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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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The new place? To a Sox fan, we're pretty sure it's still gonna look like this.

Count on it, SF

Andrews and YF, very cool. Thank you both.

I hate to see the old stadium go, but I really think it's necessary. It's really not built for the modern fan like Camden Yards or some of the newer parks are. Now that I have a family, I pay attention more to things other then Beer and Hot Dogs when I am at the game. To me, it's fine the way it is, but if you want to keep that foundation growing you need to give the kids more then the train races, the memory game and what is the favorite song of the Yankees players (Let's see who gets those, who goes to games...) The carnival like atmosphere in Baltimore must be amazing to small children and they really are the ones who will carry on this great game of baseball.

FYI, My friends and I went to the Sunday night game against the Mets. We got there early and finally tried the new(er) bar called the DUGOUT. It's a SICK place. The rooms in the back are nuts. Free pool tables, lounge, huge TV's and bars, free massage chairs....really cool place for those who go to the stadium.

I'm gonna hate to see the old Stadium go. I live on the West Coast, so I've only been there three times over the years. But my boy and I are coming out for the Sox series at the end of August.

I go to Safeco Field in Seattle a lot and while it's a beautiful park and very fan-friendly, there are a lot of distractions there. Video games, moose mascots on ATVs screaming around the warning track, idiot fans doing the wave, etc. Kinda like a big arcade. I will say the food and beer is great, though.

Yankee Stadium feels more like a place where you go to, you know, watch a baseball game. Hope the new place maintains that philosophy.

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