidding (mostly) about Joba, though a few more fist pumps and I probably won't be (I also said I don't fault anyone for hating Paps for the same reason; the closer enthusiasm is fun when it's on your team but grating and obnoxious when it's the Other Guy). And given the many YF's pretty clearly stating their unabashed hatred for Pedroia and his shortness/gremlinness/ugliness I don't really see any call for criticism here...weren't you the one who did that "irrational hate/like" column a while back? Great piece, but how is this any different exactly?

In fact I pretty clearly said it was irrational and that I almost felt bad ripping on Joba's weight...then did it anyway, because I wasn't thrilled with the way the game was going and because I found/find it somewhat amusing. Once again...not a whole lot different then a short-joke vs Pedroia or a fat-joke about Schilling.

As for Duncan...hadn't even really given him any thought until this story broke. I suppose "I don't care about him one way or the other because he probably doesn't have a future for anyone in our division" makes a bit more sense.

> Joba is actually a 45 year-old journeyman

Maybe he ate Jim Morris.

"Weren't you the one who did that "irrational hate/like" column a while back?"

That was me!

good thing my wife is a brunette.

Nick did the irrational love/hate post, but either way, that's really all we're doing at this point.

Yanks fans irrationally hate Pedroia. Sox fans rationally hate everyone on the Yankees.


Crap. My bad, Nick. I'm on a public computer and it's a piece of crap...didn't feel like opening the page necessary to dig through the archives. :-)

That and I was fairly inactive at that point thanks to my summer job, so everything back then is a little fuzzy...

...used my old handle by accident. Oops.

Actually, Joba's quotes, when read in the fuller context of the interview, are much more telling:

"He's doing good things for them, and they need it because everyone knows they are genetically predetermined to crash and burn like the Hindenburg.

It's good to see young kids, even a*&holes like that pissboy Bucholz, doing good things. It doesn't matter what uniform you play for. I mean, after all, playing in that uniform he is bound to fail sooner or later, and I look forward to taking a dump on his grave when he does. But for everyone else in the league, it's good to see young guys stepping up in big situations. I just don't expect him to do it ever again. And if he does, someone should tattoo 'Red Sox suck' on his 10-year old's face. Come to think of it, Shelley, give me that pen."

"And by the way, does anyone have OJ's number?"

So yeah, I can understand the reaction of some SFs now.

My point is not to criticize you Josh, you can hate any player you'd like. I just don't understand when people say I hate ___ because he's ______. Just be honest and say I hate him because he's a Yankee or not on my team. Also just so we are clear I don't hate Pedroia, how can you hate a kid that clearly is an underdog? I despise the name on his chest, but not him. He's another great story.

I give up, everyone continue rooting for the laundry and see things how you please. Carry on...

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