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Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Baseball open thread you say? It's not an off night for me, I will be attending opening night for my beloved, just a step above american legion league playing ability, NEW HAVEN COUNTY CUTTERS!!! Tonight

Let's go Cutters.

lets chat about Giambi going to the DL now for his foot. They are gonna evaluate him again in 3 weeks. Do we get to complain about injuries yet?

No Sam, you don't, the injuries were to your pitchers, pitching hasn't really been your problem, your super star lineup that was supposed to easily score 1000 runs is your problem.

Giambi might not be on the DL if he hadn't injected horse hormones in to his butt for 10 years, can't really claim injury there.

SF said no Yankees and Red Sox in this thread.

Open Thread, Sweet!

Ok not sure if you guys know what Scoresheet is, but it's a form of simualation baseball (fantasy baseball.) Anyway I pulled off this trade today, thoughts:

I got Johan Santana and Lastings Milledge (My team was missing an up and coming rapper)


Tulowitzki, Iannetta, Ian Stewart, Carlos Quentin and Jeremy Bonderman

Have at it!

Sorry didnt see the no Yanks or sox.

Although i will say that pitching has most definately been our problem this year. Hitting has failed us lately...

Trisk - I've been shopping Clemens in my fantasy league for a week now with no offers.

No worries Sam, I was just busting your balls, sorry if that sounded harsh.

Trisk, I have heard about Scoresheet, you're hardcore man. The regular real season isn't enough for you huh?

Lockland, yeah it's really cool. It's the closest you can possibly get to being a GM without being one. Every Monday you get the results for the week, you can actually play each game via a link on the site play by play.

It's a miracle I am still married! I am in 3 leagues, plus the YFSF league, I coach HS baseball and play softball on Sunday's. I check for divorce papers daily!

JP the guy in my league that has Rocket is a Sox fan. I have been trying to get him all week to no avail!


Scoresheet looks totally cool. Back in the day I was a hardcore rotisserie geek - I played in a keeper league for about 13 years, just getting out two seasons ago. We drafted down to A-ball; we had a farm squad of 8 players (multiply that by 12 teams and we went 96 deep into the AL farm system). My knowledge of the depths of team's farm systems was scary (and pathetic). Nowadays I have lost a good deal of that knowledge. We actually drafted David Ortiz as a Twins farmhand (his name at that time was David Arias). And I acquired Barry Zito right after he was drafted by the A's, as a minor leaguer throw-in to a deal when I had a little leverage over my trading partner, one of my best moves ever.

Scoresheet looks like the type of game I would have loved to play, but alas I don't have the time. Drat.

Scoresheet actually takes less time then normal fantasy baseball. You submit your lineup and rotation and you let the simulator take over.

We draft minor leaguers as well. Here is my roster:











Does it take defense into account? I am assuming yes, otherwise why would you draft Adam Everett!?!

How bout those Devil Rays? I would love to play in front of literally hundreds of fans every night...

Yes each player gets a defensive ranking. Sort of like + or minus, but with a number given. You can also tell it who you want to steal, who you want to bunt and what inning, defensive replacements. It's really cool.

here's a link to the rules—CEA-Thinks-Otherwise/

Not sure if any of you use Slingbox, but seems typical of MLB.. probably want you to buy that crap..

Ok, I am violating my own rule for this one:

NEW YORK - Jason Giambi will be sidelined at least three weeks and possibly far longer after tearing tissue in the arch of his left foot while rounding the bases on a home run.

SF why have rules then? LOL

Good question, Trisk. I suppose I should have qualified the post with "no Yankees or Sox unless we find out one of them injured themselves jogging around the bases on a home run trot". Can't make this sh*t up, right?

Ok well since we are breaking rules....

Here's the sunny side of this. This means Melky will play every day. Now I don't think Melky is a superstar, but I think he brings a little excitement to this team. I would imagine he plays all the OF positions and rests one of the 3 old, I mean wise men on a daily basis. Expect to see him all 3 games in Beantown, since all 3 (5) Boston starters are righties. Minky will place 1B all 3 also.

Anyway can we put Giambi in the same pile with Pavano and call it a day?

Here in the good old Philippines, they're showing the Giants - Mets game.

Hmmm. Nice. Matt Cain vs. El Duque.


how long before pitchers and catchers report?

Top-posted the Giambi story.

Other Baseball Content.

Fear the Twins.

Ortiz and Ponson finally out of the rotation, Silva maybe too, they've finally pulled some kids up from Rochester. Georgie's goobers in Tampa can only drool about the talent train Terry Ryan consistently puts together (and then inexplicably blocks with worthless veterans for the first 2 months. See 2006, Castro & Batista.)
And for some good yucks & perspective (& thoughtful analysis), read Aaron Gleeman's blog, or Twinkietown. Midwestern sensibilities are a refreshing change from the usual fare up here. They can rip you a new one and it just seems like a pleasant conversation. Their stadium is the most wretched, miserable excuse for a stadium ever built. The manager makes Torre & Little look like tactical geniuses. Too many of the local fans are frontrunners who only show up when the team is winning. The (vastly wealthy) owner actually tried to contract the team.
All they do is... just find a way to freakin' win.

Cleveland over Detroit in 2 OTs. Lebron scores 48, including 29 of his team's last 30. (!)

Cavs 3, Pistons 2. Ms. Gerbil is from Detroit. I am walking on eggshells right now.

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