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Friday, April 13, 2007


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I, personally, will give the Sox offense a pass for not scoring many runs this entire series.

no free audio tonite :(

Lackey give up a leadoff single to Lugo, then retires the next three.

Nice 10-pitch inning for Wakes.

MLB Trade Value for 2007

1Felix Hernandez RHP Seattle
2 Albert Pujols 1B St. Louis
3 Miguel Cabrera 3B Florida
4 Jose Reyes SS New York Mets
5 Joe Mauer C Minnesota Twins
6 Grady Sizemore CF Cleveland
7 Johan Santana LHP Minnesota
8 Brian McCann C Atlanta
9 Delmon Young RF Tampa Bay
10 David Wright 3B New York Mets

Two Yankees made the top 40. Hughes and Cano.

Speaking of Hernandez, I read after his Wednesday start that through history, young pitchers who have had similar success early have not gone on to lengthy, prosperous careers.
And then I thought of Mark Prior and imagined if Dusty Baker was the King's manager. Now if only the completely subjective opinion of some Mariners fan actually meant something.

I'd rank Cabrera higher than King Felix for one.

meaning ... ?

Meaning on that list of players with the highest trade value, I'd put Miguel Cabrera higher than King Felix.

Agreed, Nick. (But I meant d1's comment.)

Forget it. I just answered the question.

Why are the Sox going to score a ton of runs this year again?

Well, if Wake keeps this up.
Damn nice work through three.

...meaning that I personally don't care about how many Sox/Yanks are on some dude's list.

It's John Lackey. He's a good pitcher. And the Sox are going to score because at some point, Youkilis, Ortiz, and Manny will remember how to get on base with some consistancy. I think...

Looks like Wakefield's knuckler is working again. Let's hope for the Sox's sake he can pitch 8 innings, because you don't want to give the Sox bullpen (sans Paps) a tied game.

Oops. I jinxed him.

...right, because the pen's just been so unconscionably bad so far.

And the Sox are going to score because at some point, Youkilis, Ortiz, and Manny will remember how to get on base with some consistancy. I think...

Who are they going to drive in, or who will drive them in? I am sincerely becoming quite concerned.

Well, JD got his hit but it didn't help. Can't believe no one else can get on base...

I'll be concerned when they start getting on. Pressure comes off the rest of the lineup when Drew's no longer the only person swinging the bat. I'd be concerned, but I'm sort of refusing to acknowledge it until more then 10 games have been played. Just like I'm not going to make any grandoise predictions about the quality of our pitching staff for a while.

Incidentally, I'm still more worried about Ortiz then anyone else, if only because he has to be GOOD for this team to have a chance. I was momentarily elated by those two homers off Padilla, but this is still a month and a half of straight non-production.

It's legitimately worrisome. Tek doesn't look like he's going to bounce back enough, Crisp looks genuinely lost, Lugo gets on base only if he gets a hit, Lowell could easily regress a little, and Pedroia needs to be given some time to learn the majors. That's a scarily large amount of the lineup that may not reliably get on base. So what if Ortiz, Manny, Youk, and Drew are bopping? They're going to have far too few situations in which to bop with much impact.

The Sox definitely look like they have a problem. I know it's very early, it's been very cold, and I am certainly not jumping ship. But I am worried. The early returns are discouraging, particularly for Tek and Crisp.

Dougie goes deep!

Jeez, there's Belli to louse up my complaining. 1-1!

Opposite field, no less.

(Maybe Tek should play every fifth day?)


There's your season catalyst, Doug Mirabelli with the dingah!!!!

All I'm saying is that the offense has more or less lived and died with its 3-4 since 2005. I've got a crappy memory for stuff like this, but I'm fairly positive that even the 05 offense slumped when one or both of them stopped hitting. So until they can get themselves back on track...


Belli with the homer!!!

Pedroia tries the same exact thing, swinging from his heels. Unfortunately he's like 5'1 and lacking homer power. Popout.

I am so fricken unhappy about my inability to access right now...did Pedroia at least give that one a ride?

No. He appeared to try to hit the Williams red seat, but it died about 270 feet from home in right center.

Very nice piece of hitting from Lugo, poking one the opposite way over first base. Double.

Manny has GOT to get moving - and not just because I have a bet with my local YF about whether he or A-rod hits 500 HRs first.

Oh yeah, and about Lugo...he's got 4 walks coming into today for a .365 obp. 4 walks in 33 plate appearances is not bad at all if he can hang around the high-280's mark...over a full season, that's something like 75 walks. I really can't understand where the criticism of his approach is coming's been solid thus far.

Damn...1st pitch fly out

Youkilis lifts a fly ball to left that starts, according to Remy, 10 rows into the stands, but the wind blows it back into short left and there's the second out for you. Youkilis looks shocked, but he has only himself to blame, basically popping up the first pitch weakly, forget the fact that under other circumstances it would have been in the seats. Undisciplined.

Papi then knocks in Lugo on a single to right. 2-1 Sox.

Papi get the rbi

I guess I have been a little unfair to Lugo thus far, D1. I will lay off.

And now WEEI is having tech problems. Crap.

It would be nice if Lackey could get chased before the end of the 6th.

we're making lackey look like koufax. it's a curveball...take a beli cut.

Manny Ramirez career vs. John Lackey prior to tonight's game:

9/18, 3 2B, 4 HR, 7 BB.

And yet he's 0/3 tonight with a K when it mattered most. Dammit.

Not just you, SF, lots of people here and elsewhere still carping on him. I'll admit that for whatever reason, watching the games makes it seem like he doesn't get on that much. I'm thinking it might be because for every quality ab he has, he's got one where he grounds or pops out on the first or second pitch. But I don't really know...

It would just be nice if the boys gave poor Wake just a little teeny tiny bit of run support.

I must say, I love the Angels' approach. Really making Wake work thus far...

*knocks on wood*

drew is down right impressive ball player.

Bob Ryan better write a f*cking mea culpa for that asinine "he's a slug" rant before the guy even got signed. Seriously. Lot of writers with egg all over their faces right now, but none look as bad as him.*

*I know it's REALLY early, but still...

DOUGIE'S GOING DEEP! (with a single)


Dougie making a play for Jason's job...

Doug in a groove

Wow! Yay Mirabelli!

100 pitches for lackey. not sure we fair well against their bullpen.

dustin refuses to get cheated on hacks.

Pedroia with the lengthy at-bat, finishes with a single. Nicely done.

d1, count me among those who will quit bitching about Lugo, too. I was on him early.

Doug is tired of the team not getting runs for Wake.

Pedroia sends Lackey to the dougout

Lugo can win a few more converts, here, if he plates two insurance runs.

amen on that Bill

lugo sucks. why did we get him? nobody likes him.

Bonds has 2 HR tonight

I wouldn't have imagined that through six, Wakefield would have thrown 40 fewer pitches than Lackey. 69 pitches for Wake thus far is outstanding.

Lugo flies to Guerrero. Drat. A fourth run would have felt really good.

I guess we wait on going to the Lugo chapel

Bootcheck is from LaPorte, Indiana. That's one of those towns where you just keep going.

And I forgot to mention that Time Warner is doing a free preview of Extra Innings, so I am currently watching the NESN broadcast. What a sweet surprise tonight!

Trouble brewing for Wake. 2 easy outs, then a single and a monste double by Kendrick. A base hit ties the game here.

Watching sportcenter.....The first official Lou Pinella blow out has happened

Thanks for the tip.
NESN in Chicago!

Not to deceive, but that was a monstrous double to center field, not a double off the monster.

The third out comes on a drifting flyball that makes it all the way to the triangle, Coco makes the grab.

Do you let Wakes go 9 if his pitch count is less than 95 after 8?

Walking Manny to pitch to Drew.
They'll pay for this.

If it's a two run game, I bring in Paps for the ninth. Screw the pitch count: he'll be getting to guys for the third, fourth time. They need to see someone different.

Nice eye from Drew gets the count to 3 and 1. Hitter's count and...

Drew walks.

Scoscia glares at the home plate ump and shakes his head, though all four balls were properly called, not even borderline.

Lowell up with a chance to do something helpful. He pops to left, Anderson makes a nice sliding grab, but Youkilis tags and makes the score 4-1.

Come on, Coco -- I am rooting for you pretty hard at this point.

Great shot of Leatherface and Daisuke yakking on the dugout steps, laughing it up.

What the heck could they possibly be talking about?!

Strike 2 to Coco was clearly ball 4.

Gosh, Coco really having problems. He looks at a nice 3-1 pitch low on the outside black, then pulls a straight fastball pretty weakly to the shortstop, ending the inning. He should have done far more with that pitch, there was really nothing much to it.

He's just completely confused at this point.

Yes, you want Paps in the 9th. You'll see Guerrero one more time.

I didn't think that 3-1 pitch was clearly outside, Bill. To me it looked like a very good borderline pitch.

Lowell with a hell of a stab diving to his right, but then throws the ball from his knees into the dugout. Blech. Hit and an error.

Francona coming out to get Wake. I think that's a good, defensible move, and the right one. We'll see what happens.

2 for 2 on solid starts for wake. hopefully we can pick him up.

Great play, DP!

Fantastic play by Pedroia! He ranges far to his left into the 1/2 hole, dives, springs up, and gets Matthews at first by a step.

SF, there's a reason I'm not an umpire.

no pickles for you mr. cabrera.

What the crud.

Donnelly goes to 3-1 on Cabrera. He's not entirely sharp tonight, as Pedroia has already saved a hit. Now Donnelly plunks O-Cab, bringing the tying run to the plate. Ugly work. Tito strolls to the mound with Guerrero coming up. He brings Paps in.

power on power. paps vs. vlad. should be good.

And here comes Paps for another 5-out save.

late on two 94 mph fast balls. throw something in the dirt here.

Man, I wish I could watch this.

nice. wonder if paps likes throwing to beli?


Garret Anderson is a tough out, and scares me. Paps gets him to line to Manny. Phew!

way to pick up wake...and donelly for that matter.

Nick, In Demand is having a free preview tonight. ...
And damn, Paps looks good.

i love this lugo kid. i'm glad we got him. everyone likes him.

Paps in the ninth? He threw only 6 pitches, but a 3-run lead with the bottom of the order - should he sit? It's not exactly a high leverage situation.

This is a can't win situation for Tito, if Paps labors in the ninth than he is useless tomorrow. If Tito takes him out, he might be able to throw again tomorrow but then you're dealing with the bottom of the bullpen and if things implode Francona will be pilloried. No envy here. I think I'd bring him out, ice the win. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

As I type, Lugo just singled, putting men on 1/2 with one out. If the Sox score anything, then I bring someone else in.

Bases loaded, one down. Youkilis singled to left field, Pedroia held at third wisely.

Papi strides to the plate. Nowhere to put him.


Ooh, very tough, borderline pitch on 2-1 to Papi. The 2-2 pitch is low and inside. All full, everywhere. Payoff pitch...

Foul, lined hard right. Payoff pitch #2...

Weak foul, tapped left, barely. Payoff pitch #3...

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