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Saturday, May 05, 2007


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Agreed completely.

The kid can play.

And when Cora crashes, it's not going to be pretty. Those numbers will likely return to his career .240/.310 with zero power.

Play the hot hand, but cash in your chips while you're still playing with house money.

I hope that Pedroia gets hot soon, before a groundswell builds to replace him with Cora. I don't want Pedroia to be yet another player that we trade, only to compete for ROY (Hanley Ramirez) and batting titles (Freddy Sanchez) on another team.

I don't think Pedroia will ever be a superstar, but he should be more than good enough to start for quite a few years.

Most teams would take a .295/.370 line with hard line drive power and a few dingers (5-10) from their second baseman, I fully believe that's what Pedroia's capable of.

"Play the hot hand, but cash in your chips while you're still playing with house money."

Exactly. I would think this is what Tito and Theo are thinking. We have no other options at 2B, unless we make a trade. I think they'll give Pedroia the time to figure it out. But if he's still @ .200 in July (I don't think he will be), I could see us going out to get Graffanino or Loretta.

"Play the hot hand, but cash in your chips while you're still playing with house money."

Nuf Ced.

I've been wondering this myself.
I can't see Graffanino or Loretta being available anytime soon. Certainly not Graff with the Brewers in first place (the best record in the NL, no less.?!)
Loretta, you can bet the price will be steep, but Houston stinks right now.

There's another, non-statistical but purely 'baseball fan', reason not to give Cora that starting 2nd baseman job or such.

Voodoo. Mojo.

I don't know how many people beleive in such thigns... I usually do not. The exceptions are baseball and theatre. When it comes to baseball, your darn right I'm the guy who turns his hat inside out and backwards when we're down in late. I did it durign the 8th in Baltimore and Wily Mo hit his grand slam. Realistically, I know it had nothing to do with Wily's hit.. but.. still... I buy into mojo in baseball.

My point? Alex Cora is hitting over .400 as a backup player. He is playing PHENOMINAL baseball. Right now, I don't want anythign about the way we use to him to change for fear of screwing up whatever is workign for him. Taking out his mojo. He's obviously in a groove and the Sox should do nothing to alter it.

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