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Friday, August 10, 2007


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The Padres are all pitching an no hitting. According to, they rank 30th in team batting average at .243, and 27th in runs scored.

The Cardinals-Padres game the other night wasn't on account of Pineiro, it was on account of the Padres.

Even though I do agree with the title of this thread...

Pineiro's 1st start in the NL
5IP 7H 5R 4ER 2BB 2SO

Glad to see Ankiel got called up. Good for him.

just so everyone knows, sf's mom is one savvy customer, though she's probably lost a few clicks off the heater. i think she'd be a fine back of the rotation pickup for your small-market franchise.

Can she be had for Farnsworth and a PTBNL?

Future On Display


I'm going to be nice and not erase that post, but understand that it is a gross violation of basic standards of conduct to simply paste a link on one site onto another (presumably yours) in an event to coopt traffic. that's not acceptable around here.


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