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Saturday, April 28, 2007


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Awesome post, YF.

Thanks. We YFs can use anything to distract from what's been happening in this century!

Ha! Now, was that old Brooklyn team the one named the Superbas? Or was that the next incarnation, which later became the Dodgers? Or are they one and the same?

One and the same. Those proto-Dodgers had many names.

Wonderful post, YF.
For many years I lived on 5th St bet. 4th Ave and 5th Ave; the first Washington Park site(now JJ Byrne Park) was the view from my window.

I just read "The Greatest Ballpark Ever" by Bob McGee (A wonderful history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, for those who don't know about it) and couldn't resist taking a drive by the Ebbets Field site yesterday when I worked in B'klyn - such a sad vibe emanates from the awful '60s apartment complex (Ebbets Field Apartments) built on the site.

Hey, great post -- I walk past that wall sometimes, and the whole Gowanus area is pretty fascinating... there's some amazing graffiti on Union Street.

My favorite old Brooklyn team is the Brooklyn Excelsiors, though, because: what an awesome team name. They played in Brooklyn Heights, but there's nothing left of the ballpark now.

Hey YF -

I have similar pictures for Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. (what remains of the outfield wall, the original home plate under plexi in the original spot, the plague where mazoroski's HR landed, etc.) I'll send them if you'd like. Let me know.

The home field for the Brooklyn Excelsiors',was located inside the 4 block area of Degraw St to Sackett St...Hoyt St to Smith St...which was the first Carroll Park.

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