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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


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This idea that there's a problem in the Bronx is completely subjective.

Everything looks just fine by me, there's no need to change a damn thing.


This photo from the NY Times

Some more good comments from Extra Bases on

I can't get that photo link to work - what should I search for on the site?

When the URL is really long, click/drag highlighting doesn't grab the whole string. Try double-clicking on the link to get it to highlight the entire URL, then right click > copy and paste it manually in your address bar.

The problem this year is that, after complaints from a certain Ms Minnelli, the Yanks started playing a recording of her croaking out "NY NY" after WINS!
Just imagine the plight of the players: "if we win we have to listen to that broad who's voice sounds like a car badly in need of a tune-up. I can't take that again! The hell with winning, it's just not worth the pain."

Once Sinatra is restored to his proper place, the team will no doubt turn around. They'll be afraid to LOSE...

that's "whose" not "who's"

I start drinking early these days...

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